University of Limerick Students Murder Small Dog as Part of Their Celebrations

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Shame on these students and shame on the University of Limerick by allowing them to stay in college. The end of exam times is a very exciting time for many college students but most don’t murder dogs in their relief at being done with examinations.  I guess University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland) students are the sick exception.

A group of drunken students decided that luring a small dog to his death was fun so that’s exactly what they did. The students were celebrating on the college green right after exams ended. According to local residents, a small dog was drawn to the scene. Why the dog was out and unprotected is another matter but for now there is enough blame to see on the hands of the students who actually killed him. The students started throwing a ball back and forth across a very busy road.  Then they started timing their throws to coincide with oncoming traffic. (I guess their “game” was not moving fast enough to really thrill them. ) Before long the dog ran in front of a van and was run over.

The small dog lay dying in agony in the road as the crowd seemed to have reached their pinnacle of entertainment. Then, also according to witnesses, they laughed and jeered at the neighborhood resident who brought them to task.

You might think that the University of Limerick (UL) officials might think this behavior to be worth some punishment, but you would be wrong.  In effect, UL blew the horrific incident off as of little concern. In a statement to the local newspaper, the university said it encouraged any individual that is affected by anti-social activity in the area to report this to the gardaí, and where student involvement is suspected to the university. “The university seeks to maintain good relations with our neighbouring communities and it is with a sense of pride and achievement when student academic, cultural, or voluntary efforts contributes positively to the wider community. The university position is that anti-social activity damages the relationship with our neighbours and under the university’s code of conduct complaints regarding anti-social behaviour are investigated to establish the identity of the individual(s) involved. “

So instead of doing their jobs and kicking these hoodlums to the proverbial curb, the UL leadership said that they will only punish students who have been charged by the Gardai (Irish police).

The President of UL is Professor Don Barry and, according to the UL web site, “Professor Don Barry is the President of the University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland and as the Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for all of the operations of the University.”  If you would like to remind Professor Barry of his responsibility to EVERYONE in the community here is the UL phone number — +353 (0)61 202700. Professor Barry’s direct email address is — [email protected] and his fax number is  +353-61-330027. If you do contact his office remember that the goal is to get the students thrown out of UL, not to scream, yell or otherwise threaten Professor Barry.

55 thoughts on “University of Limerick Students Murder Small Dog as Part of Their Celebrations”

  1. Problem is, nobody actually saw this alleged incident. The story came from a letter written to a local paper by a person who claims somebody else witnessed it, but that alleged witness has not come forward. Neither have the dog’s owners or the driver.

    Right now, this is a story without facts.

    There are no witnesses and no confirmation that it actually happened.

  2. Maybe these “people” with such bad characters will later get senior positions. Maybe even come in the government, have jobs with great resposibility towards their fellow men. Should not think! Their depraved nature they will not lose but maybe disguise well. Poor people who come under their power, for everybody who can do something so mean aganst a defenseless animal will never be a good person to other people. Therefore they should be punished to prevent this from happening.

  3. They should imagine themselves married with a little boy who just got a new puppy. Then imagine their little boy sees his beloved puppy being killed for fun by a bunch of drunk assholes. Watch the horrow and shock on his little face, the tears,the nightmares he endures, and then imagine explaining that his Dad did the same thing to a puppy for fun after graduation.

  4. This is a very irresponsible article, I hope that those responsible are severely punished, but this alleged incident (I say alleged because the only evidence of it occurring was someone telling a newspaper what she heard from a relative) did not even take place at the university campus as is stated….It took place in college court, a nearby neighborhood consisting entirely of private residences (of which some are rented by students)

    It hasn’t been reported to authorities, the dogs owners have not complained, the driver that hit the dog has not come over, and the only recollection of the event has been by someone who wasn’t there.

    How is the university supposed to punish anybody, when nobody has been identified and there is absolutely no evidence that they were even students of the university.

  5. There’s actually no evidence that anything at all happened, apart from an unsupported allegation in a letter to a local paper by a person who wasn’t there.

  6. Heartless brain dead PUNKS your a bunch of idiots and all of you will get yours in time, It’s to bad a little dog had to suffer because of all of you, Real funny all of you i hope are thrown out of school and are put in JAIL!!!!


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