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Very Large Reward Offered for Missing Puppy

by Fred

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Poncho went missing sometime between the three and five o’clock hours on this past Sunday afternoon in the Rapids, Wisconsin area.  Poncho’s family misses him very badly, especially Little Rorie Manke.  He’s so missed in fact, there has been a $1,000 reward offered up for the safe return of Poncho.

According to witness reports, an unknown car was parked outside not far from where Poncho, a miniature sheltie was playing.  Suddenly, a young man gets out of the vehicle, picks Poncho up, and gets quickly back in to drive away.

A police report was immediately filed, and a $500 reward offer was posted on Rob Manke’s (grandfather) Facebook page.  Just recently, Rob Manke doubled that amount.

“I just wanna let everybody know that I’m putting a $1,000 reward to get this dog back,” Rob said.  “These kids want this dog back.  These are my grandkids, and they miss it.”

There have been signs and posters put up by family members all throughout their neighborhood.  Friends, as well as family members have been out looking for Poncho since he was reportedly taken.  Basically, anyone and everyone in the neighborhood, and friends and family across the area are all keeping a keen eye out for Poncho.

Rob provided the following information on how to contact him with any and all information on Poncho’s whereabouts:

By phone: 715-213-1982

Or by searching Facebook for his full name Rob Manke

7.7.14 - Very Large Reward Offered for Missing Puppy