Urgent: Gus needs help!

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Gus, a 2-year-old boxer/shepherd mix, made the mistake of wandering into a neighbours yard last Friday just outside of New Philadelphia.  The error was almost deadly as the neighbour shot him in the face with a .22 from about 10 feet away.  By Sunday, he still had not been treated for his wounds so Julie Trpodi of Operation Warm & Cozy stepped in to help.

Gus’s owner allowed Tripodi to take Gus for treatment on Monday and also agreed to surrender him for adoption.  Tripodi took the dog Monday to West End Animal Hospital in Alliance, where it received emergency care from Dr. Jeffrey Baranack.  The bullet was left in the snout because they feared removing it might cause internal injuries. Gus is recovering now, and is on antibiotics.

Thought this was a cruel and heinous act, Tripodi says owners must keep track of their pets to avoid this kind of incident. “The dog was getting loose and running up and chasing a neighbor’s animals,” said Tripodi. “It’s important for owners to keep a dog on a leash.”

Now Gus needs help to pay for his treatment.  The cost of his treatment and care is expected to exceed $1000 and donations can be made through Operation Warm & Cozy.   Gus also needs a loving home now that he has been surrendered.  “We have a dog who needs an immediate foster family,” said Tripodi. “He’ll be neutered and vaccinated. He’s a great dog and is house trained.”  For information on fostering or adopting Gus go to adoptions and help Gus the life he deserves.

5 thoughts on “Urgent: Gus needs help!”

  1. I wished all pet owners would keep their pets home all the time, people just dont give a shit, its not a crime to tie up your dog to go potty. And people are so damm careless. with their pets. YOU made a mistake, writting gus made a mistake, the person who was his owner made the mistake of letting him roam, gus did not make a mistake, and the person who shot him made a mistake, that is not always the best thing

  2. Thank you Julie for helping Gus when no one else would! Without you he would be left to suffer and die from his wound. I’ve donated to your worthy cause. I hope Gus finds a good home. If I lived closer, I would adopt him myself.

  3. I need to know if gus is good with cats and other large dogs. If he is, I would love to adopt him. He reminds me of my Brutus that just passed away..

  4. Anne,
    It is not always the shooter’s fault. Out here in our neck of the woods (the people that feed you), when animals roam (especially dogs), they risk getting shot. Sorry, but as a livestock owner, farmer and rancher (and to many that are in the same mindset and/or career option as I), it is my responsibility to protect MY animals first and foremost. Did you know, animals can be chased to death? Abortion can occur when animals are chased? Animals can be killed by roaming animals? Yes, animal control has been called, yes, we have tried to trap said roaming animals, yes, we have spoken to the owner and yes, we have taken all precautions to avoid shooting the animals. But if said roaming animal is constantly chasing, killing, maiming and causing a threat to the animals we are caring for, something must be done. It cannot be allowed, because than WE as the animal caretaker would be irresponsible.

    Most farmers/people do not like shooting an animal and ending their lives, but sometimes there is no other choice.

    Sure we can always build and spend more of OUR money to keep your ROAMING animal from coming in (and we often do), but that takes time and money and sometimes, they still outsmart us. Yes, there are laws that allow us to shoot animals (certain areas). Also, said owner could have always saved a ton of money and a life by keeping their animals contained — they can use their time, their money, etc. to contain their animal, their responsibility. There is a difference between an animal getting lose once in a blue moon — things happen.

    However, I do disagree that the person did not have better aim. You shoot to end suffering or shoot to scare off, you do NOT maim an animal. I cannot say anything for the shooter other than I hope he/she took all precautions overall (calling AC, owners, etc.) before doing this and they probably need a shooting course (lol). Other than that, do not judge someone as an “A-hole” for possibly ending a threat to other animals and/or children.


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