Unadoptable Pit Bull Becomes Nanny Dog

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The staff at Angels for Animals had little hope of ever finding the right home for Hope, because she seemed unadoptable. She was big, unruly and didn’t like other dogs. But one woman was willing to give this wild child a chance, and now Hope has found her true purpose: as a nanny to her baby sister.

From Angels for Animals:

Never underestimate the the greatness of a dog. We learn this over and over everyday. Hope was at our shelter almost two years ago. She was big and strong and had no manners….but boy was she beautiful. We thought she didn’t like other dogs and would never find a home because of her energy and size.

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We hoped a big, strong, single guy would adopt her and get her out of her cage and hopefully get her some training. She jumped on everyone and surely would knock little ones over…so no kiddos for her. Well she waited and waited and no one was interested in her.

Then one day this petite, single, twentysomething girl walked in the shelter. She was just looking around….and there was Hope! We told her about all of her quirks and she didn’t mind a bit. We said, sure you can visit with her. We really didn’t get too excited because it seemed so unlikely that she would make a connection with this wild child of ours.

Well…..the rest is history. Hope’s mommy updates us all the time on how she’s doing. She says she has never for one moment had any issues with her at all. She is calm and gentle and just wants what they all want…..LOVE.

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I think the majority of the pictures I have of Hope are of her in the arms of someone who loves her. Here she is holding her new baby sister. She knows what love is…..Thank you Hope for reminding us that shelter life is not real life. When in a good home the greatness of a shelter dog shines through.

I strongly believe that shelter dogs are the best dogs,” said Hope’s mom, Martie. “I’d do it all over again! She is so grateful for her life and we’ve never had to question making the decision of adopting her. She follows me everywhere, definitely knows who rescued her. [I] wouldn’t trade it for the world! [I] just wish there were more stories like this.”

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9 thoughts on “Unadoptable Pit Bull Becomes Nanny Dog”

  1. Only a complete idiot would a dog with a young child. Not just a dog such as this example, but any dog can for no explicable reason attack and maim a child or a baby. Is it really worth taking the risk. It is just too late when it happens so use some common sense and do not be influenced by stories like this. Be warned.

    • Before you call anyone an idiot, look in the mirror! Do some research and read before calling anyone names. For 100 years, the pit bull was called the “nanny dog”. Do you know who Sergeant Stubby, Petey, Nipper or Sallie was (just to name a few)? From your comment, my best guess would be you don’t … So let me give you a little information. They were all PIT BULLS!! Yes, believe it or not. Sergeant Stubby was one of the highest ranked World War 1 heroes. Petey was the pit that played on the Little Rascals. Nipper was considered to be known as the RCA symbol. Sallie was a mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in the Battle of Gettysburg who helped with the wounded soldiers; she also was named a war hero. Lastly, the pit bull was the ONLY breed to be on the front cover of Life magazine three times as the WW1 Military mascot.

    • It is obvious she is being watched. No one would leave any dog alone with a small child or baby. I don’t think the owner is stupid. do you, I mean who took the picture, I am sure it is not a selfie. lol.

    • First off, you shouldn’t call someone you don’t even know, an idiot. Second off, stories like these are posted and made known because they are inspiring, true and do not end badly. You’re the idiot if you think it’s a risk to let a child bond with a pet. Obviously she wasn’t unattended or left unsupervised. Her parents were playing with her and Hope decided to cuddle up with her. She was apart of the family before the child was even born, around other children and animals. She has never once acted out. If they thought it was a risk, they would not have adopted the dog, let the dog in their home, around family and around to start a family of their own. Any thing in life is a risk. Are they not suppose to take the baby in the car because God forbid an accident might happen? Accidents happen for no “explicable reason”. What is the purpose of a pet if they can’t be affectionate with their family? Clearly you’ve never had that relationship with one or you wouldn’t be wasting your time being negative nancy over there. People like you are the ones who find the negative in such a positive, uplifting story. Get a life!

  2. I fell in love with a pit bull that had been at the shelter for over 3 years. We bonded & I adopted her. It’s been over a year & a half. A sweet, loving & grateful dog. A real couch potato too. There are stories out there.

  3. Would she have originally come from bridgeport connecticut? She is beautiful and reminds me of my Desiree who I had to regime due to her and my older female dog not getting along. She was an awesome dog that was going to make someone a good dog someday. I rehomed her with someone who said they would have time for her which is what she need she was welling to learn just not when mu dogs were together they wanted to fight over dominanace. She loved kids and people. The guy I gave her to took her to the shelter said her owner had died. Would be nice to find out she got such a loving home like this.


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