UPDATE: Couple Donates Puppy to Woman that Lost Hers in an Attack

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Eileen Trujillo’s harrowing experience took place outside a 7/11 gas station.  She has her dachshund, Sebastian with her, when Sebastian was attacked and unfortunately killed by a pit bull that apparently escaped from its home this past Friday.

She says the attack happened all while someone was on the phone with animal control.

A couple from Fort Morgan heard about Eileen’s story and were touched by it.  The couple decided to give Eileen a 13-week-old dachshund puppy.  Savannah is the name of the new edition to the Trujillo house, and Eileen couldn’t be happier.

Eileen says she will still continue to fight for justice to be served for her Sebastian.  A rally is being held just outside the 7/11 the incident took place.  It’s been set up by community members to raise awareness about the City of Englewood’s Animal Control and its policies.


4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Couple Donates Puppy to Woman that Lost Hers in an Attack”

    • Did you not watch the video of the news report given?No you didnt. It was stated the dog that attacked was an American Bulldog mix (not a Pit Bull).Breed and mix aside, if someone can not contain their aggressive dog (no matter its breed or mix) they have no right owning a dog at all.

  1. If you would have watched the video you would have heard that it was NOT a pitbull, who killed the Dachshund. ANY dog can kill. It’s the ignorant people like yourself who jump to conclusions and then post their miniscule brain scans on line.

  2. Chia, and Anon#2, in defence of the first comment made, some people’s browsers do not support the video file so they are unable to view the video(not saying that is what happened here but it could be the case), leaving only the written article which does tragically is misinforming everyone that it WAS a pit bull that attacked poor little “Sebastian”. Your anger and outrage should also be directed at the author of this
    article !


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