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Updated information on Gracie – Who still desperately needs a home


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gracie1A couple of days ago you read about Gracie, a 1 year old brindle Boxer mix who is desperate need a home.   Gracie has a medical condition, an esophageal abnormality that affects the way she can eat and drink.  At one point, when she was younger, Gracie needed the aid of special chair to eat her food so that she could properly digest it, but that is actually no longer the case.

Gracie can now eat like a normal  dog, though she does require monitored water intake, slower feeding sessions and some crate time afterwards to allow her food to fully digest so that it does not regurgitate.  The chair is no longer part of her life, and in all other regards she is a happy, healthy pup.  Currently Gracie has a foster home where she is learning basic commands and working on general manners.

Like many dogs, she loves car rides, eating ice cubes, romping around the yard (monitored, though, as she tends to be a bit of a Hoover vacuum), and especially loves to play in the sprinklers.  She is very loving and enjoys snuggling on the sofa or in bed.  Her personality has endeared to shelter staff and everyone she meets, and she loves to be the center of attention so she might be best off in a single dog home or with a large breed male dog that is tolerant of her “it’s all about me, isn’t it?” attitude.

A home with a yard would make her happiest, and with someone who can be patient with her feedings, which take about 10 minutes twice a day and 1-2 hours crating after she eats.  Gracie is a doll, and deserves a loving, forever home with someone special.  If you can help Gracie, or want more information please contact [email protected] or call 916-202-1699.