UPDATE: Dog Who Cried at Shelter Has Been Adopted

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1.4.15 - Update on Crying Dog1


A few days ago we shared the sad story of Jack, the dog whose former owner ruthlessly laughed while his dog cried as he was abandoned at a shelter.  Jack is smiling once again, because he has been rescued!

As Jack was brought to the scary shelter and the reality of the situation sank in, he panicked and began crying.  Aghast, witnesses looked on as the man who was leaving him there just laughed.


1.4.15 - Update on Crying Dog2


Jack is all smiles now – Saving Carson Shelter Dogs told Seattle Pets Examiner, “He was rescued today!”

Though 2014 ended poorly for this boy, 2015 is proving to be starting out much better!


1.4.15 - Update on Crying Dog4


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  1. God Bless Jack & your new and much improved Pet Parent – I hope someday the one that left you behind laughing needs help and gets laughed at instead and left alone

  2. I challenge any “non-believer” to look at the “before” and “after” pictures of Jack and then try and tell me dogs have no feelings or emotions!

    • I once was at the breakfast table of a Baptist pastor who said to his son, “Brian, what were you doing?” Brian, “I was out back petting Rex because he looked sad.” Pastor said, “Brian, you have to know that dogs…animals don’t have feelings.”

      I sat there incredulous. Are you kidding me?

      Needless to say I have not set foot in another Baptist church to this day.

      • Well, one guy that doesn’t get it doesn’t taint a whole church!!

        About three years ago, I lost out 19 year old poodle to cancer. a rescue and the apple of my dear departed spouse’s eye. He wasn’t doing well, and I expected him to pass peacefully in his sleep. Nope, one morning, I awoke to hear him crying. “That would not do”. Off to the vet. We agreed, it was time. He passed in dignity with assistance. He joined a bunch of past canniunes and a feline in our “back forty”.

        A bit later, off to ARF. In search of an older dog. Two candidates there. Bailey, a ten year old cocker. His family forced to give him up, they lost their home!!
        Well, he cried as I walked by!!! Done. He came home. rode in the car like he owned it. Alas, he fell ill, Lymphoma. Outlook bleak. Vet and I agreed, it is time. Also in the back forty!

        Kids said, get back in the saddle. Yup, I’ve said that to them. Coco is here and ahs been going on his second year. Formerly known at ARF as Koko Loco. Coco is more dignified,. but I see why ARF chose that name. Estimated to be over six and a spaniel mix.

        A TV show host works in adoptions. her preaches that the rescues never forget. I agree, he loves me and I love him. Old guy, old house, old cars old dog. Match!!!

        You bet they have feelings. I’d love to counsel that Pastor.


      • Not all Baptist are that way. My Pastor has 2 dogs that he loves and he believes they have feelings.

    • Brien, you said very well cause they do have emotions and feelings. They are very smart cause of their keen senses.

    • Many people have less feelings and emotions than animals. Like this owner. Why do jerks like that even get a pet?

  3. First I want to say I was so saddened by this story and how cold this sweet doggies last owner could be. All through the holiday I thought about this baby and what he must of been feeling an dealing with. How terrible of you last owner, may karma get you when you least expect it. Thank you to the lovely person who adopted this sweet boy, I hope you both have a wonderful like together and make lots of beautiful memories, cause god knows this sweet boy needs this after he was treated so badly by his last pos owner.. I’d love to see picture of him as he grows with you, I am a lover of the breed and like to see the growth of adopted or rescued animals when they get there new fur ever homes/ Families. I am on FB and you can look me up. Steve Vincek. Good luck Jax and New Family…


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