Vet Injured in War, Saved by Napal

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Gravely injured during a special-ops drug raid in South America, Jason Morgan spent six weeks in a coma before awakening to learn that he would never walk again. After years spent struggling with depression and denial, his life was changed immeasurably with the addition of a remarkable family member – a black lab named Napal.

Now Morgan and Napal face life’s challenges together, and Morgan says Napal’s presence has completely changed his outlook on life. “From an emotional standpoint, he’s changed my whole life in an amazing way,” he said.

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17 thoughts on “Vet Injured in War, Saved by Napal”

  1. please if he is such a good boy like i saw then he dont need a pinch collar on that hurts them please take it off of him and let him not get that in his neck all the time please ty and i am so happy he makes u happy he would make me so happy too

    • I totally agree with your pinch collar comment. These collars are banned in some parts of the UK and I think a lot of this comes down to edcuation, we have to make folk more aware of these issues and what they do to our dogs.

  2. I am watching the episode on Animal Planet for the first time. These dogs are brilliant however I am appalled at the use of pinch/prong collars. This is not acceptable and hope this practice has changed since the series of ‘Extraordinary Dogs’ was first released.


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