Woman Recounts Controversial Choice to Live With 13 Dogs

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“I just can’t say no to animals…”

Leah Montgomery speaks with the American Strays Project of the World Animal Awareness Society and recounts her controversial choice to live with over a dozen dogs saved from the streets of Detroit.  She also describes how vigilantes have tried taking justice into their own hands to separate her from her dogs.


The American Strays Project film series is working to capture the intersection between human and dog interactions in the city of Detroit to better facilitate understanding and education.

4 thoughts on “Woman Recounts Controversial Choice to Live With 13 Dogs”

  1. This lady i ssaving animals that we throw away like trash, she is absolutly right when she says” why dont you throw your baby away”. She is right in saying people dont care about animals. And THANK GOD she is there for all the furry children that need help. God help the idiots that hurt the innocent animals, they will have a Hell for a life.

  2. I also wondered why the cameras did not go inside her home but only to make sure the animals were being cared for and not to inspect her home. I think that as long as all the dogs are loved, vaccinated and taken care of it is her business and it does not matter what her home looks like. The main thing would be the animals. People like to point their witchy fingers at others that do not fit their preconceived mold and deem what they think is best for them. If this woman is loving her animals, feeding and vaccinating them, it is her business. I think out of the love that is in her heart for what she does, that future animals should be taken to rescue sites. I pray there are some good ones out there. If not, then someone needs to help her find good loving homes for any future strays she takes in. If she loves the dogs that she ALREADY has and they love her, then leave her alone, as long as her animals are not abused or neglected.

  3. If these animals are being well cared for, she is not a hoarder. She is a kind hearted woman caring for dogs that people digard.


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