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When you travel, you always make sure your family is safe, but isn’t your dog a part of your family? Why aren’t they secured too?

The reality is that the majority of people don’t secure their dogs when they travel. How dangerous is this? It depends on the situation. Some people keep their dogs unrestrained in the backseat, meaning in the event of a crash the dog will be hurt and could even turn into a projectile and hurt other passengers. Other people (we’ve all been guilty of this at one point or another) let their dog ride in the front seat. Not only is this more dangerous for the dog, it is a distraction that increases the probability of a serious accident.

So how do you keep your family safe, dog included?

Kurgo offers a few different products that make it safe to travel with your dog, and all of them start with a good harness. You want to use a harness on your dog, and not a collar, because a harness spreads out potential pressure while a collar focuses it on the neck. For security in a crash, look at the Kurgo Enhanced Strength Smart Harness. It has reinforced seams, metal hardware, and it has been crash tested.

Once you have the harness, you can try a direct to seatbelt tether, a seatbelt loop, or even an auto zipline. What works best for you will depend on your car and your dog, but whatever you decide on, make sure your dog is safely restrained.

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