Winter is coming, and the greyhounds need help staying warm

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imageWith long, spindly legs and wiry frames, greyhounds are not the dogs usually featured in commercials or ads, but they are loving and affectionate and in need of homes nonetheless.  For many years Donald Westover dedicated his life to giving retired racers a what they deserve; a forever home.  Westover and his wife Dorothy founded Northern Greyhound Adoptions in October 2001, in St. Albans, Vermont.

Since then dozens and dozens of fortunate dogs have been paired with loving families. Not a weekend would go by the he would not an adoption event or raise funds at a local pet store, as his love devotion to the breed was stronger than the emphysema that he battled with.  Westover has since passed away but Northern Greyhound continues it’s work with the help of dedicated volunteers and a compassionate board of directors manages the non-profit.  They have never turned away a dog in need, but as more and more race tracks around the country shut down, the need grows, and costs increase.

Jan-Ives Campbell is a volunteer at Northern Greyhound.  She comes in to let the 42 dogs out of their “apartments” for a run.  Says Campbell “This is one of 4 daily chances for retired racers to stretch their legs and for ‘mini-apartments’ to be cleaned”.  As a member of the board, Campbell is well aware of how tight finances are and with fundraising opportunities fewer and far between in the winter months cannot hide her concern for the animals.

imageBut then she looks into the eyes of Mallow, a white faced greyhound, and says “I missed you, buddy”, and his enthusiasm and the wild abandon with which he leaps out the door to run around the kennel, all of that is forgotten for the moment.

Though the board meets frequently to strategize, winter is always a tough time to generate the funds necessary for survival.  These beautiful greyhounds need your help.  If you would like to help them get through the long winter, donations can be sent to Northern Greyhound Adoptions, 999 Fairfax Rd/Route 104, St. Albans Vermont, 05478. One look into Mallow’s eyes will tell you how grateful they are.