US. Airman Returns From Deployment, Welcomed Home by Puppy

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Video/story submitted to Welcome Home Blog by Marc D. on 5/1/2013.

“My son Matthew went into the Air Force and had a dog named Tucker that he was very close to. Unfortunately, Tucker passed away while Matt was in basic. A few months later we got a new puppy and named him Ace. Matt came home on leave for 2 ½ weeks and met Ace. He then went to Kuwait for 6 months and came back, and I wanted to see (knowing Matthew for only a couple of weeks) if Ace would remember him. So, when he came home, I put Ace out on the deck and had Matt sit on the floor. This is the video.”





4 thoughts on “US. Airman Returns From Deployment, Welcomed Home by Puppy”

  1. Thank you for your service Matt, and to your family thank you for sharing your wonderful son with the entire country. Be safe in your service Matt.
    Nothing is better than the love of your beloved pet. This was a wonderfully sweet video.


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