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UPDATE ON AMAZING GRACE: Scalded Puppy Adopted

by Melanie

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8.4.13 - Amazing Grace Update1
Amazing Grace with new mom, Sally.


A month ago today we brought you the story of Amazing Grace, the six-month-old stray black lab mix in Louisiana who was burned with hot water by a 12-year-old boy who didn’t want her nosing through the trash. (The boy faces up to six months of jail time.)

Now she is on the road to recovery and has recently been adopted. Though she will always have some scarring and be missing parts of her fur, Amazing Grace has almost fully healed.

Sally Warnhoff saw her story and knew they belonged together. But that’s not all – Sally has big plans for Amazing Grace.

I said it sure would be good to put her to work and let her do service work for all the people who have been burn injured and take her to all the places and just let her love on people,” she explained.

8.4.13 - Amazing Grace Update2

Sally helps children with severe burns recover, and would like Amazing Grace to be part of the therapeutic process.

I think it can be a big help, just her going out and loving and I just ask if you get someone to give you the definition of love and if everyone on Earth could feel that, that is an emotion,” Sally said. “That is love and that would be a neat thing, and I think she wants to do that for a lot of people.”

Amazing Grace was named so because despite her horrific trauma, she didn’t lose an ounce of her love for people.

8.4.13 - Amazing Grace Update3

She wants to pay it forward and let people know, yeah I was hurt and people loved me. I think she was born to do this, I think she was injured to do this,” Sally commented. “It’s tragic. This is amazing grace, this, this is what it’s about – to turn a problem around and make it better, and I think she can teach us a lot of lessons about that.”

Amazing Grace’s new mom plans to have her trained to be a certified service dog.

I’m going to try to get her to a few burn camps already because they start in August. She’s going to go to schools, she’s just going to go where people need her.”

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