UPDATE: Search and Rescue Dog Will Get Life-Saving Surgery

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Heidi, the search and rescue dog.
Heidi, the search and rescue dog.

On April 18, 2014, we told you about Heidi, a Baltimore search and rescue dog with Dogs Finding Dogs who had worked many years saving people, but she is now in need of being saved herself. The hero canine was diagnosed with liver cancer and needed a costly life-saving surgery her owners couldn’t afford. Well, after her story was featured on Fox 45, a total of $15,000 were raised to save her life.

“I cried, I cried with amazement,” Ann Wills, Heidi’s owner, told Fox 45. “I just tear up, it’s a humbling feeling to know so many people care and we’re going to pay it forward, continue to pay it forward.”

Since more than enough funds were raised just an hour after the news report aired, the fundraising was closed.

Wills scheduled a biopsy with veterinarians over at Falls Road Animal Hospital and they are now waiting to hear back on the results to tackle a treatment plan.

There is still a possibility that nothing could be done to save the dog’s life, but Wills and all donors are hopeful Heidi’s life could still be saved.