UPS driver rescues puppies from side of the road

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Jerod Armentrout was out making deliveries for UPS when he spotted a black lump on the side of the road. He thought it was just a chunk of ice, but then it moved. What Armentrout spotted was actually two abandoned puppies.

Armentrout pulled over and one of the puppies ran towards him while the other cowered underneath his truck. After getting permission Armentout brought the two puppies back to UPS distribution center. The two puppies immediately found new homes with UPS employees who adopted them. The puppies, named Holly and Kenzie, went home with their new families that night.

6 thoughts on “UPS driver rescues puppies from side of the road”

  1. Apparently UPS not only hires the best looking hunks around, they also hire people with a soul and that is WAY more important! Thank you Mr. Armentrout.

  2. Such a happy ending to what could have been a tragic one. Thank goodness this UPS driver had a huge heart to stop and get these babies to safety. God bless him !

  3. Thanks for being a man with heart & honor, Jerod Armentrout — a kind deed always comes back to you. I hasten to ditto Cheryl F.’s comment! No company, that I deal with, has a better reputation than UPS — they’re well managed and it shows. Keep on!


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