Undercover Video Sparks Controversy Over Conditions at Tucson Greyhound Park

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Undercover video shot earlier this year by non-profit animal welfare organization Grey2k has sparked new controversy regarding conditions at Tucson Greyhound Park. In the video, trainers show people who they believe are visitors through the kennels.

“These dogs are kept in total darkness all day long. They are let out a couple of times a day to relieve themselves in groups and then get right back in their cages.,” said Christine Dorchak, founder of Grey2k. “They live in confined cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around. Our investigators noted the majority of the dogs were muzzled inside their cages.”

Dorchak filed a formal complaint (pdf) with the Mayor of Tucson, stating: “We are highly concerned about the apparent willingness of Tucson Greyhound Park to condone and in fact, to aid clear violations of the City Code pertaining to animal cruelty and neglect.”

A reporter for KOLD showed the video to Tucson Greyhound Park’s CEO and general manager Tom Taylor.

Taylor said, “They saw what they wanted to see.” Taylor feels that Tucson Greyhound Park is one of the best racing facilities in the country. He calls the kennels an ideal place for dogs. When asked if he would keep his own dogs in such conditions Taylor said, “If it was a racing dog yes, if it was a pet no.”

When asked about the distinction, he replied “One has a job and does a job and one doesn’t.” Taylor was also asked if reporters could visit the kennels to see conditions for themselves. His response: “I am not going to let the press in because you are going to show it to thousands of people and we don’t know how they are going to take it. It doesn’t make any sense to do that. I could show you the Taj Mahal and people would say that it is too religious.”

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16 thoughts on “Undercover Video Sparks Controversy Over Conditions at Tucson Greyhound Park”

  1. The guy is an idiot , He works for a living maybe he should live in a small cage and be muzzled …what he said was pretty stupid anyway….I hope something is done about this, the living conditions for these poor animals is appalling!!

  2. The irony is that they believe, just because that’s they way they’ve always done it, that this treatment will make the dogs faster on the track. Yet the fastest, strongest, most motivated competitors in many other dog sports are the ones trained with respect and kindness.

  3. It seems far from an ideal situation for any living being to be kept in a confined space consistently muzzled. The reference made within the clip of an apparent law requiring six hours of time spent outside by the dogs each day appears to be a hassle for the staff/Trainers. I wonder what else involving the dogs care is viewed as this way too.

  4. I am baffled at Taylor ignorance!!! He has a job and hence is a “WORKING DOG” so lets put him is is office 24/7 and only let him out for potty breaks. A ball gag would be a nice touch too!

    • Exactly!! His explanation is totally wrong. Tell that to people who “work” with search and rescue dogs and police dogs. They have jobs too but are not kept like that!! What about race horses? They aren’t kept penned up like criminals and only let out to race!! This man is a moron, but I’m afraid there are many more like him.

  5. I mostly worry that racing would go out of the US, where conditions could well be worse. I think about the horses sold for slaughter and their miserable “journey” south.

  6. the Taj Mahal being ‘too religious’ and the Mona Lisa ‘being ugly’ are in what way compared to the way these dogs are treated? a building and a painting? v.s. live animals? i get the point – people will interpret what they see differently. but that is 100% true all of the time. he’s hiding these dogs because he knows what he’s doing is wrong at a moral and humane level. thank God there are only 23 tracks left and that number is going down.

  7. “….I could show you the Taj Mahal and people would say that it is too religious.” That is bar far one of the dumbest defense responses I think I have ever heard. Is this guy kidding!!!! What the #$#%#@ is he talking about! Where does he get off saying that a working dog does not deserve to be treated humanely! Then he the nerve to say….“I am not going to let the press in because you are going to show it to thousands of people and we don’t know how they are going to take it.” Duh, yea we’re going to have a problem with it. How did this guy even get to be CEO? Did offer him the job as a promotion from pooper scooper? He is a genuine moron! I hope they prosecute them for animal abuse.


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