Two Strangers Save Woman and her Dog from Drowning

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peatyTwo unknown heroes save the life of a woman and her dog and now the woman is hoping to find her heroes to thank them.

Nanette Cornelius loves to go fishing, and earlier this month she took her dog Peaty to Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Arizona for a day of fishing. Cornelius was fishing off the end of the pier when she soon realized Peaty was in trouble.

“The fish were really biting and jumping,” said Cornelius. “[Peaty] was looking down and slipped in. I tried pulling him up by his chain but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get him over that last hump. He stopped paddling and went under, so I jumped in.”

Cornelius did her best to keep her 96-pound dog afloat and get him to safety, but she was in need of help.

“I tried to lift him up onto the dock, and I couldn’t do it. Then I couldn’t hold on to the dock because it was slippery,” said Cornelius.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to help Peaty herself so she started yelling for help. Thankfully two men were camping nearby and heard her cries for help. They quickly helped pull Peaty out of the water and then helped Cornelius.

After the two men were done saving Cornelius and Peaty they left.

“They were half asleep, and they just went back to their campsite,” said Cornelius.

She wishes now she had gotten the chance to properly thank them.

“Bless their hearts,” she said. “I owe them everything in the world. If it wasn’t for them, we would have went under.”