Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

Five things you’ve always heard about pit bulls and why they’re all true.

By Micaela Myers
Reprinted by permission of

1. Pit bulls “suddenly snap.” It’s true. One minute they are lying upside down on the couch snoring, and the next minute they hear the word “walk,” or “rawhide,” or “ball,” and they suddenly snap. From 0 to Mach 90, they are doing zoomies down the hall, tongue flapping, tail tucked for turning aerodynamics. Jump in front of this joyful train, and you could indeed accidentally get knocked down! (photo by Donna J. Griffin)


2. Pit bulls’ jaws are unlike any other dog. Again, it’s true. Bullies have a singular type of jaw that enables smiling unlike any other! The lips curl up and wrinkle, and you can’t help but laugh at that happy pink tongue bobbing with each big breath, those shiny white teeth and those big twinkling eyes. (photo by Ronny Ag Roberts)


3. Pit bulls are tenacious fighters. Ever try to fight a pack of pit bulls for the couch? The bed? A soft, cozy blanket? It’s true, they love a comfortable place to sleep and would rather lie right on top of you or each other than be alone on the cold, hard floor. (photo by Janet Podczerwinski)


4. Children beware. If your child has a phobia for canine kisses, then he or she definitely better stay clear of pit bulls. Pit bulls have a special radar just for children. Smell one, and they start to lick their lips. They can’t wait to find that little kid and cover them in kisses. (photo by Colleen S Moore)


5. Pit bulls are the ultimate guard dogs. Maybe all robbers need is a little love? If this is the case, then yes, pit bulls make excellent guard dogs. Most will be happy to greet robbers with their wiggly butts. They may even show them where the couch (and TV) is, where the coziest bedroom (and jewelry) is, and invite them to stay and cuddle awhile. (photo by Cristina Falcon Seymour)


Those of us who really know pit bulls, know that they’re just dogs (OK, maybe they’re especially cuddly and goofy dogs). Now let the world know the truth about pit bulls! For a more serious look at pit bull myths and facts, click here and visit the Stubbydog resource page.

All photos courtesy of StubbyDog’s Facebook fans

518 thoughts on “Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

    1. You are a moronic fool! After all the killings and maiming done by these beasts you have the nerve to share your stupidity?

      1. Charlie, thank you!! A person has a good experience and suddenly it wipe out all those mauled and dead children. How can people do this???? Not one iota of empathy for those children at all. Only “me”. .

        1. I’m sorry, didn’t bunches of bunches of pitbulls get abused and euthanized? I feel bad for those children, but it wasn’t the pitbulls or their fault either. It was the owner of the pitbull fault! Please, people, see the point of this message, dig deeper find that if you got to the shelter right now and adopt a pitbull and train it, it will love you! Believe me I adopted my dog who was abused and beaten to the point where he had three legs and one eye. I adopted him at first glance. He wasn’t a happy dog, he was sad, and yeah probably snapped, but only out of fear. Wouldn’t you be a little scared if someone abused you and beat you to the point where you were disabled? I trained him myself and to this day he is the best dog to ever walk this earth. He gives lots of kisses and loves people. So please share the word that pitbulls aren’t as bad as they think are. And to those hater out there, please search up pitbull being abused and see for yourself what people have done to these poor creatures. Please please please see the pain through the dogs eyes too.

      2. do you have a pitbull mcgenius? My pitbull is by far the best dog I’ve owned. she wouldn’t harm a fly.

      3. here is a little knowledge for you Charles. you obviously don’t believe in facts. Chicago injury center did a study and Labrador retrievers were 1 on the list at 13 percent of dog bites. pit bulls were only 8 percent. do your homework before saying anything ignorant or dumb. have a nice day.

        1. That is deceptive. There are way more labs out there than pitbulls. Look at the numbers “per capita” and it becomes crystal clear. Also, nobody cares about dog bites. We care about people being mauled to death. Here we see a minority breed take the number one spot, year after year… In fact, over the last 12 years, they have killed 6.5 TIMES more deaths than the number two dog… That breed is the Pit-Bull.

          After a family pit bull “snapped” in Rochester and attacked its owner, the owner admitted this was the second time the pit bull snapped. “The owners said the dog ‘just snapped,’ something that had happened once before, after the animal delivered a litter of pups.” – Darwinian pit bull owner
          Cathy Wheatcraft, 48, of Clark Road was mauled to death by the pit bull as she checked her mailbox about 7 p.m…. “Something caused him to snap, they don’t know what it was…” – Frances Tyson
          A Spartanburg woman who was killed by a pit bull had been attempting to rescue her mother from the attacking dog … Coroner Rusty Clevenger said Sunday night that an autopsy on Cartee showed she died directly from the dog bites to her head and body. “It appears the dog just snapped” – Jamie Nelson, director of Spartanburg County…
          A 2-year-old girl was mauled to death by a dog Sunday night at a home in West Mifflin … TayLynn DeVaughn, of Forest Hills, was described as happy and playful by her father, Cory DeVaughn, who said that a pit bull mix named Jake “snapped” and attacked the child – Cory DeVaughn
          Two weeks ago, the face of a 40-year-old woman in Pinole was ripped off by her 9-year-old pet pit bull. A neighbor told the pit bull “had a kind, loving temperament … it must have snapped.” Two pit bulls snapped in downtown Stockton last week, attacking two men and killing a cat… – The Modesto Bee
          When you hear in the news that a pit bull just snapped and attacked somebody but never showed any signs of aggression that is a myth – Pit Nutter posting on Yahoo’s content farm
          I was guilty of always saying, its how they are raised. INCORRECT. Jake was a family member, always relaxed. The evening he attacked me had just been laying beside me in the kitchen. I was his “grandmaw”… I loved him. I will forever believe what happened that evening, he had no control over it. Something snapped. – Denise Hill
          “From what I understood was that the kids were playing in the backyard when the [pit bull], I don’t know what the word would be,” said Gay. “Kind of snapped.” – Charles Edward Gay
          “Itʼs all just horrible. Itʼs all still horrible,” Ashiyah said. “Iʼm not going to question anything. I was responsible for that child. I loved that child. And now heʼs dead. Heʼs dead because my dog snapped and did something I had never, ever seen in him do before.” – Ashiyah Ferguson
          When a family member’s pit bull, who baby Jayden has grown up with snapped … just attacked her face and would not let go … Jayden has undergone six hours of surgery to repair a fractured jaw and damage to her nasal passages, tear duct, eye lids and bridge of her nose. She also lost five teeth in the attack – Pit bull loving grandfather
          The Stewart family said they are at a loss at why Chance suddenly became vicious … She continued, “Something snapped. He had Abby in his sights and he headed right for her. Ronnie threw her so hard up on the trampoline; it threw one of her shoes off.” – Lisa Stewart
          “I took him from being an abused dog to being a house dog,” said the pit bull’s owner, Justin Sostre, 18, who plans to have the animal euthanized. “He just snapped.” – Justin Sostre
          Noah’s mother was at her boyfriend’s home when his normally loving pit bull snapped. The dog clamped down on Noah’s head, ripping off his scalp and his ear. “It saddens me when people say: ‘my pit bull would never do that, I’ve got the sweetest dog in the world.’ – Kim Durall, mother of victim
          my neighbor babied his pitbull too. It was supposedly a “big baby” also. Then out of the blue it decided to break through the screen door and attack my other neighbors dog … Also have a co worker whose “lovable” pit bull just snapped after years of being babied and it attacked his friends dog – KTM rider
          The dog was being really nice to all of us for about 10 minutes and then he just snapped.” Elena’s parents took her to the hospital where doctors used 26 stitches to sew her upper lip back on. –
          A Bronx tot was mauled yesterday when her pet pit bull snapped and tore into her cheeks, police and witnesses said. Makailah Barnett, 3, nearly had the side of her face ripped off … “The dog just lost her mind” – Daily News
          I once thought pits could be kind and gentle, and just had a bad rep……. till the one we had turned on my daughter 2 weeks ago … He never showed any signs of agression … I dont know why he snapped that night but it is a nightmare we will all live with for the rest of our lives. – Mandy, CC, USA

          1. Why arent you posting all the dogs that have attacked people? Lmao as of “pitbulls” are the sole breed that cause harm and death. Youre a typical boobtube brainwashed by the media wacko who wouldbt be here on their own terms. More than half that list didnt wven own the dogs, some of the dogs werw mixed breed too. Also dog training is essential for owners and all breeds. Many idiots do not, and many idots do own “pitbulls”. Pitbulls are not an aggressive breed, at least with people, and thats coming from someone who works at an animal shelter, and pitbulls are not dominating out bite quarantine ward its other breeds. Take your Googly Moogly degree and knowledge regarding “pitbulls” shove it.

          2. That’s like 5 people. Nobody thought their long lost brother would come back to murder them but it’s probably happened somewhere

      4. Youre the one thats a fool since you cannot gather accurate information regarding pitbull temperaments and attack statistics. I work at a pretty popular animal shelter and I can assure you pitbulls are not the breed that floods our bite quarantine wards. So stfu.

      5. The only reason pit bulls attack and show aggression towards anything for no reason is due to poor training and neglect by the owner. It makes me very upset wen idiots own Pit bulls with no knowledge on how to properly train, love or care for them. It’s not like raising a lab or a poodle. Owning a pitbull has a great sense of pride to it but comes a great responsibility as well. Your comment is very bias and an uneducated one at that

      6. Pretty sure you’ve hurt more people just by being like this than every Pit Bull in the world has… EVERY PIT BULL PUT TOGETHER.

    2. I have 2 of the most loving pit bulls there could ever b and they are part of our family. Both are blue nosed pits. They were both abused and one our male was used for fighting when he was owned by his first owner. He was a rescue. He is the biggest baby I have and he is a big ole ham. I call him a goof ball because that’s how he acts. He is knows he is loved. And the really are both very loved. If u love ur pits, there is no danger. Do not hit them that’s when and why the snap. If u give them kind and loving relationship they are kind and loving toward u. U reap what u sow.

    1. love these pics. Its the owner not the breed. I have had small dogs that have tried to bite others. I have heard that the lab can be aggressive towards people and other dogs. So lets just go back to the human owner. Would love to have a pit but due to Ohio STUPID laws they are on a list which makes you pay more insurance and most insurance companys will not insure you. Thanks to all the MORONS that have dog fighting this breed is not given a chance.

      1. SGROOME, the mantra that it’s the owner is tired. So what if you have had small dogs that tried to bite others? Did any of them attack and not stop until their opponent was dead? Did any of them have the powerful jaws that enable them to do just that?

        It’s hardly “stupid” for those with a dangerous breed to pay more for insurance — that’s how insurance works, weighing the risk and how much that risk costs. Given that these dogs can and do kill, even humans, and the monetary awards that will be given in such lawsuits, the insurance is going to be high.

        I don’t blame the breed for what they are — they’re dogs, and they were made this way by humans. But they still are what they are, and that is dangerous. If Pit Bull lovers REALLY loved the breed, they’d be for a ban of all Pit Bulls from being bred — mandatory spay/neuter — except for a small number of responsible breeders whose work is to breed the aggressiveness out of the breed. Once the breed has been corrected, THEN everyone wins, including the Pit Bull. Just look at all the Pit Bulls in shelters and being abused and killed. That’s what results from a dangerous breed and bleeding-heart Pit Bull lovers who won’t think bigger than themselves. The Pit Bull is the one suffering for the very SIMPLE reason that Pit Bull breeders don’t call for the correction of the breed.

        1. Ok I have some issues with your assessment of how to “breed” the aggressiveness out of Pits. That’s like breeding stupid out of people. Pits by nature are not human aggressive, that’s the fact. Pits are human aggressive when irresponsibly raised just like all other dog breeds…ALL. Another point…it is stupid to charge more for insurance if you have a certain breed. Why? Because it would also be stupid for charging you more for having FAT kids or charge you more for having cancer or any other stupid reasons. Fortunately my homeowners insurance does not care about what breed I have, they aren’t trying to gouge me for every nickel and dime they can get unlike some other companies. You are also ridiculous for saying that Pit Bull lovers are against them being bred. You can’t dictate mandatory spay/neuter. You can’t single out one breed and make that breed the issue. Irresponsible ownership is the real issue. What ever happened to personal responsiblity in this country. I, for one, will always adopt my Pits…ALWAYS. I have saved 3 Pits already from going to the pound and one I cared for that had cancer and I did not care how much that cost. Could I have used that money for other things…Yes. But I made the commitment to my dog that I would take care of them and I don’t care how much it costs. Allowing a small number of reponsible breeders to breed? That’s absurd! Who would make this determination? You? Give me a break. Do I dislike backyard breeders? Hell yes I do. If they aren’t breaking the law you can’t tell people what they can or can’t do. I don’t like breeders but it’s about responsible owners and educating the public of the ills of backyard breeding. Eventually if people see how these people operate they will stop buying from breeders and take a look at dogs (all dogs) from the pound or rescues. I spay and neuter all my dogs. Don’t fucken tell me that I don’t think bigger than myself, you don’t know me or what I do. It’s not a matter of correction of the breed, that’s like saying serial killers who have kids are going to have kids that are serial killers too. That’s a ridiculous way to look at Pits. It’s a matter of educating responsible ownership…plain and simple. I would rather place a ban on people before I would ban the breed. What I mean is that: people who are criminals or have criminal records or have had run-ins with the law-should be banned from keeping ANY animals. It’s just like gun ownership, if you are a criminal, you don’t get to own a gun. That’s a start to correcting irresponsible ownership.

          1. Guess what pitbull patriot? Ever hear of life insurance? They can and DO charge you more when you’re fat, have (had) cancer, high blood pressure, smoke, chew, etc etc. It’s called weighing the risk. They pay actuaries large salaries to ananlyze stats and come up with the underwriting rules and premiums. It is 100% valid. Dogs are to home insurance what illness is to health insurance. If your dog bites someone, it’s the insurance company that’s responsible, and they’re not willing to take on that risk. Don’t even argue this point with me b/c I’ve been in the insurance business for over 12 years. Obviously they know something you don’t know when it comes to aggressive dogs. And you’re lying. I’m calling you out right now. I GUARANTEE you that if your insurance company knew that you had a pit, they would drop your insurance this minute unless you signed a liability exclusion form on the dog. End of story.

          2. I have a pit bull and I consider myself an responsible person. I know I can get emotionally caught up in these discussions so I don’t read them often and actually comment even less. I can only report on my experience. I don’t know what life is like in someone else’s skin.

            My bully is the best dog I’ve ever had, the smartest, most intuitive, most tolerant dog I’ve ever owned. He is 11 now and still an incredibly happy dog, a great ambassador for the breed. Part of his good nature has been my effort to teach him good manners and protect him from dangerous situations. It’s a win/win situation for both of us.

            My home owners insurance does not have any breed restrictions but when I bought my home I had to shop around because several other companies did. That is the reason I chose State Farm insurance. If any dog I have bites they will pay out once and only once, on any dog.

            I guess I will close by saying I love my bully. He has been the brightest ray of love in my life. For that I am grateful.

          3. Pit Bull Patriot – good points. I agree – it’s the people – not the dog. And for the record, I had a part chow years ago and my home owner’s insurance was canceled because they considered her to be a dangerous dog! She was just a big ol’ baby – not a mean bone in her body. Plus, why does homeowner’s insurance get canceled for that reason anyway? Doesn’t a dog protect an owner’s home from robbery in many cases, and isn’t that an asset? Anyway, you can’t reason with stupidity. They want to ban the breed rather than ban stupid people from owning them! If animals weren’t treated badly they wouldn’t act badly – it’s just common sense!

          4. Unfortunately for you, insurers CAN and DO charge more for high-risk insureds.

            Are you aware that if you have certain health factors [you smoke or do drugs, of you have a pre-existing condition known to require large amounts of care], you can either be denied health insurance or forced to pay extra?

            Are you aware that if you meet certain criterion for vehicle insurance, you pay extra? That includes your age, your gender, the make/model/year of your vehicle, and the number of speeding tickets and/or accidents you’ve had in the past. Even being a first-time insured costs extra.

            When you buy a home, there are factors that figure into your insurance bill. How far your home is from a fire hydrant or fire station, whether you have an attached or detached garage, and how many fireplaces [and the fuel type] can all add significantly to your bill.

            Adding a codicil for dogs IS NECESSARY when your homeowner’s/renter’s insurance is the one who is LEGALLY required to pick up the tab for any dog attacks on the insured’s property or by the insured’s dog.

            Mind you, not all insurance companies do this, and not all insurance companies exclude the same breeds. One insurance company I know of excludes pits, rotties, dobies, cane corsos, dogo argentinos, rhodesian ridgebacks, german shepherds, and chow chows. This isn’t necessarily because they’re more likely to bite, it’s because they can do more damage when they do bite. The insurance companies are trying to protect their own bottom lines, and for that you really can’t fault them.

            As for whether certain traits [including aggression] are bred in, or certain medical conditions, or certain anything else [ESPECIALLY through backyard breeders], take into consideration how often ailments are passed down in human bloodlines.

            Are you aware that backyard breeders are defiling every breed of dog there is? Are you aware that pimping out a male for “pick of the litter” usually means the owner keeps a female and “breeds her back” for multiple generations? Are you aware that breeding like that is the same reason it’s illegal for humans to marry a first cousin? It makes it exponentially more likely that any negative trait is continued down the bloodline.

            Personally, I DO believe that dog and cat breeding should be left to the professionals. There are way too many unwanted pets in the world; I see them every single day. There are too many backyard breeders creating unhealthy pets. There are too many people who see pets as expendable, that “oh, I’ll dump this one when he’s too old/too big/too troublesome and get a new one” type of philosophy.

            People who love animals – TRULY love animals – don’t just take in the excess or the ill; they also advocate for better treatment of those same animals. They try to educate the public about the benefits of spay and neuter. They try to educate the new generations about proper pet ownership.

            I know whereof I speak. I currently have three dogs [1 pound, 1 personal rescue, 1 stray] and nine cats [2 whose owners died, 2 neighbor cats we’ve adopted, their mother who we also adopted, her last son who will always require medication, 1 pound cat, 1 saved from death at the hands of her former owner, and 1 with a broken jaw rescued from the side of the road].

            I have rescued animals at work, including a cat with cancer [she had the best two months of her life with us before she died], a newborn kitten left on an ice-cold porch, several dogs who were lost and too close to a fighting dog’s house, several dogs in the middle of winter, and the boxer who lives with us now.

            I educate those around me about medical conditions, proper care, ways to train, and when it’s best they see a vet. For those who can’t afford their pets, I help them find new homes or frequently will help them through a hard month by purchasing food for the pets. I help owners get their pets neutered, including doing all the transport for some.

            You need to understand that pits, just like rotties and dobies, got their bad reputation thanks to the thugs who use them to intimidate others. They got their bad reputations because of their tenacity, their power, and [in the case of dobies] the conformation of their teeth. These are dogs who, in this day and age, are bred to either LOOK or BE aggressive.

            Take a close look at Petie [Little Rascals/Our Gang dog] some time. Put his photo up beside a modern-day pit. They do NOT look the same. Modern pits are more muscular, deeper chested, narrower waisted, and the heads are slightly different [especially when compared to a block-head pit]. Saying modern pits are the same is a fallacy; all animals change over generations, and those who are bred for certain traits more than any other.

          5. ALL dogs were breed for a purpose. This is an actual fact. These traits such as, height, agility, speed, intelligence, Aggression, hunting, herding etc…Consider for a moment it may be possible for a Genetic Physicist and some other really smart people to decide to spend their time researching the unknown in order to cure cancer, stop disease, understand mental illness or just for their love of Genetic Science combined with the fact that a Pit Bill jaw bite can crush human bones, often killing babies, kids, women & men; These Scientists could research how to reverse the dominant aggressive trait that Pit bulls were breed to be as Guard Dogs. IF they could remove aggression IT WOULD SAVE THE BREED AND BE A WONDERFUL PROGRESSION FOR ALL PIT BULLS.

            I think all of you are super duper cool to argue with strangers online. It is so much cooler than having an open mind & respecting new ideas or opinions. Pit Bull Patriot-are you Sarah Palin????

          6. it’s obvious you are very caring,but the problem is there are lot’s of irresponsible owners[they don’t all have criminal records],and if a pit bull goes for you it can kill you,unlike a poodle…All the insurance in the world isn’t going to conpensate someone scarred for life ,or a child killed.What i don’t understand is why anyone would want to own a breed of dog that has that potential…and furthermore not want to get them neutered.if you want to breed from your dog ,you cannot guarentee a good the UK the rescue homes are over run with this breed of’s very sad’

          7. Victoria, a boxer maliciously bit my pit bull in the face in my house completely unprovoked. My pit didn’t react, or retaliate. How is she dangerous? Why should I pay more for insurance for my non aggressive pit bull than the owner of an aggressive boxer simply because of some misperception of what is essentially a calm non aggressive breed when trained properly? Clearly, the boxer us more of a danger to the general public then my dog.

        2. Victoria,
          Before you continue to preach, do some actual research on pit bulls. Oh and in the responsible owners as well. You just sound very ignorant in your post because you have no clue what you are talking about.

        3. Victoria, I agree with you that not any dog can bite. The one’s who do are unsocialized, bored, treated with neglect and abuse, separated from their family of humans, unexercised or tied off to some tree. Tired of the mantra? So am I, but until people educate themselves about dogs and understand that it is not the breed/type, but the neglect and ignorance from their owners that cause the problems, it will be stated. Insurance rates higher? Again, it is because of neglegent owners that insurance companies can justify higher fees for those who have these dogs. It is convienient for insurance companies to charge higher fees regardless of how many pitbulls are/were actually involved in dog bites, they’re in it to make a profit. Kill humans? It is horrible, but there are a great amount of small breeds that have been involved in horrible situations where babies have been mauled or disfigured through a dirty diaper. Again, as horrible for the victims, the owners responsibility. ALL dogs should be supervised at all times and can inflict harm on another dog or human, and owners of all breeds/types should not take this for granted. Mandatory spay and neuter? I agree that ALL BREEDS should be spay/neutered as long as there are dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters, but that is my opinion and I can only spay/neuter my own dogs and rescue what I can responsibly. The idea that a small number of responsible breeders should breed the aggressiveness out of the breed? Puppies are not born aggressive unless there is a neurological issue and dogs do not grow to be aggressive if treated as they should be. The fact that there are so many pit bulls or mixes in shelters is not because they are all dangerous and because of Bleeding Heart PitBull lovers. It is because the poor dogs have had the misfortune of being owned by the type of neglegent owners I have been writing about. I would hate to see the responsibility of a breed given to a few breeders, I’ve seen what has happened with poor Bull Dogs who can’t breathe, German Shephards with painful hip dysplasia, small asthmatic breeds and numerous other defects related to poor or close breeding practices. As tired as it sounds, it is the owners.

          1. I just want to say I had a dog before my pit that was a smaller mixed breed, he was neutered, I took him for runs (which he LOVED) he got tons of love, exercise, the kids were nice to him etc. Well, he bit people 3 times, seemingly for no apparent reason. I’ve had several dogs but I always remembered when you’d look into this one’s eyes he was just different somehow. Like when I look at my pit she gets all lovey and he tails starts wagging etc. I get a loving response, the biting dog never quite did that. I don’t know maybe every individual dog just has something going on in their head and sometimes its not always good.

        4. Dear M&L MOM,,,,,,,,You are going to call me a liar. I’m going to call you stupid and you don’t know crap about Pit Bulls. You are ignorant. Just because you are in the insurance business “supposedly” doesn’t mean you know the whole entire industry. Just like you don’t know anything about animal behavior. You base your knowledge off a bunch of number crunching geeks who look at profit over common sense. You don’t know shit about dogs. Let me tell you something-my insurance is from a company that does not charge me because of the dog I have. They don’t ask and they don’t care. Do you know why? Because they aren’t greedy fucks like you running the system in their favor to nickel and dime every person they can. You are no different than the airlines trying to charge for baggage, another excuse to rip off the consumers. I will GUARANTEE you that you are wrong to think you know every insurance company out there. Oh and thanks to Obamacare you assholes in the industry can’t deny insurance for high liability consumers. So screw you and your crappy industry for gouging hardworking Americans and screw you for thinking you are better than me. You are ripping people off and you suck becasue of it. I bank and am insured with USAA.

          1. If dogs are a reflection of their owner, then pitbull patriot’s dog has not an ounce of class

          2. I never got a chance to repspond to the post where you assumed you knew all about me–supposedly ugly & stupid. Let me tell you a little bit about yourself.

            My guess is that you’re bald and covered in tattoos. Tough guy, right? Let me ask you a question–why do you have a pitbull? Is it because they are caring, loving, cuddly dogs? NO! It’s because of the bad-ass image that they have. You THINK they make you look tougher than you THINK you are. It’s a self-esteem issue. Get over yourself. You have a lot of anger, and I”m sensing your dog does too. Afterall, you say a dog is a direct reflection of its owner. I’d say your dog is a ticking time bomb until it bites somebody. Hope your home insurance covers it.

            Have a nice life.

          3. M&L Mom….
            You think you are so damn smart don’t you? I assumed you are ugly and stupid the way you assumed that ALL Pits are scary and dangerous. You see how that works? I use your logic of thinking and turned it around on you. Funny how it offends you, the same way it offends me that you assume my dogs are vicious killers.

            So a little about me, you had one thing right….yay for you! Yes I do have some tattoos, not covered in them though, they tend to be expensive. I guess you are right about one other thing-and that I am a tough guy! I will say that I’m a tough guy! I go to the gym 5 days a weeks, I’m built like a brick house, so what. I also have to be a “tough guy” because in my line of work you can’t be weak. Why is that you ask? Because I have mortars shot over me, I have people who try to shoot rocket propelled grenades at me. I have built hundreds if not thousands of bombs in the military that kill bad guys and have been deployed 4 times in the last 5 years so stupid ass people like you can voice their opinion on subjects they have no personal knowledge of. I train to fight and I carry guns when deployed, hell I carry concealed at home, I guess you could say I’m a tough guy for doing what needs to be done. About this bad ass image you talk about-you are the reason that Pits have this bad ass image. You’re a fear mongerer! My image of my first Staffy that I adopted while stationed in England is that here is a dog that needs a home, I gave him a home because the previous owners couldn’t. He is not a bad ass, far from it. He’s the nicest dog ever. My second Staffy I adopted was from an older lady who lost her job and couldn’t afford to keep her. They didn’t even ask for an adoption fee but I gave them money to help them out for the Holidays, yeah I’m such a tough guy right? That dog passed away while I’m here on this deployment right now. My wife and I spent close to 2 thousands dollars paying for all the test and then meds which was followed by chemo just so she would live 4 months longer, I’m a tough guy right? My 3rd Staffy that I adopted was living with a couple that shouldn’t have a pet to begin with, they didn’t train or discipline her at all. We adopted her because we didn’t want her to be living the way she was-outside and alone. With training and socialization she has flourished and all my dogs live indoors. They have their own chairs even, I’m such a cruel, angry, tough guy right? My dogs are all caring, loving, and cuddly too. They don’t make me look tough at all, that’s not why I got them, I’m sorry I don’t fit you’re stereotype. People approach me all the time when I walk them because they see how gentle they are. You are ignorant and self righteous to think you know everything and everybody. I bet you are still angry and bitter that I proved you wrong about the homeowners insurance aren’t you. You don’t know anything about insurance, you are narrow minded. In fact when I bought my house, I made sure that I bought one that had a large enough yard so my dogs would have space to run. OH, and I do have a lot of anger!! I’m angry when stupid ass chuckleheads like you think you are better than everybody else and think you know me and know my dogs. I’d say I’m a ticking time bomb if you ever disrespected me or my dog to my face lady. Oh one last assumption from me because you do it so well. I bet that your husband thinks you are an overbearing, control freak, thinks she is always right right, bitch! How’s that for an assumption! Have a lovely day, I’m about to go be a tough guy at the gym after working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week in this Middle East shithole so you can rest easy at night. “Such ingratitude after all the times I saved your life” Clint Eastwood movie quote. You suck at life!!!

          4. pitbull patriot- i just read your post with your description. THANK YOU! i dont hink you guys hear that enough!

            id also like to say that i really resent that idiots assumption that you are huge bald and tattooed with a tough guy attitude just because you own a pitbull. i own a pit bull and i am the complete opposite. straight laced, work every day, about as NON tough looking as i could get. no tattoos (not bcause i think theres a problem with them, just dont) my dog is 57 lbs and my 8 lb cat hisses and that dog runs with his tail tucked. yep real dangerous…

          5. Pitbull Patriot,

            Dont’ let someone with apparently no knowledge of the breed bother you. There are many responsible owners out there that will agree with you 100%.

          6. yes!! so true! as i said to this “Insurance agent”, stop slandering the pit bulls name, not the rest of these sweet LOYAL babies:-)!! and to the person below, yea, it can happen with ANY breed, labs, blood hounds, retrievers, spaniels, collies, and so on and so on, they are and forever have been animals, animals have instincts, they know when a persons a jack ass so what about the bad humans born time to time, more often than an angry dog, they become murderers, drug dealers, rapists, terrorists hillary clinton..oops did i include her in the bottom feeding womanizing, waste of space?? sorry..anyway ect. ect.. i guess we better figure out a way to “breed out” the aggressiveness of the human scum?? 99.9999% of the time if a pit has attacked, it felt threatened, was defending his people(which is his/her job), or it landed in the hands of one of the above mentioned assholes. Idk, the 80s it was the German Shepard, 90s the rottweiler, now its the pit bull, they gotta blame something instead of looking in the mirror i guarantee you dont hear about the collie that bit the face of a little kid that hit it w/a stick because those attacks are not news worthy, just like crime w/certain cultures is not publicized because its not as good a story, exploiting the dogs = good ratings=more $…its always the bottom line. as said above about many insurance companies today….Have a great night internet folks, i probably will not be back because its rubbish to read what people think they know, i didnt read that you have ever had a pit bull…maybe give 1 a try…but that would prove you wrong so maybe not..Night Ya’ll!!

        5. I love your post and am with you. It does get tired that. my beautiful girl did just that…attacked and would not stop until we almost had to drown her to get her to let go. It was horrific and not something I wish for anyone to experience. I love all animals but the sad and sorry fact is that they are that. Yes they do become family members, but they are still capable of the behavior that makes them a wild animal regardless of the breed. They just happen to be more powerful, overbred and dangerous that most. I love them, but I urge caution where when you put your guard down is when it can happen. Not all dogs will do it. But it CAN happen.

          1. But please keep in mind that you said CAN. This is not a reaction that is contained in EVERY pittbull. I’m not saying that your’s attacked because of you. I am just saying that not all pitts are killers.

          2. So it’s the dog’s fault that you don’t know how to properly train, socialize and discipline her. Nice try but you are at fault for this, if it actually happened the way you claim.

          3. Anonymous, I agree entirely. Regardless of the love a dog has had, the time it has spent with its family, its normal behavior, or anything else that is used as an excuse over and over again, ALL DOGS CAN SNAP!!!

            Our first dog as a couple, a beagle mix we rescued from the pound at six months, was a great dog for years. She loved the kids, loved our next dog [but played too hard for him!], and when we rescued the starving boxer the beagle mix was her very best friend. For YEARS.

            Gradually, the beagle started having issues with dogs… but only CERTAIN dogs. Long haired, dark haired, short dogs, and she was VIOLENT about german shepherds. We had to stop taking her to the dog park.

            One day, in our kitchen and ABSOLUTELY unprovoked, she attacked the boxer. Her very best friend in the whole world, and she grabbed onto the side of her face and would NOT let go. The kids threw water on her while I was trying to drag her off the terrified boxer, and eventually I had to pry her mouth open with my hands. At that point, she whipped around and bit me on the arm.

            The following week, she couldn’t walk. She kept falling over when she tried to stand up, exhibiting symptoms of antifreeze poisoning. The vet tested her… nothing. We had to have her euthanized because she was so unpredictable and couldn’t walk unaided; they thought she had a brain lesion, and that aggression aside she would never get better.

            So just so you see… DOGS DO “SNAP”.

          4. The person whos beagle attacked their boxer. Sounds like Lymes disease to me, or do you have a crappy vet who didn’t test her for a treatable problem before putting her down? And even a brain tumer wouldn’t be her fault. If humans have brain tumers their personalities change too. Have I been attacked by dogs before? Yes, I groom/bath/train/rescue, of course I have been bit, but never unprovoked.

          5. Pit bull patriot, though I have never served I come from a family of service men and woman. Thank you for all you and every man, woman, child has done in the service of our country and for allowing me to have the freedom of breeding loving and caring pits. Though my family no longer breeds due to today’s economy and how others have treated this breed, we still have our 1 beautiful 3 year old girl whos every waking moment is a ray of love. Her name is moonshine due to yellow moon eyes. And yes I am a tattooed medium build, harley riding, truck driver with a loving wife and family who cries at Disney movies. Not once have our dogs ever bit anyone at least not out of play, still can’t figure out how they know how to pinch your butt with their front teeth lol,.. Thank you again for giving us the freedom to raise and love this beautiful breed

        6. you are an absolute ignorant idiot..why dont u do your research before u talk utter nonsense! pit bulls are loving amazing animals who by the way were nanny dogs back in the day..Remeber the little rascals and there dog petey a PITBULL . theodore roosevelt,general patten and helen keller all owned PITBULLS! once not too long ago they were a highly dignified and much loved breed. they were posted on advertisements and magazines. so unless u have owned one done your research and know what you are talking about id keep your mouth closed.

          1. I AGREE! “If you have never owned one you should really do your homework, futhermore people who only listen to the news and hearsay are IDIOTS!” You people out there who think you know statistics should reasearch the #1 dog breed that ATTACKS, it’s not the PITBULL. S.C

        7. Anonymous? you said “fuck that idiot, you’re completely right.” What idiot are we talking about? I’m curious to your viewpoint?

        8. Oh my goodness, Victoria, your ignorance is overwhelming. Pit bulls are NOT aggressive by nature. As a matter of fact, they are very loveable goofballs. All they want to do is sit on your lap and play with you. Their loyalty and intelligence is what makes them easy prey for dog fighters. If left to their own defenses, they would not fight. I have a pit bull and a husky. The husky terrorizes my pit bull who just runs and hides with his tail between his legs if she so much as looks at him cross-eyed. HE is a lover, not a fighter, as are all pit bulls who are owned by responsible humans. It’s the people, not the breed. I feel bad that you made such a fool of yourself on this website. Ignorance is not always bliss. Want to see for yourself? Come to my house and meet my sweet boy.

          1. I understand quite well that most pits are sweeties. I understand that they are as gentle and as loving as one could possibly want with their families.

            HOWEVER, all dogs/any dogs have the ability to bite and inflict damage in the right circumstances. Also, your dog is, obviously, going to be an absolute goofy little sweetie pie with YOU. That does not mean that you dog is going to feel that way about every single person s/he encounters.

            I have three dogs [hound mix, boxer, Tibetan Spaniel] and I would never tell someone “oh, s/he won’t bite”. I display proper dogmommy behavior and keep control of the dog while s/he is being petted or examined. In public, I ensure that my dogs are never far enough away from me that I can’t reach them in an instant.

            Why is that? Simple. It’s because no matter how my dogs behave around ME, that doesn’t mean they’ll treat others the same way.

            There are dogs on my mail route who I absolutely ADORE and who love me; let another carrier take my route, and they come back to the office scared to death. I have large pits I love on every single day, but who would happily tear the arm off one of my subs.

            I can say this with certainty, not because the subs told me in a panic, but because the dogs’ owners told me. One owner was so shaken, that even the next day she was still stressed when I came around.

            Never say “my dog won’t bite”… to be correct, say “my dog won’t bite ME”

          2. I hear you. I used to have a pittie who was a sweet, playful, people-loving dog….and a treat fiend! She even loved obedience classes because treats were involved. The first week we had her, I took her for a walk and a group of neighborhood kids gathered around to pet her. My pup stood there and wagged her tail, and the kids thought she was great. I took my dog to the dog park and all she did was run. There were a few times when people came up to me and said that they were unsure about turning their dogs loose with a pit, but that when they noticed that all my dog did was run, they decided it was okay and soon half the dogs would be running with my mutt. What happened if a fight broke out? Two dogs started fighting at the dog park one time, and my dog laid under the table and ignored the whole thing. We do think our pup might have been abused by her previous owners because she cringed and flinched if she even THOUGHT she’d bitten anyone, and she was afraid of upraised palms and rolled-up newspapers. I would have trained her as a therapy dog, but we lost our six-year-old Sammi to cancer last year, after surgery and six months of treatment. Too little time for our fifty-pound lap dog.

        9. Hi, I am guessing I would be considered ONE of those bleeding heart Pit Bull lovers. I care enormously for all living creatures and yepper Pit bull type dogs is one of them. As far as breeding I AM IN 100% agreement that anyone breeding any dog who is not for show should stop immediatly and at least for three or more years so that we can get a handle on ALL BREEDS of dogs and cats for that matter. Pit bulls get adopted about 1 out of 600 other dogs it is more like 1 out of 17. BUT what those statistics do not show is if they go to GOOD HOMES..Anyone breeding ANY DOG should understand the breed have three or more generations of genetics and ONLY do it to better the breed..(NO MONEY OF THE BACKS OF DOGS).

          What you FAIL to realize is I may pay more for insurance because i have a large breed dog( PIT BUL)L , However if you are going to let governemnt tell you everything and make stupid decisions for you then if you hAVE OLDER WIRING SAY OVER 20 YEARS OLD THAT YOUR HOME COULD CATCH FIRE HARMING NEIGHBORS SO RAISE YOUR INSURANCE, how about if you live by a store that got robbed? raise your home owners, dangerous neighborhood..It could go on forever however thankfully the world is made up of many others who are NOT narrow minded, ill informed persons.

          Certain larger breeds can do more damage than another , but trucks can do more damage than a Ford Escort, Airplanes can kill more people at one time, how about banning trains they can kill lots too..Did you know your chances of being struck by lightening is more so than ever gettting bit by a Pit Bull?
          If we ban everything one person or a few people know nothing about but are afraid of it would be a small boring world!
          I help rescue dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors not a prejudice bone in my body!
          Etheical people CALL FOR the correction of ALL BREEDS NOT to be bred in back yards puppymills for stores and so forth but ask the people who run out and BUY a designer dog, a back yard bred dog or pet store puppymill dog to do that same thing you ask of Pit Bull owners to do. ALL dogs should have the freedom to be cared for and until people STOP being niave it will not help any dogs!

          1. Just want to say that sometimes dogs get pregnant, even when you don’t try, you look away for a second when they’re with an opposite gender dog and they’re already stuck together. I’m only writing this because it happened to my dog accidentally and when my mom tried to sell the pups on Facebook she got attacked by people, saying that she was disgusting and a backyard breeder and that she doesn’t deserve dogs. I completely understand what you’re saying, it’s a really smart idea but don’t forget that it isn’t always optional. Thank you.

        10. wow ignorance much?? ive known several small dogs that no they havent attacked until their oppenent was dead… but not for lack of trying. ANY breed of dog is capapble of having indivuals who are amazing and individuals who are not.
          i think that EVERY breed should stop being bred by back yard breeders. every breed can trace most of its problems back to the irresponsible breeders.
          ALSO just so you know… small dogs who are considered “Safe” can and do kill. cant remember the breed right now but recently read a story about how a very small dog, peckinese keeps standing out in my mind but dont quote me on that, attacked and killed an infant.
          just sayin…

        11. humans are dangerous creatures too. we should probably all support a ban saying no more babies. there would be no more people in jail, no more rape or violence, no more child abuse, terrorist attacks, no more killings. That’s what results from a dangerous humans and bleeding-heart people lovers who won’t think bigger than themselves. People are the ones suffering for the very SIMPLE reason that human mating doesn’t call for the correction of the species.

        12. Actually chihuahuas and dachunds, and similar size have killed or done major damage to infants and children. Any breeds can and do bite if provoked and trained poorly. Pardon me, guess that goes back to the owner not the dog, sorry

          1. So if you had to choose to be attacked by a pit or a chihuahua wich would it be? Your an idiot. I ended up on this site because the pit next door ran into my yard and attacked my leg badly yesterday. I’ll go by my life experiences with them(which I have witnessed a couple other pit attacks in my lifetime as well )instead of yours because obviously it sounds like your lucky enough to never had that happen to you. And yes any dog can bite, any dog can be raised aggressive and is a huge issue. Dogs have different temperaments and qualities that they are born with. Have you ever researched the jaw structure of a pit, the ability to lock their jaw and tear flesh apart? I have experienced this first hand so you and all these other people who haven’t been attacked yet, and some might not, and I hope not please think before you open your ignorant mouth please

        13. you are a fucking idiot i own a pitbull and never once has she been aggressive the worst she has done is jump up to lick someones face and knock them over did you know they were originally nanny dogs? bet not so no they are not an aggressive dog unless the owner chooses to make the dog that way and you do relaize there are more than just pitbulls being abused and abandoned right its not the dog type its the people you dont know how to take care or treat a dog. so should our insurance be higher not unless they are going to make it high for every dog that has the capability to bite….oh wait thats all of them! oh and did you know sgt stubby was a pit mix he was the 1st and most decorated war dog he saved troops lives! he saved lives! he didnt kill anyone. so maybe next time this moron will do his or her research or maybe actually go meet a pitbull because they are one of the sweetest dogs i’ve ever met when you can let them get next to a 5 months old face with out a worry in the world that the dog will bite you KNOW they are agressive…there are no bad dogs just bad owners <— that statement couldnt be more true

        14. I take it you’re racist since breed of dog is the same as race. So if I’m white, black, or mexican (whichever one you choose to hate) I should pay more taxes because people of my color are more likely to, say, rob a bank in your opinion. You want to make the innocent pay for the wrong doings of others, seems smart… Quit going by what you hear on the news cause I bet you haven’t heard of the pomeranian who mauled a new born or how about the labrador or the CAT? It could happen with ANY animal. You choose to gang up on pit bulls because you heard somewhere that they have a “locking jaw”, FALSE they’re jaw is the same as any other dog, look it up. While you’re at it look up pit bull bite force and pit bull temperament testing, the REAL results might shock you. Oh and how about them dumb dog bite statistics, well moron the term “pit bull” isn’t even a breed of dog rather a collective group of up to 40 different breed of dog and many more mixtures of them and others so there are no valid statistics on dog bites. Even if you choose to go with the statistics imagine how many people in this country own these dogs what maybe 6 million pit bulls in the US alone? I’d say 3 deaths a year out of 6 million pit bulls is awfully low. Go meet a pit bull with a RESPONSIBLE owner who doesn’t leave it outside to fend for itself.

        15. It’s ignorant people like you who make this breed suffer. Don’t insult us pit bull lovers when you have probably never adopted one (or any dog) in your life! I for one have had first hand experience with small dogs that didn’t stop until their opponent was was dead! ANY breed can be as dangerous as some pit bulls are. It’s some STUPID owners that train dogs to be vicous! The HAPPEN to use pit bulls just because of their strenght! Most dogs I see at shelters now are pit bulls and pit bull mixs! Probably because people like YOU refuse to adopt them. I do agree that backyard breeding should stop, but for ALL DOGS AND CATS!
          My pit bull/ german sheperd mix is AMAZING with children and woman and is accepting of men (despite the proof that he has been abused at some point in his life). He has never bitten anyone! EVER! I adopted him at age 2 and he’s 3 (almost 4) and is still the sweetest dog ever.
          I will agree that sometimes pit bulls are bad to other dogs. (Not always and with dedication and work it can be trained out of them) Sometimes it’s in their nature. But hardly ever to people.
          I’ve also known a Rottweiler that has rescued it’s owner from being hit by a car. It was killed in the process, bless his soul. I LOVE dogs like this.
          Alot of media stories are just MADE UP!
          Victoria, you have no idea what you’re talking about, you selfish jerk.

        16. If you ever experienced the reality of this “dangerous” breed, you would see how misguided and misinformed you are. No denying what these dogs were bred for, but that does not make them killer automatons. They will respond to aggressive training due to their breeding, but they will also respond to loving nurturing, and become the most faithful, loyal, friendly and companionable pets a human could hope to spend time with.

          My “grand-dog” Khaos is possibly the most joyful, ebullient, tail wagging tongue licking dog I’ve ever known, and he has never hurt anyone or any other animal.

          Check your statistics: the dogs that bite humans more than any other are labradors… They might not make the evening news when they do, but you don’t need a higher insurance rate to own one…

        17. Victoria, ur an idiot! Educate yourself before u post something! It’s not the breed at all! It’s the owners of these dogs! Come meet my pibbles, and you will change ur tone!

        18. You obviously have never had a pit bull I grew up with one and he was the most gentle dog I have ever had the plesure to meet I had him till he was 14 and never bit anyone he was a staffie cross English bull cross pit all the supposed dangerous dogs mixed into one so if you have not had a dog like this then you don’t no what your talking about because they are the most loyal dogs and will be by your side through thick and thin still wagging there tail

        19. Lol you are the biggest idiot I have ever encountered. . are you like inbred or something? Or did you just not finish middle school? You don’t know what a “pit bull” when is. . is it a Staffordshire? Bull dog? A mix? Shut your stupid mouth and stay away from these lovely dogs you ding bat

        20. Ok. I can’t even finish reading your reply. I have breed pits since being a child. Thirty years to be fact. Not one of them had ever bit or attacked a person. Man, woman, or child. They all were loved, trained, and very happy. Not to mention some of the smartest. Our breed had even became honored police dogs. Now I have been bit in the face by another owners pit do mainly to my responsibility and to this day I still own a loving pit bull who kiss my grandson every day and lays in bed with my wife and I every night. It’s all about how you raise and treat any animal that makes them who they are. A responsible owner will love and care for them as one of there children, friends, and companions. And they will act in the same fashion.

        21. Have u ever had or been around any pit bulls for u to be so judge mental? Why be rude to someone who was just expressing his love for these dogs? It is ridiculous to ban pit bulls, I had trouble finding somewhere to live because of people being so ignorant. My pit bull is the most sweet, silly, loving, awesome dog ever and everyone needs to stop talking bad about them! I’m all for spaying and neutering as there are almost 4 million animals euthanized in the shelters in the us, over 80% of them are pits. It disgusts me and makes me so sad. But to say all of them are dangerous cuz stupid humans corrupt them? Never. You really shouldn’t point fingers or blame anyone for something u have no back up for.

        22. We should ban ALL breeding and have mandatory spay/neuter for ALL breeds. There are plenty of jerks breeding unhealthy and unstable animals. Ever heard of Springer Rage? I have personally witnessed a Springer Spaniel break a rabies pole. Do you want to call for a breeding ban and mandatory spay/ neuter policy on them as well. I have seen Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, Labs, Poodles, and a long list of other breeds including small dogs, show serious aggression and cause some serious injuries. Cats scare me more than any dog, and if left untreated their bites can be deadly. All animals can be dangerous, humans are the most aggressive and deadly of all! Perhaps WE should stop breeding…..

        23. You are so far off base it isn’t even funny! Your ignorance is astounding! It is people like you that cause the most problems in this world! Your best bet is to go back under that rock you have been living under…………..

        24. Wow. That’s a pretty unfair statement.
          Any dog can bite, and be agressive. Any animal will defend him/herself when put in a situation requiring so.

          As a Pit Bull Mommy, I chose to adopt my Lola (who is snuggled up against me with her head on my leg as I write this).

          Having been a long time dog owner Lola is the first Pit we’ve ver had, and she is the BEST dog we’ve ever had.
          That said, the little toy poodle we had that bit my husband and went after my son was not.

          In my opinion, it’s the pet owners responsibility to be a responsible pet owners! That means knowing your pet. That means not putting your pet in a situation where they feel threatened, but providing a safe happy and healthy home for them. Not leaving them tied up in the back yard!

          Our Lola was a bait dog. Covered in scars, having had at least 2 litters of pups she found herself alone in the shelter. That’s where she chose us.

          They told us, Lola needs to be the only pet in the home, and she is. They said Lola doesn’t like cats, well pit bulls do have a prey instinct that’s not her fault. So we keep her away from cats and other small animals.
          They said we don’t know how she does around little kids. So we introduced her slowly and she is AMAZING with little ones!

          We protect our dog by knowing her, and not putting her in situations or environments where she may be scared.

          People put so much emphasis on the breeds. It’s not the breeds that’s the problem. It’s the people. Any animal can be taught right from wrong, just as any can be taught to fight or trained service dogs.

          Know your pets people. Know yourself and your own life style before adopting these pets and we won’t have so many accidents due to ignorance.

        25. I have owned and still own pitbulls true ADBA’s , this is what I got to say to Victoria, shut the fuck up and Band all you bullshit humans that have way to much to say, no here you go, I fucki g hate piece of shit humans! I hate humans and all their shit they spew.. I even do not like my sister because it sounds like all you piece of shit governmental pussy assholes in this country. These people that are governmental sounding and not my people… Can’t wait for revalotion

        26. You to do some research all you ignorant people that think you no pitties you sound like an idiot my blue nose is smarter than you and if I had to make a choice to save my Bella and you drowning in the ocean wouldn’t think twice get your facts straight and PS let me guess your proud owner of a corgie,you people sux

        27. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Did anyone ever tell you, you sound so smart when you make assumptions rather than state the facts? Well they lied to you! I know theres jack asses like Mike Vic who are well jack asses, butyou cant be serious in banning all breedings and neuter all pits!!? I breed them, but even if i didnt, i would NEVER cut my husbands nutz off just so he couldnt get me pregnant, why would i cut my Male pits off just so he doesnt impregnate a bitch? Ill tell you this, i have 5 children, and have bred over 30 litters of top pedigree bullys and none of the 250 dogs have ever hurt anyone that wasnt provoked or protecting their owner. so please stay home next time you are feeling smart, dumb ass!

        28. Your statements come from a person who has no knowledge of the breed. Please keep your opinions where they belong in the trash.

        29. By your standard automobiles and black people should be banned. Tens of thousands die every year in auto accidents so would you blame the car or idiots that don’t know how to drive?
          Look at Chicago, black on black crime results in 4,000 shot every year. Do you blame their skin color? No, it’s the environment that causes it.
          Pit bulls are animal aggressive by nature, and so I’d every dog to an extent, but the animal aggressive pit bull is a result of breeding as catch dog for large game animals. It’s a job their owners trained them to do for a purpose to aide man. Criminals turn dog on dog. Responsible people properly socialize their pit bulls and teach them the difference between a coyote and the neighbors cat. Pit bulls were never bred for human aggression, you can blame rare human aggressive dogs on stupid people, just like automobiles. They weren’t made to harm people but stupid people do stupid things with cars.
          Wise up

  1. Now, Lets see pictures of people attacked by one. I wouldnt own one for a million dollars. With all the breeds of dogs, why pick this one?

    1. Yeah Anonymous your ignorant! My father raised them & small children! Great dogs! Do you have any idea how many breeds of dogs are abused & attack! Your an idiot! Hey you see picks of what humans do to eachother!

      1. Jen I can’t even look at these idiots comments people need education on pits I never have any other dog

    2. You are ignorant. Most ‘pit bull’ attacks are not even pit bulls. It makes for better media coverage. My dogs have been my childs best friends since he was born. Get some actual facts not just media hype, before you spout off with a comment like that. If you don’t want to own a pit, that’s fine. I would never own a cocker spaniel. But, stop spreading your hate and lies about the breed.

      1. what about the one’s that R?

        and a mix pit is unpredictable it is then a loaded weapon in My eyes.

        1. What about the people that are dangerous? Should we kill all humankind because of a handful of people’s actions?

        2. Anonymous, have you ever seen the crime scene photos of what humans do to other humans? Maybe we should euthanize all the criminals that are currently taking up space in our prisons because they viciously attacked other humans, especially children.

          1. Amen! (To AnimalWelfareAdvocate’s Jan 5 post): Humans are the most dangerous animals in the world! Stats support this!

          2. Come to Texas,were euthanizing viscious people one at a time.When we get done with them we can start on stupid…

        3. We’ve had a mix for 8 years and have had no issues with her, just like the picks above with the kid laying on them on the couch. Our daughter when she was little use to do the same thing with our ol girl.

        4. Any animal is a ticking time bomb. No matter what breed or type. It’s truly unfair to label pits. I’ve been attacked by chihuahuas and poodles. My pit bull is a big baby! I trust her more than any other dog I’ve ever had!

    3. Gladly – you dont have to adopt or care for one. That is your choice. Just as it is mine to adopt and love the two I have. I can show you pictures of dog bites from Labs, down to Cockers if you want. Any dog can bite. Any dog can be aggressive. It is the human’s fault, not the dog’s.

      1. Wow, look at all the ignorant comments. No, not any dog can bit or be aggressive. I’ve had one who wasn’t in any way, shape or form. Had two others that could nip. Never, ever had one that could fight to the death of its opponent, which is what a Pit Bull will do. Never, ever had one that would kill a human, which is also what a Pit Bull can do.

        If you really care about the breed, you’ll quit the ridiculous defense of the breed and instead work to correct the breed.

        I’ve reached the conclusion that those who proclaim themselves Pit Bull lovers don’t at all — and that it’s instead people like me who really cares about them. You and others who defend the breed and do nothing to correct it is why Pit Bulls are far and away the largest number of unwanted and euthanized dogs out there. What a sad thing to do to these dogs.

        1. The ignorance is coming from you. If you truly cared about Pits or knew anything about the dogs themselves you’d know it’s not the breed. It’s the irresponsibility of owners. Your ridiculous look at the breed is just DUMB. I care about the breed, have you ever adopted a Pit? I bet not. You are using your preconceived ideas about Pits and the people who are willing to truly defend the breed by rescuing them. You are all talk and no walk. I am a self proclaimed Pit Bull lover and you are fucken crazy to tell me I’m fake. How do you defend the breed?-By talking about how people like me-people who rescue Pits and go to the pound and walk dogs and spend time with these abandon dogs so they have human interaction-are somehow in your eyes doing nothing. I will defend any breed, it’s never about the breed, it’s about bad people raising bad animals of all breeds, you are no better than those people. You are irresponsible in your views.

          1. for someone who’s deployed overseas, you sure have a lot of free time to get on blogs and leave angry comments. My BIL was deployed for a year, and my cousin for 6 months…neither had as much free time as you seem to have.

            Don’t get me wrong…I totally respect the military and appreciate your service. Like anyone else though, I don’t like having it thrown in my face…it’s like my doctor performing open heart surgery on me and reminding me constantly how awesome he is. You chose to enlist…so don’t get angry and start spewing BS about how you save my ass everyday. thanks–sincerely–but it was your choice. I owe you nothing.

          2. I do have a lot of free time, that’s right. I worked my ass off to get to this point. I run my shop and I get things done. I made this choice and I love it what I how I do it. That does’t mean I have to like the places I go to. This place is a shithole and I still love doing it. What have you done besides rip people off by overcharging for home insurance. That’s funny how you’re preaching to me about how much time I have to get on blogs…hilarious. Don’t you have a job supposedly or kids and a family to tend to. You see for me I have all day to do my job but unfortunately the business of killing has slowed down substantially since it’s been cold out and the bad guys are hiding in caves. I must be crazy or angry right because I want to see these bad guys die…. Of course I’d rather be at home and spending time with my wife and walking my awesome dogs, they are pretty awesome, but you woudn’t know that because you think all Bully breeds are vicious killers. You know who you remind me of, those jerks that walk their dogs and will cross the street because they see me walking my Pits, funny thing though, is that my dogs could care less yet their dogs are the ones trying to drag their owners towards me. I don’t expect you to owe me nothing, why do I care what you think because you don’t even know what the hell you are talking about. The only thing I get angry about is the ignorance and hate for Pits you have no personal contacts with. You don’t even like dogs remember…..where’s the disconnect here? You don’t know anything about dogs or their behavior, you are ignorant and shouldn’t comment about it. You don’t even know your own job claiming my homeowners insurance is going to drop me because of the breed of dogs I have…you are ridiculous! My insurance is not going to drop me and that is a GUARANTEE. WHo you do owe is the dogs you claim are so vicious and mean. You owe them the dignity to educate yourself of the values of a properly trained dog of any breed. Try doing that before you make your ridiculous claims. Oh and I am kind of awesome, at least my wife and dogs thinks so…especially when I give the dogs treats. hahahahaha

        2. Dear victoria,
          You have absolutely no idea what your talking about I have had pit bulls all my life,and I always will.and none of them have ever bitten anyone. That being said any dog will fight another animal to the death that’s why people use dogs for hunting and very seldom are they pits. Boston teriers were bread to kill rats,jack russels for fox,beagles for rabbits,know your facts before you post shit there are a lot of stupid people like yourself that might actualy believe the rediculus bullshit you have to say.

          1. You want to talk breeding for certain traits?

            Deerhounds were bred to chase deer to death, dachsunds were bred to chase badgers into their holes and drag them out, and pit bulls were first bred to fight bulls, then to fight other dogs.

            Pitbulls were bred to have stronger jaws, thicker necks, smaller heads, and heavier bones in order to be better fighters. They were bred to have greater tenacity and greater prey drive.

            Modern pitbulls are no longer the nanny dogs that Petie [Our Gang] represented. Put his picture up beside a modern pit, and you’ll see the differences: a thicker neck, a deeper brisket, a thicker chest, a narrower waist, and heavier jaws. These aren’t the pitbulls our grandparents knew.

        3. @Victoria – Just because YOUR dogs didn’t attack doesn’t mean that their breed has never attacked! And yes pitbulls are capable of being killers (just like any dog), but what about rottweilers? What about chows? What about dobermans? These are bully breeds too. Would you like to kill them off as well? You can’t “correct” a breed. Its ignorant to think that way! It’s also EXTREMELY ignorant on your part to think that not any dog can bite! Everyn dog is capable of bitting and attacking! Please use common sense before you post!

        4. Oh and by the way Victoria, please take more time to double check your facts. Because there are more accounts for lab bites than pitbulls attacks sweetie…

          1. its common knowledge that labs bite more often than pits. but labs are so loving it must have been the kids fault… gag me. also dogs 101 stated that goldens actually have the highest bite rate of any dog breed out there. ive heard it was black labs from another source but either way… labs and goldens… i watched a lab attack the vet i worked for and her tech going for the kill (didnt get a piece of either of them but he tried) and my aunt had to get rid of her golden for attacking my cousin for no reason. i hate to hear of any dog biting but i love to be able to tell people these stories. especially the golden freaks out there who think they can do no wrong.

          2. I’m a mail carrier. Every year we get a dogbite prevention talk. Every year they cite statistics from prominent sources including the AKC. For the last two years [at least] the top biters have been labs. Second is usually some type of ankle-biter.

            The purportedly more aggressive breeds are usually a bit lower down; HOWEVER those same breeds cause substantially more damage.

            This site has a LOT of information, with the exception of which breeds should get the worst rap.

        5. Pit Bulls are far and away the largest number of unwanted and euthanized dogs out there because people like you breed fear of them yes when they attack it will put you in the hospital or morgue but lets look at how often they attack vrs how often other dogs attack. small dogs attack far more often than pits but its not reported. I have been bit for no other reason than walking down the street by small dogs…. never once by a pit or a rot. or any large dog for that matter… pits by nature want to please their masters and if fighting pleases them or if the master neglects the pit can turn aggressive… this is not the pits fault its the masters. and Yes ANY dog can bite and be aggressive just because yours havent been does NOT mean they cant. Before you spread ignorant propaganda try doing a little research or spending time with the breed… as for breed correction I agree with AnimalWelfareAdvocate

          1. Has anybody seen “the Dog Whisperer”? The majority of those dogs that Ceasar helps are not Pits. They are a whole range of dog breeds. Without proper training, socialization, discipline and excercise ANY dog has the potential to become aggressive. It’s just sad that some irresponsible owners want that aggression in a Pit so they fit a certain stereotype. I’m way more mean than my Pits will ever be, I trained them to be gentle and to love everyone. I on the other hand do get ANGRY when I have to defend my dogs from people who have never known the breed but will make generalizations based off news media coverage. If you have never known or raised a Bully breed, you have reason to even make these outrageous comments of their supposed potential for aggression or how unreliable they are.

        6. Victoria,
          I have been around a lot of different dogs, and some of the smaller and bigger dogs have been more aggressive than the mid size dogs like the pit bulls. I have a friend, that had 3 pit bulls, that to her, had never liked men. I went in with her, and at first was not sure and stayed away, but stilled tried to get close and sniff me. Between a half hour to a hour later, I had her 3 pit bulls trying to sit on my lap. But yet, when I went to my ex-wifes grandparents house while we were married, and if I was walking through their front room, she would come up to me, and start tapping me on my shoulder with her fist, and the pug or the chihuahua would start to bark and growl at me, and not my ex-wife. And I let them know, if the dog would bite me, then I would make sure the dog would be put down. So, to me, Victoria, you and a lot of people are small minded people, and need to do full research and not jump to conclusions about pit bulls.

        7. Petbulls were originally “Bred” as hardworking all around family/farm dogs, which is why they still compete in pulling contests around the country, something I’m not too fond of, as they tend to look so damn stressed out, but being Petbulls, they strive more than any other breed to please their humans. So Dobies, Germans, Dogos, Presa Canarios, Rotties, (get the idea yet?…) have never, ever killed a human? Who do the police use as their law enforcement dogs? Certainly not Petbulls…. Oh and their nickname as a breed was the “Nanny” breed (circa 1850), because of their incredible ability to be able to withstand pain inflicted by a child, tugging on an ear, tail, etc. Petbulls were used as baby sitters, my 12 yr. old rednose rescue is angelic with children, such as my five week old Son, and every baby that has been in this house.

          Any breed can have aggression issues, but only Petbulls have the lowest of any breeds, labs, goldens, and poodles all have higher rates of aggression against children, and humans, and all of those breeds mentioned have also killed human children, and adults.

          Then people say…”oh it’s how they are raised….” Really? Labs are F’n nuts for the most part because of their over/in-bred nature due to their popularity and demand, and the idiocy of people who buy from breeders, then get a crazy puppy who only winds up in a sHELLter in the U.S., feeding the 4 million killed dogs at our nation’s shelters.

          Don’t believe me? Why do Petbull breeders have to guard their kennels with Dobies and Germans? Because it is so hard to get Petbulls to attack humans.

          What is really, really amazing about the breed, is that unlike most every other dog, Petbulls will undergo the most vile treatment, torture, inhuman conditions visited on them by….HUMANS, and then STILL they will come out tail wagging, expecting their human to love them. It’s sad really. The ignorance, the stupidity, the pure avarice against these dogs.

          Now, I am against ALL breeding, until our sHELLters are all at a No KILL status, (which they all could easily become, but choose not too…check out NOKILLNATION if you don’t believe me.

          This next part is specifically for the person calling themselves Victoria,

          I’ve worked years tirelessly for this breed, as a devout Buddhist, it’s part of some of the small charity I try to do by my principles, both humanistic, and Dharma inspired.

          I’ve built monasteries, nunneries, and housing for Tibetan Refugees. I’ve put in housing for starving children in India in conjunction with Christian Children’s Fund, now name changed, I’ve worked with homeless people in our own cities and towns, helped them get assistance, educated, and off the streets. I’ve worked with addicted persons, and the mentally ill, helping them to discover that life is not just misery, that there is hope. I’ve put wells so people can drink water in countries where there were none, I’ve done all this and more, I’ve raised thousands upon thousands of dollars in funds for these things to happen, putting in @$30k of my own( and I make @43k yr.), sat on the board to 2 Non-Profit corporations dedicated to benefiting the downtrodden, graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA in both pre-med, and Social Work with focus on Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders and Addiction issues. I choose to work with the people that no one else will. I’ve gone under bridges to help people. I love my Wife, my Son, and my loving Petbull ALL the same as they are all my family. I’ve had the incredible fortune to learn Scriptural Tibetan and translate for one of the highest holders of wisdom left alive in the World, in the Tibetan Tradition, a Monk His Holiness The Dalai Lama called, The Great Geshe Wangdak.

          I’ve worked tirelessly with interfaith organizations, had the amazing chance to see people like Bishop Desmond Tutu, and other great Christian, Jewish, and Hindu scholars.

          Normally I’d never say these things, but my name isn’t going to be mentioned here, and you’ll never know who I am.

          But I can tell you this, you sound like a very misguided, angry, judgmental person, not only do you have little to zero experience with quite possibly the greatest breed of dog there is, the loving, loyal, goofy Petbull, but you also seem to know everything there is to know about them without this direct experience that people like I have, and you also seem to know everything about people too.

          You see I’m one of those tall, bald, tattoo’d people you know so much about. But hey, I’m only into Petbulls because of my own poor self image, and my need to look tough, did I get that right Victoria? I guess maybe I should stop kissing my dog, and spooning in bed with her, my wife and Son. I guess I should stop crying every time I see the kill sheets come out of the New York Animal Control sHELLters from URGENT and DEATH ROW DOGS every night, when I am scurrying like mad to see if maybe, just maybe one of these amazing beings can be saved by an angel that really knows what they are capable of, I mean I should stop all of that right? I’m sure it interferes with my “tough guy” image. (which pretty much went out the window when I came down with spinal tumors and stumble around on canes wondering if I’ve got years or months left in this life every time I go in for an MRI…)

          Because by all means, since you are such an authority on all things human and animal please, please correct me. Lord Buddha knows, what would people like me do without people like you to think for us. Keep up the job. Your’re perfect at it.

          For those of you still working tirelessly to help any being I salute you, and beg you to continue your work. The level of suffering in this world is unacceptable, and it will not be conquered by clicking a mouse….trust me.

          Oh, and please visit NOKILLNATION to learn how NO sHELLter in this country needs to be a kill sHELLter, they can all be No Kill, Like my local town’s is….but that’s another story……

        8. It is not just the pitty’s that do this…bull dogs do the same thing. They cannot help it..once they bite down, they are totally UNABLE to let go until the adrenaline or whatever gives out. It is not something that was bred into’s just the way they are…look at their teeth/jaws. They are MEANT to clamp down and not be loosened for any reason at all.

          Now, it is not just pits that can be dangerous…I’ve known German Shepherds, rotties, and doberman pinchers (however it’s spelled) who were nice and gentle and loving one minute, and turned on whomever was nearby the next. In the case of the Doberman’s though, someone once stated they thought it was due to the small/narrow size of their heads, perhaps putting pressure on their brains and causing them to go crazy. I know of a man who had one that was very gentle and loving. The man and his family raised that dog the right way. Then one day his grand daughter had a friend over, and the doberman attacked her. Luckily she was ok, not seriously injured. Unfortunately for both the man, his dog, and his grand daughter and her friend, he had to chase the dog through several neighbors yards before he could shoot it to kill it. 🙁

          I have seen several dogs on tv shows (pits that is) that were so lovable. One was Daddio, on The Dog Whisperer. I loved that dog..he was so gentle and laid back, and I felt awful when he died. Then there was Hercules on Pit Boss..another one I loved. Then there was the German Shepherd that lived next door to me when I was a child. My collie was stone deaf and I guess the shepherd sensed it. His owner allowed him out the front door when my dog and I were sitting on our front steps. Yup..the shepherd tried to attack my dog..who ran…the shepherd ran after him..his owner stood there laughing, until my dad pulled his police revolver out and pretended to clean it..while stating loudly, “you’ve got till I count 5 to control that animal or it’s dead and maybe you with it.” He went and got his dog immediately. Now this man was OLD…he KNEW better but HE thought it was FUNNY! So yes, I have a bit of a fear of German Shepherds too. And I have a healthy respect for all large breeds…and I won’t have a large one .. it has to be small, not shed (allergies) and light enough that I, a heart/lung patient, can pick it up and make it get in the car or whatever. I won’t have one I can not pick up or physically control…too dangerous.

          Now, cussing and calling one another names is not helping anyone’s viewpoint. “Breeding the bad” out of a dog would be like “breeding left handedness” out of humans! Either you are or you aren’t..or you aren’t but you’ve been mistreated until you have to be bad in order to try to survive. Maybe ppl are tired of hearing that it is not the dog, but the owner to fault…but…it’s true. Just like with children…ok, maybe not always…but pretty much children who misbehave have not been taught the right way to behave. Again, that is not always true, just like it is not always true that a Pit Bull will attack you for no reason. Just like it is not guns that kill ppl..ppl kill ppl.

          Yes, for the most part, it is the owner who is to blame for not training their dog the right way; not treating it correctly etc. As for “backyard breeders”? My opinion is, if someone has a dog..any breed…they want to breed it once or twice during it’s lifetime..that is NOT running a puppy mill, and should be allowed as long as they are doing a good job of it. It’s the ones who raise 50 different breeds, and have maybe 150 breeders at all times that should be put out of business. I bought my little Shih Tzu from someone who had about 150 breeders (her husband slipped up and told me that when she did not want him to). She would not let us go stick our heads inside the building where the dogs were kept…should have been ringing loud bells there! From what I’ve been told tho, they were not nearly as bad as most…in fact they were better than most puppy mill breeders. I don’t feel an individual who wants to breed their dog one or 2 times should be prevented from it, as long as they are doing it intelligently, and using all the best equipment, food, etc. And as long as they allow the dogs inside to be socialized with ppl. Anyway, I feel mine is less than she should have been, due to possibly over breeding or even inbreeding. She is still a very lovable little gal, whom we almost lost 3 times due to “misadventures”. The last time was Christmas day she went missing for 36 hours. I thought for sure the coyotes had got her, but then there she was scratching at the door barking to get in! Luckily she was just wet from rain, and covered in cockle burrs to the point I had to have the vet shave them off in order to check her over. She may no longer look like a shih tzu due to all her tail and ear hair being shaved off, but she’s still our loveable miss Molly and she’s doing great! Yes, we are responsible dog owners. It was just one of those things and we will never know what her story actually was.

          Patriot, try toning down your language a bit, and you will come off sounding a bit more believable/knowledgeable etc. And to everyone, you can’t ever say ALL of something … as that will almost always end up being wrong (just like on a multiple choice test…always and never are tip offs that that is probably not the right answer). Bear with’s late, I’m sick, and I know I’ve rambled and I apologize for that. The best thing would be to convince ppl to do away with the dog fights…and the drug dealers….those are the ones who train pits to be aggressive .. usually they’re the ones. They fight those dogs till they can’t fight again, and if they then do not breed them, they just abandon them to die (the dog fighters that is). The ones who breed copiously…they breed till the poor female can no longer give birth…and they let her die. These are actions of ppl who do not know the meaning of intelligence/responsibility etc. Ok ouiz..shash’re boring yourself.

          1. WOW total ignorance. pitbulls donot have lock jaw. no dog does. it is a myth. total complete crap. they dont even have the strongest bite force. not even the second strongest… check your facts.

          2. Shame about your ignorance- No dogs have a “lock jaw”. even alligators don’t have a “lock jaw”. And if ANYONE is interested the Mastiff has the strongest bite strength, from memory the “pitbull” or to be more accurate “bully breed dogs” of many different actual breeds, are about 4-5 on the list. Any dog with teeth can bite, they choose not to. Part of the issue with the bad rap that so called “pitbulls” have, is, that unlike many other breeds, bully breeds have an overwhelming urge to please their owners, all the time,no matter what is asked of them-therefore a perfect fighting dog. And before you label me a tatooed biker type,. I am a grandmother,who runs a non-profit housing org for low income families, and works at the local neighbourhood centre as a volunteer secretary. I currently own a Malamute who is independent and does not feel she needs to please me unless she chooses to, and a rescue staffordshire bull terrier who would die for me (unless a storm is brewing-he is scared of storms and any loud noises). As a responsible owner I would never put him in a situation that could cause him injury. As for temperament the staffie loves ALL dogs every single one he has met-my mal on the other hand is very picky, maybe 1 dog out of 60 will she like.

        9. Victoria,

          I have to disagree with your statement, “No, not any dog can bit (sic) or be aggressive”.

          I am an animal rescuer and educator. In the course of my work, I interact with many animals (both domestic and feral), especially those most consider dangerous. I primarily work with (giant) reptiles. For the record, I have been hospitalized three times while working with animals – once from a feral KITTEN I was trying to help, once from an Akita with food aggression and once by my toddler child who headbutt me in the face. Despite years of working with “dangerous animals” – not one of them has injured me or any member of the public we have worked with.

          ALL dogs can bite and all dogs can be aggressive. For that matter, as part of my education mission, I remind people ALL ANIMALS can bite, including humans! (thank you Mike Tyson for illustrating this so clearly).

          As a child, I was surrounded by and charged by four dogs, two labs, a shepherd and a rottie! The tenacious swinging of my lunch box and rescue by my neighbor saved me. Interestingly, they are all breeds which have run the course of “best breed ever” to ” dangerous breed – ban them”.

          I do not currently own a Pit, but have had the pleasure of interacting with many. As an ANIMAL Lover, I worry about the welfare of all animals, but must agree that the danger posed by these dogs is a direct result of the improper care, abuse and/or negligence caused by the owners.

          To address your following comment, I will give some anecdotal info:

          “Never, ever had one that could fight to the death of its opponent, which is what a Pit Bull will do. Never, ever had one that would kill a human, which is also what a Pit Bull can do.”

          I own Great Danes (and other breeds). I rescued a Dane which was never properly cared for emotionally or medically. He was a large dog, but comparative to my two other Danes. One day, completely unprovoked, he attacked my other male Dane. He bit him in the face, hung on and shook for all his might! He was making every effort to KILL the other dog. I was somehow able to break up this fight, which required vet treatment to the attacked dog.

          The next day, he was very aggressive to a person in my house, for having the audacity to want to sit on the couch where he was. He was calmly corrected and removed from the room.

          The next day, he again unprovoked attacked my female Dane. It took “FOREVER” to break up the fight (I am NOT a weak person and it took every ounce of my energy to hang on to him) He was intent on killing her – I have no doubt. When I finally managed to twist his nose so severely that he could not breathe, he let go of her. It required an overnite stay and over 50 staples in three areas to put her back together.

          I made the heartbreaking but rational decision to but the attacker down.

          I assure you, this Great Dane was capable and had every intention of fighting to the death. Had that been a person, I can guarantee that person would have been dead.

          That same female Dane was the most gentle loving dog I ever had the pleasure to own. Never once did she make an aggressive move to a human. Never once did she show any aggression until she was hassled in an alpha battle with one of my much smaller dogs. She tolerated lots of mild challenges from the smaller dog (lab/chow X) and finally, one challenge too many and she returned the attack. If it were not for my choking her with her own collar to get her to spit out the chow, I am certain she would have killed the dog. After that battle, she was never aggressive again. Just a small example of when and how aggression may rear its head.

          Lastly, I had a sweet, sweet small dog. She was a spaniel/border X. She was TERRIFIED of cats!! She was the biggest lover, snuggle pup and child cuddler one could ever want to own. When my mother was sick, she would sleep next to her as if watching over her. HOWEVER, let another dog of any size challenge her and watch out. She came back with such ferocity, every dog she ever encountered backed down. I have always owned a pack (usually of sizable dogs) and she remained Alpha her entire life, despite her stature and advanced age.

          You cannot label a breed of dog as killers, simply because they are capable of something! Can a Pit kill? Absolutely. Can a Dane kill? Absolutely?

          Have you ever seen a Jack Russell attack? They were also designed to kill! They will bite and hang on for all they are worth. They were bred for rodent hunting. Their jaws are disproportionately strong! They have the tenacity of an animal three times their size. Can they kill? Probably not an adult human, but they certainly could kill an infant. If nothing else, they can and have inflicted serious mauling injury! But there is no suggestion that people ban Jacks.

          Obviously, as I said, my info here is anecdotal to refute your comments. My point is simple, all animals can and do bite – regardless of size or species! All animals can be aggressive, regardless of size, breed or species.

          I understand we all have opinions, but please do not state opinion as tho it is a fact. (“not any dog can bit or be aggressive”)

          There is a simple comment to remember when staunchly advocating that which is a.) only opinion and b.) fear-mongering…. it is better the keep one’s mouth closed and be thought a fool, then to open it and remove all doubt.

          Stop BSL – it is useless and wasteful legislation!!

          1. Dane Angel, thank you for sharing all of this and expressing your opinion in a logical, inoffensive way, because it communicates your message in a way that people understand and consider. I appreciate your effort to actually change minds and spark doubt instead of trying to simply express your anger (which is understandable but not typically effective).

        10. no you are ignorant yes all dogs are capable of biting or being agressive and truth is small dog bite MORE than big dogs take for an example i have been bit several time by thi shiz-tzu that we had and the pit we have never once and it is know that small dogs can kill small children. there is no correction needed for the breed but obviouslty there is for the human race because its humans that make them do bad things by abusing them raising them poorly all these dog want are love and attention and to play so to make this world a better place get rid of the idiots that dont know how to care for a dog,,,oh and victoria because she’s just too stupid to live on this earth

        11. “No, not any dog can bit or be aggressive.”

          Incorrect, according to the CDC.

          Via ABC News (

          “In a 15-year study (1979-1994) a total of 239 deaths were reported as a result of injuries from dog attacks in the United States. Through its research, the CDC compiled a list of the dogs most responsible for human fatalities. They are as follows:

          -Pitbull-type dogs
          -German Shepherds
          -Husky-type dogs
          -Doberman Pinschers
          -Chow Chows
          -Great Danes
          -Saint Bernards
          -Wolf hybrids
          -Mixed breeds

          Read more:

          My own pit was raised and used in dog fighting rings as the bait dog. We rescued her about two years ago. Even after being forced to fight and defend herself from the males, she has never bit anyone, shown aggression, or even nipped. She is fantastic with kids of all ages, even newborns.

        12. Listen they don’t necessarily fight till death… dog was on a leash and my neighbors dog who is 125lbs and is a pit mastiff mix came running into my yard excited to see me bit got into a fight with my pit because he thought the way she was coming at us she wanted to hurt me….he was protecting me his house and my kid….no blood was drawn and both dogs are both still happy and wouldn’t harm a soul unless it’s to defend itself or their family. ….I couldn’t get the dog in the house so I got him in the car which he locked himself in and when the sheriff arrived to get him out he was a little afraid just because of his breed me and all my neighbors assured him my pit would jump up in his face to I’ve him kisses….sure enough Tyson got out of the car jumped on the sheriff and kissed him….he wants everyone to love him……but point is both dogs are fine not even a scratch so dnt say they fight till death because it’s complete b.s.. …do your homework

    4. YUP that’s Y I got the English Bull Terrier, much better mannered and overall dog altogether. Total opposite from a pit.

      And Smart, I’ve owned a few dogs in My time and this English Bull Terrier (Piglet) is the smartest dog I’ve ever owned, She is full of feelings & shows it big time, that’s Y I love Her so much :@)

      1. You are dumb and don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Both these breeds came from similiar lineage. Dummy!

      2. you are so far off!! BTs are so far deformed frim the originals, thst their brains no longer fit in their heads, in turn, they snap, mentally, unlike a pit bull, who is taught to be thst way by idiot ignorant people, that think mean dogs are cool. BTs, have had the brains bred right out of them by akc. you won’t have a more stubborn, unintelligent dog, then what akc has done to those. read up before you post and look as unintelligent as your dog.

        1. Ignorant aka anonymous,
          Pit bulls are not a breed, they are a classification which INCLUDES bull terriers. Do you research before you make comments.

      3. Growing up in Australia the English bull terrier was “the dog to look out for” but I love them, I love all dogs regardless of breed. Throughout history there has always been a breed of dog that was considered “dangerous”, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepards, and are in households and families the world over.
        Pit bull isn’t a breed anyway so al this BS about dangerous breeds is just that..BS.

        1. You could make the argument that they all came from Wolves….but you are right. I’m glad you had a change of heart about pits. They are the best.

      4. Oh ok they are wonderful dogs right? that is why when i was a child i was attached by an english bull terrier that even after my mom got me out of the room with him still tried coming after me through glass. People like you really make me sick as i trust my 2 pitbulls more than any other dog. They are the most loyal and loving dogs I have ever owned!

    5. Because they have been bred to be and are one of the best child sitters and loyal dogs ever; if you know the true history these dogs were used in Victorian times to babysit. People have taken them from their bred for purpose and abused them and made them fight.

      Education yourself, don’t judge in ignorance.

    6. I really wish you could actually meet my Pit Bull. He’s changed so many people’s minds from “They all need to be put down” to “Each one needs a home and to be protected.” You need to open your mind and pursue knowledge rather than simply close it and spew nonsense.

      1. KS you are so right! I love all dogs but was wary of pit bulls until a good friend adopted one. She is one of the most beautiful loving dogs I’ve ever met and has turned me overnight into a huge fan of this breed.

    7. What a sick person to want to see pictures of dog bits/attacks? Not me! I’m happy to know you don’t want to own a pit bull baby. Hateful people make bad owners for them which in turn makes them bad dogs…hence the all the bad press for them. You get the picture! 😉 ALL dogs should be in loving homes so they will grow up to be social, and good citizens so bad things won’t happen. It’s the owners fault, not the dogs. Knowledge is power…I suggest you educate yourself on this breed before you spout off about them. It really makes you sound ignorant.

    8. You are just sick. Every breed has dogs like this. Have you even ever met a pit bull? If you still hate them then then there must be something wrong with you.
      Thank you for those of you who love pitties.

    9. “Pitbull” isn’t a breed; it’s a collection of breeds. Regardless, go ahead and review the bite statistics of dogs classified as “Pitbulls” instead of just reading the media hyped news stories. You will note that Pitbulls actually bite *less* often than the average dog. You can’t blame a gun because some idiot human decides to kill someone with it and you can’t blame a dog for what some idiot human causes it to do through abuse or neglect.

      1. You are so correct. Pit bull isn’t a breed, it’s a type.

        And another misconception people aren’t aware of.. The American Staffordshire Terrier infact came from (and while some will argue) is the American Pit bull Terrier. Plenty of owners back in the 20’s and 30’s wanted AKC recognition and in order to do so, had to change the name. To this day the UKC (which has always recognized and registered APBTs) will register an Am Staff as an APBT.

        The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a distant cousin of the two, not the same breed at all.

        Bull Terriers share similar ancestors. It was often called the Gentleman’s dog as it was considered “fashionable” to have one. They were used as pit dogs as well. (In a pit with rats to see how many rats they could kill in a set amount of time) I cannot however remember if it was the color variety first and then the white. One was developed more for looks.

    10. I have been rescuing, rehabilitating, training and fostering dogs in my home for 15 years, and so far I have been severely bitten by a 100-pound bloodhound living next door, a little white fluffy 10-pound terrier, a small chow-lab-mix dog, a 15-pound puppymill bichon frise, and a nasty little chihuahua. The little dogs are far more dangerous and volatile than any pitbull. But you never hear about the true statistics….more people are attacked and bitten by the little ankle-biter small breed dogs than all the pitpulls put together. The media likes to sensationalize the pitbull incidents because it gets more attention. Insurance companies are behind all the pitbull hype about their breed being dangerous and untrustworthy.

      1. Great point! People are so afraid of big dogs, but they don’t think of the aggressiveness that smaller dogs can have. Smaller dogs get intimidated much easier and feel they have to compensate by barking/growling/biting. I love all dogs, big or small, but I just wanted to give you kudos for your post!

      2. Here we go again. So what if a little ankle-biter nails you? Are you dead? Are you maimed for life? That’s the difference, and it’s a huge difference. If you’re really an animal welfare advocate, you’d not equate a nip that does no permanent harm to what the Pit Bull is capable of doing. That’s like comparing a scratch from your housecat to what a Tiger can do to you — and then saying the housecat’s just as “bad” or “dangerous” as the Tiger. Ridiculous.

        1. You are completely missing the point, that’s like saying for example, if I were to punch someone and break their nose it’s more serious than if someone scrawny punk that punches someone and only leaves a bruise. Sure the damage is more serious but both are still considered assault. Wrong is wrong. So if I shoot somebody with a .22 caliber rifle and someone else shoots someone with a .300 magnum but both survive, then I shouldn’t be held to the same punishment right? Both are attempted murder. By your reasoning I should not get in as much trouble, you don’t make sense!

          1. PitBull Patriot- I love this analogy! Peoples lack of intellect, common sense and being closed minded is what makes this world a dangerous place. Thank you for all you do to make it better!!

        2. Victoria you really are an ignorant sole. With your knowledge on dogs it would be wise for you to just own a stuff animal or even better play it safe with a pet rock.

        3. I beg to differ with you on that I was attacked by 2 smaller dogs and I did an over night stay in the hospital because of it so do t tell me that a small dog can’t do as much damage.

        4. Victoria,

          “So what if a little ankle-biter nails you? Are you dead? Are you maimed for life? That’s the difference, and it’s a huge difference.”

          ARE YOU SERIOUS !?!?!

          I used to deliver newspapers, and dog bite laws were NOT what they are today. I (and my brothers) was bitten repeatedly!!

          I had on my route two regular attackers. One was a German shep and the other was a Dachshund! Let me tell you, that damn little dog bite me and did nearly as much damage, if not more on occasion, as the big dog.

          Granted the Shep got his teeth into me a little bit higher (he bit me in the butt quite severely) but let me assure you that the small dog did not deliver a “NIP”.

          The Dachsy bit my leg, punctured skin, tore my pants, and most definitely drew blood. The second bite was to my hand while defending myself and it tore open the side of my hand!!

          At least the Shep backed off its attack when hit with the newspaper bag which is more than I can say for the attacking SMALL dog!!!

          I promise you, as a victim of both, being attacked by a small dog is equally as terrifying to the victim and being attacked by a big dog!!!

          1. a fact that most people dont know dachsunds were bred to be quite vicious little hunters. they went in to the badger tunnels.

        5. ankle biters do damage all the time. the difference is, it doesnt make good news. the cat may not cause as much damage but it is still just as bad as the tiger for doing the same action. i see your posts and i think of this dumb ass woman in the pet store who let her ankle biter climb up my leg, from behind, and then when i back away and asked the dog what it was doing shes like “isnt she so cute?” no actually its not cute. the biotch would have had a cow if my dog had climbed on her. (at the time a young rottie).
          do your homework. look up the statistics. canine good citizens test. tests a dogs ability to be out in public safely… look at the stats of who passes and how well they do. the best scorers are bully breeds and other breeds people consider “dangerous”. also, look at the number of pitbulls out there. the number of dogs and the number of bites.. the percentage is WAY lower than you would ever suspect. look at who owns the dogs that do bite. the dogs are most often abused, neglected, trained to be aggressive.
          the lesson here? do your homework and know what you are talking about before you attack with ignorance!

        6. If a little ankle biter- guts a baby, or tears it’s face off-that’s OK it’s just a little dog.

          Bull terriers were originally bred to HOLD a bull by the nose, not attack anything.

          They have hard heads and compact bodies as the bulls tend to throw their heads around to remove the dog from their nose.

          I am a 60yr old woman with a Mal and a Staffie-he was a stray- I am not a biker type,or feral drug addict. But when I read this ignorance I am motivated to reply. The last serious bite stats done in Australia showed that of the top 100 dogs- Pit bull types (which is a damned large group)came in at 97. 96 other dog breeds were responsible for more serious (needing surgery/ hospitalization/ fatals) dog bites than the pit bull types. When you have seen the face of a 8 yr old after ankle -biter has bitten her face-taking her eye and a large piece of cheek , months of skin grafts and counselling, she is now 21 still has the scars-and shakes with fear when she sees a small dog. THAT is what an ankle-biter can do.

      3. Kudos to your comment AWA!

        My friend owns a toy poodle and a mixed breed (which we assume may have pit but she looks like a Dingo).

        Every time I walk in that house, the damn toy poodle bites me!!! Fortunately none that have broken the skin, but she bites me (and many others) every time!!! Nothing is done to correct the little dog.

        The mixed breed has snapped at a couple of people, and she is the one ALWAYS corrected, confined and yelled at (even before she has done anything wrong) simply because “she might”.

        While I agree precautions should be taken with the bigger dog, it never ceases to amaze me that the toy poodle bites without provocation and no discipline is forthcoming. 🙁

    11. any dog can turn on you and any pics you’ve seen where it was a pit bull that dog was trained to attack or fight! they are the gentlest dogs I’ve ever known!

    12. You obviously have never had a Pit as a friend or you would not make this statement I have one that will be 16 in a few months she is my best friend has never done one out of the way thing I have owned many reeds of dogs and I will tell you that Pits are not like any other dog they get in your heart and spirit

    13. In all my years as a dog owner, I have seen people bit by cocker spaniels, german sheppards, nasty little poodles and even nastier chihuahuas, and a few mutts… I haven’t yet seen any body bit by a pitt. ANY DOG WILL BITE IF PROVOKED OR ABUSED. My guy is one of the most lovable dogs in the world!

      1. You say that you’ve never seen anyone bitten by a Pit Bull? That’s because they’re probably dead! Almost every death by dog attack has been by Pit Bulls, and most of those people don’t survive or are horribly mangled. I’d much rather get attacked by a Cocker Spaniel, a Poodle or a Chihuahua. I’ve been a dog owner all of my life too, and i would rather own a little dog that even little kids can fight off. Google “list of fatal dog attacks” and see what the statistics say. There’s a very good article by Wikipedia with the name and ages of the people who have died from dog attacks. The breed of the dog is listed, and every dog is either a Pit Bull or a large dog. Sorry that it’s a list made by the “media” but the victims definitely can’t speak on their own behalf. Google “dog attacks” and click on “images.” People who don’t want to see the pics of dog bites, just might end up suffering one themselves in the future. Knowledge is Power.

        1. it’s ppl like you that let there dogs bite people, because you don’t want to discipline them! you don’t need a dog! I large dog is far more controllable ethan a tiny ankle biter at a young age, therefore people like you think it’s”cute”whwn tiny dogs bark n nip at people. leading them to do what they want. it’s also people like that, that ignore behaviors in ANY breed, that lead those poor dogs to be unruly. not disciplining and correcting your dog is like sticking a bullet in a gun and waiting for it to go off. That’s with any breed, not just PBs. in my opinion, people who refuse to suggest their dogs are being neglectful, because dogs need thst kind of structure. Discipline idn’t being mean, it’s guidance in the proper direction, amd should never ever be done in a harmful way. just acknowledge thst all dogs are capable of being a loaded gun, but only because of thr owners neglect. it’s just unfortunate that you don’t hear about little dogs doing same damage because of their size, but they bite and injure far more ppl than any pit bull, or pit mix.

        2. It’s not media – you should do your research. There are numerous STATISTICAL reports on the breeds of dogs that are involved in dog bites and unfortunately pits are at the top of the list in ALL of them. I am NOT a pit hater, but the facts are there – it may have to do with breeding or the owners intentions or whatever but you shouldn’t be going around saying that plain old statistical facts are not valid. Not to mention that if a small dog bites, no big deal. If a pit bites (especially a baby) the consequence is death. PitBull Patriot – you are one angry person,,,,calling people names and a-holes with opinions and that they should have the crap kicked out of them is real mature. NO ONE will listen to your point of view with that attitude!!!

        3. Screw your statistics, why don’t you look at the owners of these dogs, statistics don’t mean crap. So if the majority of people that get murdered are because of handguns, let’s go ahead and ban handguns. No why don’t you look at the people who are using these handguns in an irresponsible way. I really don’t care if you don’t listen to my point of view, obviously you did and you replied so shut it.

        4. Trimas I feel sorry for any dog that you have or do own. ” i would rather own a little dog that even little kids can fight off” What the hell is that. Sounds to me you do not know how to train your dogs and you have a history of biting dogs.

        5. I enjoy that you say “pitbulls or large dogs”. Because they are all the same right? I’m going to venture a guess and say that the majority of the list is other “large dogs”?

        6. My cousin took a 911 call involving 2 pits attacking a young child who came home from school early, when his parents were not home. Don’t remember the particulars now, but do know the cousin had to be taken home afterwards so she could collapse and have time to recover…it was a horrid call she had to handle. It did make national news at the time, but dont remember how long ago.

        7. Regarding being bitten by a Chihuahua: I can not find the original published article (for link) but here is a copy of it:

          The tiny dog in the story KILLED A GRIZZLY BEAR!!!!!!


          Camper Denise Mistwhite was attacked and nearly mauled to death by a bloodthirsty, rampaging grizzly bear weighing 900 pounds. But her life was saved by her loyal pet dog — a tiny 6-pound Chihuahua!

          Incredibly, forest rangers confirm, the miniscule 3-year-old lap dog named Princess drove off the grizzly — after injuring the immense predator so badly its bloody carcass was later discovered a mile away.

          “Princess saw that I was in trouble and she didn’t care how much bigger than her that bear was,” says grateful 44-year-old Denise of Boise, Idaho.

          “She leapt out of her basket straight for that monster’s testicles and didn’t let go until she tore them off.”

          Denise, who suffered bite wounds requiring 116 stitches in the savage attack, is expected to fully recover. Mystified experts call her survival in the Idaho wilderness “miraculous.”

          “In 22 years, I’ve never seen a single dog that small bring down a grizzly,” marvels a veteran forest ranger. “To appreciate what happened you’ve got to see Princess in person. She fit in my lunch box — and looked more like a large rat than a dog. That plucky little Chihuahua has got to be the bravest canine in the world.”

          The dramatic encounter with nature’s fury took place September 30 in the remote Salmon River Mountains, where Denise was on a hiking trip with two chums.

          “It was about 11 in the morning and my friends had gone skinny-dipping,” the divorced art teacher remembers. “I’m a little sensitive about my saddlebags, so I didn’t join them.

          “I sat there at our campsite doing a watercolor of the beautiful scenery, while Princess dozed in her basket beside me.”

          Without warning, the humongous bear charged from bushes and pounced on Denise.

          “He grabbed me by the thigh and began thrashing me around like a rag doll in his massive jaws,” lucky-to-be-alive Denise recalls. “Blood was spraying everywhere. The pain was excruciating and I started saying my prayers because I was certain I was going to die.”

          Just then Denise’s pint-sized pooch came to the rescue.

          “Princess started barking and hopping up and down in her basket” she says. “I kept screaming, ‘Stay away, baby!’

          “Then Princess leapt for the bear, got his testicles and hung there, biting. Try as he might, the bear couldn’t shake her off until it fell to the ground clutching the bloody appendages in her teeth.

          “The bear must have known he was badly hurt — he dropped me and ambled off into the woods.” When Denise’s pals returned, they quickly got the injured woman medical help.

          “When the forest rangers found the bear, he had bled to death,” Denise says. “I owe Princess my life.”

          — VICKIE YORK

        8. Just because the media says pitbull – does not make it so. The media is all for sound bites- never let the truth get in the way of a good story. How does it sound ” man attacked by dog, breed unknown”or ” man savaged by pitbull- when will these killers be removed from our streets”. See how much better that sounds for the media sound bite.

          I have seen a poster of maybe 24-30 dogs, it asks “pick out the pitbulls”. In fact only one dog is what is termed a pitbull all the rest range from jack russels to boxers and all X’s in between, but no-one has correctly identified the only “pitbull”.

          A recent attack in Australia that killed a young girl and has resulted in BSL was reported as first a pitbull, then a pitbull X (no mention of what X), and in small print weeks later corrected to a labrador X (still no idea on what the X was) further investigation found that there was no markers for any pitbull/bully genes in the dog AT ALL.

          So in the end 1 dog, who killed a poor little girl , has instigated a remove and destroy BSL law regarding ALL bully types throughout a whole state , even though the dog in question had NO pitbull/bully in it AT ALL. This is the result of ignorance and kneejerk reaction-to be seen to be doing something-even if the something is wrong. BSL has NEVER reduced dog attacks, and many states and countries are currently removing BSL off their books.

    14. Ever hear that saying?…. guns don’t kill people, people do. Pit bulls don’t attack people unless they are mistreated or traine
      d to do so…I love my pit he wouldn’t hurt a fly, probably one of the most loving and loyal breeds you could have.

    15. Why not. All dogs can bite. I have many scars on my arms from dog bites and not one from at pit. Actually every scar I have has been caused by small dogs.

    16. See this link about number of murders (HUMANS) in US:
      Now, research the number of pit bulls who killed humans!

      I don’t have a pit, but I have friends who do! HUMANS are much more dangerous!! That is a fact! Only bites I have had personally were from very small dogs (I doubt the media reports those 🙂 How about looking a pictures of what humans to to other humans and animals – much more horrific!!!

    17. A small dog is more likely to bite your child than a pit! Pits are sensationalized in the press. Few report small dog attacks!

      view this incident with a German Shepherd:

      My 30-lb dog attacks my rescued 75-lb doberman (who is dog aggressive but extremely gentle with small children). My dobie will take care to not hurt her and only growl when she’s had enough!

      You might want to read this excerpt from a retired medic:
      Next, I would like to say that as a retired medic we saw more bites from small dogs, There were a few over the years of the larger breeds, but something always came out later about the story, such as a kid that had repeatedly teased and hit a dog over the years that hit it on a day that that the dog had had surgery,trying to break up a fight between two dogs that was started by the smaller dog,etc. As for attacks on public servicemen that go into homes, it again, is usually smaller dogs. Although I personally have nothing against the breed, the chiawawa is at the top of that list.

      Read more:

      1. really, but will that 10 lb dog kill your child if it bites? Prob not! If a 50-75 lb dog bites your child = dead! Guess that’s a chance you’re willing to take! Not me.

    18. I’d pick my Staffies over any other breed. I’ve grown up with many breeds of dogs and I will tell you that there is not a more loyal breed than pits. You are misinformed and uneducated in the truth about these wonderful dogs. You are a mindless brainwashed moron, that would rather stereotype and point fingers rather than learn the truth. If you were standing in front of me right now I’d punch your ignorant head off, but I’m not a violent person and neither are my dogs. So I’d just tell you how stupid you are…..

    19. you really are being ignorant, black labs and chihuahuas bite more ppl than pit bulls do! you’ll never find another breed so devoted to it’s people! my boy, is 120lbs, yes he is a little fat, but he is also part rottweiler, another GREAT BREED! I won’t have any other breeds. especially around my children!

      1. Statistics aren’t on your side.

        “Even if the pit bull category was “split three ways,” attacks by pit bulls and their closest relatives would still outnumber attacks by any other breed.”

        “Pit bulls are noteworthy for attacking adults almost as frequently as children, a characteristic not shared by any other breed.”

        Your pit bull may be the nicest dog I ever meet but they were bred to fight and they do it well.

        1. Your a fucking idiot,pit bulls were not bred to fight first off.second of all if you did your research you would see that a small dog is much more likely to attack and for my last point I could run you over with my truck, that makes vehicles sound dangerous should we all go back to walking?

        2. You are correct. They were breed to fight and do it well. But have you ever heard the saying that a pitbull won’t start the fight but they will finish it.

        3. Yeah, the problem with those stats is that no one is bothering to confirm that it was a pit involved in the attack. It seems like anytime any dog bite is reported, the media says “pit” first and asks questions later. Often there are conflicting reports of the breed involved, but the media yells the loudest that it was a pit. Even if it is shown later that it wasn’t, there isn’t usually a correction of the orginal report issued. Here are some REAL stats on dog bites where claims of breeds are actually investigated:

        4. Pits were never bred to be human-aggressive. That would be a bad trait for dogs that are around a lot of people, like oh, say, at a dogfight. A more likely reasonis that they are TRAINED to fight. Pits attack more because they are the go to dog of drug dealers and other thug types who want a badass dog to intimidate others. Those are the dogs that give the breed a bad rep. Pits are the nicest dogs… Wait for it… IF THEY ARE RAISED RIGHT AND SOCIALIZED.

        5. I’m sure you mean well, but I just want to let you know that your source uses two of the most deceitful people/websites known to the breed-specific debate. Both Colleen Lynn (Owner of Dogsbite) and Merritt Clifton have been proven to have fabricated and altered statistics to suit their needs, and nearly all of the material they promote is false. This is not a good source to back up your claims, I’d suggest looking into peer-reviewed scholarly articles for the future.

    20. What a stupid comment. I work at an emergency veterinary hospital, and I can count on one finger the number of dog on dog attacks that claimed to be pit bulls. Granted, people like you are more annoying even than most dogs, so maybe they’re more likely to attack certain human types…

      That aside, I can think of a bunch of people I know who have been bitten/attacked by dogs, and none were pit bulls. There was the woman in france who needed the face replacement – that was a lab. Across the street from my doberman and me is a cute fuzzy Portuguese water dog that’s known for attacking people. My postal delivery friends have been attacked, though never by pit bulls. One was badly scarred by a retriever.

      My only bite, despite working with animals that are scared and in pain, was from one of those overindulged little white dogs. We have muzzle a lot of the smaller breeds, because they are more likely to bite. Granted, it may not be fatal like a large dog’s attack could be, but it is as much a result of how they are brought up as their breed. Just like your kids might end up being more likely to be voted off the island than my friends’ kids.

    21. See pics of other dogs attacking people–or the abusers that exploit these dogs and abuse them (Michael Vick). They’re great dogs… do your research on the chart of what dogs are best behaved with humans–might surprise you. Pits rank over lots of dogs–they’re ranked very highly. As I said in another comment–when I was a child a COLLIE decapitated a baby when left alone w/ it for a few moments while the mom walked out to the mail box. A Boxer recently killed a child–a German Shepard and a Cain Mastiff recently killed a child. It’s due to owners that are not responsible. ANY BREED CAN ATTACK–IT’s WHAT THE OWNER DECIDES TO USE THEM FOR… I’ve had an experience, in doing animal rescue, where a Lab was a lot more dangerous (and a prob) than the pit that was hanging with it. Also, watched a show where when they test for food aggression–Labs are much more likely to bite than a pit. Also, know a child that was bitten in the face by a Lab a few years back–so watch just picking on 1 breed.

      1. They also used to be the #1 family dog. Petie in, “The little Rascals,” was a pit–so, was Jack on, “Little house on the Prairie.” These dogs are getting a bad rep. and being blamed for things they haven’t even done. Some of the Michael Vick dogs were so resilient that they became therapy dogs after their abuse. They’re a wonderful breed.

    22. because if you do your home work and pick a responsible breeder and raise the dog with rules and love you will have an amazing dog. there have been breeders that have had to buy other dogs to keep on the property because people were stealing their dogs because they are so people friendly.
      do some research on the history of the breed. they were given the nickname “nanny dog” because they are so wonderful with children and would be left to care for the children. petey from the original little rascals movies was a well socialized pit bull who worked with those children all day and loved them all.
      they were used in fighting. BUT while that is a disgusting activity that losers participate in, it created very people oriented dogs. why? because they didnt fight them until they died every time. the fights were stopped and the dogs had to be pulled apart, handled and given medical treatment. also, before a fight the dogs would be switched so the opponents could bathe them and check them over so the owner couldnt cheat with oils or anything. the dogs had to let strangers handle them intimately. ANY dog that showed ANY aggression was imediately taken out back and destroyed. what does that get you? a dog that is very tolerant of people, even in pain. they were also used as jack of all trade dogs and still are. hunting, farm work, home protection.

    23. why not pick this one? Why not a “mutt”, which is what pitties are! A mix of a bunch of dogs! Healthy, no major physical issues (due to inbreeding for show dogs), and generally sweet dogs!

    24. This is most of what shelters are filled with, some choose to rescue a dog on death row and its based off of personality not breed, and when that’s the only breed left in rescues due to the over breeding and the adopter has a heart, we tend to look past the breed and the choice of rescuing one really could change opinions of American Pits.

    25. Because my game bred pit bull (bred as catch dog for wild and dangerous boar) is also a top rated therapy dog and a fav among 60 other dogs in the program. They are highly intelligent, extremely loyal, and excell in every task their owner ask of them. There’s your sign right there.
      And they are also exceptionally gentle with children and the ultimate class clown.

  2. sux they banned over here , wasnt even that breed that had attacked a child it was rottweiller (prob wrong spelling) and a french poodle so they banned pit bulls 🙁

  3. Dog in pic#2 reminds me of a friends little one named Sophie! This is absolutely adorable! I love my pics of my friends dog making kiddo sandwiches of my kids! Thanks for this! My own Rottie is such a wimp it would be amazing if he actually did something to someone!

  4. awwww! every one of those is true. this article perfectly describes every pitty i’ve ever met (including my husband’s new rescue).

    i like a more serious, less goofy dog, myself, but i know pitties will do anything for their people. and i know people who will do anything for their pitties.

  5. i have 3 kids ages 9yrs 8 yrs and 9 months my staffy cross pittbull is 10 yrs and she lets them jump all over her when she’s had enough she gets up and moves, never ever had any problems with her….pittbulls are only nasty if there mistreated, just the same as any other breed of dog.

  6. I’m not a dog person in general. I don’t trust any of them. Call me cynical, but anyone that lets a dog of ANY breed lick their baby on the face and get that close to them is out of their mind!! I don’t care who raised the dog…they have bad days just like people and who knows what can set them off and make them snap.

    My motto is “If it has teeth, it will bite”. I don’t care if it’s a shih-tzu or rottweiler. The only difference is that the pit, rottweiler, or doberman is going to do a bit more damage than a small dog.

    1. You said it right there – You’re not a dog person. You obviously don’t understand dogs at all. And you are wrong – a small dog like a Shih Tzu or Lhasa can do just as much damage as a large breed to a small child. I will never leave my children alone with any dog, but my dogs will happily be allowed to lick my children.

      1. So you are a dog whisperer then? They are animals, not human. To say you “understand” them is kind of a dumb statement.

        Not saying a smaller dog can’t do as much damage…I’m sure they can. In general though if a larger dog attacks, it can take longer and be harder for someone to be able to step in and break it up. If I had my choice, I’ll take being bitten by a shih-tzu over a pitbull or rottweiler any day, though I’d rather just not be bitten.

        If you think a dog will just bite when they are alone with your child, you are wrong. My cousin owns a rottweiler…”family” dog that they got as a new puppy and raised in a loving environment. His sister brought her new baby over for a visit, and the dog’s owner held the baby while standing. The rottweiler got a wave of jealousy and jumped up to attack the baby…the owner lifted his arms up just in time, and the rott took a bite of his owners arm. You just never know!

        To each his own I guess. I’d rather not take that chance for the sake of having a family dog. My kids are my “family” and way more important!

        1. It’s okay. Don’t get a dog. Maybe a pet rock is more your speed? 😉
          It won’t hurt anyone unless you throw it directly at someone’s head.

          1. I totally agree with you! M&LMom has no clue because she doesn’t own a dog and obviously never has! She has no place to judge!

        2. Unfortunately, people tend to forget that humans are animals, too. If we allow ourselves to get back to the basics of body language, it makes dogs fairly easy to understand. People just don’t take the time to learn to read the signs. It is a proven fact that dogs do not attack unprovoked unless there is something seriously wrong with them (genetically or some past experience). As far as the Rott’s attack on the owner, I can understand it. These non-pack members brought a strange “thing” into his environment that he was not properly prepared for or introduced to. The attack was provoked, and fortunately the owner’s arm was in the way of the baby. Perhaps, since you’re not a “dog person,” you Gould refrain from commenting on an article such as this.

        3. Your comments are clearly indicative of someone who knows nothing about dogs. You don’t need to be a “dog whisperer” to understand animal behavior anymore than you need to be a “human whisperer” to understand human behavior. Simply because you don’t understand either doesn’t make it some sort of voodoo magic.

          First, if the dog had been properly trained, he wouldn’t have jumped up the first place. Second, if he had been properly socialized, he wouldn’t have attempted to bite *any* non-threatening human. Third, picking the child up without knowing how the dog would react was a huge mistake. People with small dogs often make this mistake when large dogs approach. They pick up their small dog to take him/her out of harm’s way, which only encourages the large dog to jump up and go after the small dog. Fourth, I adore dogs and trust mine 100%, but I would never leave them alone with a small child. The dog could inadvertently knock the child over or the child could hit the dog or do something else to elicit an undesirable response from the dog. The dog could simply nip the child in an attempt to herd him/her. While it wouldn’t be a move of aggression, it could still easily injure the child.

          Dog behavior is fairly simple to understand if you make some attempt at educating yourself. Don’t blame the dog because you choose not to learn his/her “language.” We have a responsibility to both our dogs and to our children to keep both safe and we can’t do that if we don’t understand their behavior.

          1. I love this first statement of yours. Soooo true! Show me someone who understand all humans behavior and I’ll pay them $500 an hour to hear my problems! Jeez people…

        4. Believe it or not, but dog groomers tend to be a pretty good judge of character when it comes to dogs. It makes sense, really. Why?

          1. If you don’t know dog language, you’re far more likely to get bit.
          -Miss a warning sign, you get bit. Pretty simple. More often than not, dogs show plenty of signs of agitation prior to biting and if you aren’t picking up on those to avoid a bite, you’re far more likely to get bit.
          2. It makes you a better groomer.
          -If you do understand dog language, you can understand the difference between aggression and fear. Fear is something that can be often worked through with lots of patience and time. Understanding dogs gives us the ability to better serve our canine clients with more love and respect.

          This being said, I’m NOT saying I’m freaking awesome at reading dogs. I’m simply saying that I can more than likely read a dog better than Mr. Joe Smith down the street because I HAVE to. It’s just part of my job and I didn’t always have this ability. I developed it working with a bunch of let’s say..behaviorally challenged small breed dogs at a shop.

          And I do not believe a dog will just bite when someone isn’t present. THAT would be a dumb statement, but guess what? Since someone was there, the child wasn’t harmed, correct??? They read their dog. Saw the signs of an issue and stopped it.

          “To say you “understand” them is kind of a dumb statement.”
          I think you may need to understand what “understand” means before you claim my statement is “dumb.”

          to perceive the meaning of; grasp the idea of; comprehend: to understand Spanish; I didn’t understand your question.
          to be thoroughly familiar with; apprehend clearly the character, nature, or subtleties of: to understand a trade.
          to assign a meaning to; interpret: He understood her suggestion as a complaint.
          to grasp the significance, implications, or importance of: He does not understand responsibility.
          to regard as firmly communicated; take as agreed or settled: I understand that you will repay this loan in 30 days.

        5. I respect your choice, but you should not bash all “big dogs” who are or look like pits or rotties for a few incidents who may have been caused by external factors not related to the dog or its breed. You better keep your children away from many humans then as they are far more likely to get molested or killed by one of them — look at the facts — and by family members, close friends, teachers, coaches, priests, etc.

        6. If your kids are your family then get the hell of this site and don’t attack breeds when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, especially if you are not a dog person. YOU ARE DUMB for even breeding, you’ll raise you kids to be fearful of animals and therefore robbing them of any sort of positive aspects of life they can gain from having a family pet. IGNORANT!

        7. a dog who attacks something is a direct effect of being neglected of discipline and structure. they don’t just bite for no reason. a dog, “understood” on the psychological side of it’s being, is a dog that you can predict through many mannerisms and observation by it’s handler. you can understand a dog. and when you break it down, all DOGS THINK THE SAME regardless of breed! dogs are so very predictable when you can read them…yes I said read them, like a book! watch cesar, it’s possible, and very enlightening!

        8. Pitbull Patriot, please take a breath.

          Your name-calling and threats of violence don’t help in defending pit bulls. Raise your dog(s) well and prove people wrong with having a friendly pit bull instead of threatening them.

          You’re making us look really bad. Please calm down.

        9. I won’t calm down, I, unlike you, will do whatever it takes to defend my dogs from people who won’t even educate themselves and understand the facts about these dogs. You make the dogs look bad because you won’t defend them no matter what. My dogs are like valued as a part of my family, maybe you don’t understand that.

    2. Dogs don’t just “snap” – not Pitbulls or any other breed for that matter. Ignorance such as yours is far more dangerous than any dog.

    3. I’m so sorry for you….you have never experienced the true unconditional love and acceptance that dog owners get from their beloved companion pets. How sad to know that you cannot speak from this experience. Judgmental ignorance is probably the worst kind of ignorance. Human bites are even worse than dog bites, but it doesn’t keep humans from getting in each other’s faces.

      1. Don’t feel sorry for me! We owned dogs when I was growing up as a child–german shepherd, cocker spaniel etc, as well as many cats and birds. I loved them all at the time–but I’m pretty indifferent when it comes to owing a pet now. I’d rather not go to work with fur all over my clothes, and come home to my chewed up belongings and poop on the floor.

        I’m not so insecure that I need a dog to love me unconditionally. I prefer my husband and kids with whom I have to work to earn their love and respect 🙂

        1. You have to work to earn a dogs love and respect. And then it comes unconditionally. And I’m not insecure. I love my husband and kids and they love me unconditionally. I’m not attacking you and calling you ignorant so please don’t think that. But you have to house train a dog so they don’t poop on the floor and chew up your belongings. You have to teach them these are acceptable things to do, just like children. You teach kids its not acceptable to draw on the walls, etc. It’s the same concept with a dog. And owning a dog helps children learn responsibility and compassion. It’s a win/win situation. But you are not a dog lover and that’s fine, to each his own…

          1. I read that as “you teach kids its not acceptable to chew on the walls etc” and I must admit, I did a slight double-take wondering about your kids! 😉

        2. I love my husband, kids and dogs. I’m also a very secure person. It’s not about security(maybe it was for you, back when you had pets). Its about giving love and loyalty-then receiving it from all types of souls. You feel the need to judge people for loving their dogs, so I will judge you back. You seem to be a selfish,egotistical,materialistic person- you’re worried about hair on your clothes,your belongings being chewed,etc. So why did you have children? You must get pretty pissed when they spill things or you had to clean up there poop,etc. Oh and while I’m at it- why are you even on a dog lovers site? Whatta weirdo!

        3. why would you go to work with hair on your clothes? They do have breeds that don’t shed, and why would you come home to chewed up belongings? you can crate them or in my case I have a shih-tzu mix and a pit mix and they NEVER chew anything up, and why would you come home to poop on the floor? once again crate them, and I never come home to poop on the floor, and they have the run of the house when Im not home. I am very happy to hear you have no pets, you would be to selfish…I love my 2 dogs and my cat, they are like my children, oh and I do love my daughter with all my heart, guess I have enough love to go around…

    4. If you look at statistics and pictures, you will see that HUMANS are FAR more dangerous than pit bulls. I have never owned one, but I have friends who do. I have owned 2 dobies (and other dogs), and they were EXTREMELY gentle around even infants who poked them in the eye! Little dog bites have caused bleeding for me — no bites from large dogs! Many dogs labeled as pits are not really pits but “look like” them. Need DNA tests and VALID research on order to truly study this – not knee jerk reactions to inflammatory media reports!

    5. Do your children have teeth? Then they will bite!
      Maybe we should ban mothers since they kill more of their OWN children each year than pit bulls!
      According to the American Anthropological Association, more than 200 women kill their children in the United States each year. Three to five children a day are killed by their parents. Homicide is one of the leading causes of death of children under age four, yet we continue to “persist with the unrealistic view that this is rare behavior,” says Jill Korbin, expert on child abuse, who has studied mothers who killed their children.

    6. If you are married, take note:
      Children are most at risk from the adults in their own family, and from the adults who are in their parents’ social circle. In fact, 90 percent of abusers target children in their own families and children who they know well.

      Are you able to protect your children from the most dangerous animal? I’d rather trust a pit bull!

    7. You are just as ignorant and stupid as the first guy that said he would never trust a Pit. Why are you even on this website if you are not a dog person. I have teeth too, maybe I should bite you. You are dumb in the highest degree. Go away yo ignorant ignoramous….haha, you suck at life.

      1. All of you saying that your pitt (or dog in general) would never snap or bite someone unprovoked are idiots!!! How can you make such a huge statement and take on that kind of responsibility for an animal? There are humans that snap and kill people. How many times have you heard of a man or woman killing their family, and everyone saying how wonderful they were and there were no signs leading up to it? If a human being that is capable of critical thinking is subject to such actions, why would an animal be any different?

        You can say they have to be provoked all you want–and maybe that’s true to a degree, but that still doesn’t warrant the injury they can inflict if provoked. If a friend is visiting and their child irritates your pitbull, does that justify the pitbull mauling it to death? If your dog gets loose and “playfully” runs up to a kid and scares them, causing them to run and scream and “provoking” the pitbull, does it give the dog the right to bite them? I think not. Things happen to provoke animals that can be sudden and unforseen, it’s part of life… Then what?

        If we’re throwing around statistics, I have something to add. I work as a representative for several insurance companies. NONE of the companies I represent will write liability insurance on a home insurance policy if any of the following breeds of dogs present:

        Akita, Chow, Doberman, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, & Staffordshire Terrier.

        Insurance companies pay actuaries big bucks to analyze statistics and come up with their underwriting guidelines. There has to be some reason why these dogs are on this list…I doubt insurance companies have nothing better to do than to pick on a few breeds of dogs.

        Yes, kids bite too and it hurts like hell. I’ve been bitten many times by my child. It irks me that you compare the bite of a child to the bite of a dog. You’re not making a valid comparison. If people quit having kids because they bite, then your ignorant self wouldn’t even exist.

        1. Kids bit and that’s a fact. it’s a stage they go through, and it doesn’t make me a bad parent. At least I admit that they bite. I’m not in denial like you wonderful, brilliant pit owners.

          I’m assuming you don’t have children, in which case you’re a hypocrite. I like how you accuse me of dishing about pitbulls when I have no experience and don’t own one, yet you’re so quick to comment on parenting.

        2. here’s the thing lady. dogs simple thinking creatures, they don’t wake up amd rhink i’m going to bite someone today because I want to. they get up and think bathroom….exercise….food….nap…it’s what all dogs think regardless of what ppl may think. it’s what ppl make them do, that makes them do what they do other than those basic needs. if you don’t discipline your pet, you are creating ther monster, not the dog, they don’t just snap. ignoring your dogs behaviors is what creates the monster you think they are. dogs don’t feel emotions like we do. they are so basic, and for ppl like you to humanize those emotions is rudiculous. they are not humans they do not think like humans, therefore welll not react to emotions and feelings like humans. They let go of unstable emotions and don’t hold grudges. yes they remember ppl and places, but they let it go like you should do as well! pit bulls are dogs, working dogs, family pets and clowns. it’s there job and they enjoy it

          1. I’m a hypocrite lady? Who the hell are you? You said so yourself that your kids bite. I don’t have kids and I commented on kids the same way you commented on Pits, I used you’re analogy on yourself, who’s the dummy now? You are stupid! Ohhhh ZING! You failed!

          2. That’s all fine and dandy. It’s the people that say their pit would never bite or harm anyone. I don’t see how they can make that statement. You seem to acknowledge at least that if provoked, they will in fact bite. The point I’m trying to make is that in daily life, we have no idea what might provoke a dog. You can read them all you want and take preventative action, but there’s going to be times when it’s not possible. I’m sure some dogs are more likely to attack when provoked than others. A pitbull that attacks when provoked is likely to do quite a bit of damage.

        3. M&LMOM if you do not or have never owned a pit then why are you even on here giving an opinion that makes no sense! Every home owner insurance list is different. And maybe you should add Golden Retriever to your list of “liability dogs” since they are #3 on the list of reported dog bites. Don’t you have a Better Homes and Garden page to go to. Oh and FYI I am a mother and I do own 2 pits and I would never own another breed

          1. It just amazes me that so many of you are attacking someone who is simply saying “this is general policy” and “this is generally why”.

            Insurance companies [ANY TYPE of insurance companies] have to account for their highest liabilities. They also have to enact their policies unilaterally; in other words, just because there are more dog attacks in the inner city than there are in the suburbs, doesn’t mean the suburbs don’t have to cover their dogs as well.

            In health care, it’s pre-existing conditions that will cost a pretty penny; those cost the insured more.

            In life insurance, those are the mentally/chemically imbalanced individuals and those with debilitating illnesses.

            In auto insurance, those are young kids, males to a certain age, certain makes/models of cars, and those with existing accidents or operating offenses.

            In homeowner’s insurance, that’s proximity to a fire department or fire hydrant, smoke and burglary alarms, attached or detached garage, and number and types of fireplaces.

            Homeowner’s insurance ALSO has to consider dogs and dog breeds, due to their legal obligation to pay on dog attacks either on the insured’s property, or by the insured’s dog.

            When you look at the amount of damage the restricted dogs can do as opposed to unrestricted dogs like hounds and small terriers, the restricted dogs are the primary monetary loss for the insurer. They try to cut their losses by restricted the dogs they believe are the greatest liability to their company.

            You don’t have to own a dog to understand this. You have to understand how ANY type of insurance works.

        4. There are a number of Insurance companies that discriminate based on dog breed. It is a shame you represent 0 that don’t. I also was in the insurance business but fortunately worked for a company (State Farm) that based its underwriting on an individual dogs past behavior not it’s breed. The Homeowners application asks if you own a dog and if it has ever bitten anyone.

          So before you continue to “Guarantee” anything, as if you are an expert, do your homework please.

          1. State farm sucks. Perhaps where you live the rules are different…the state where I work has stricter laws on these kinds of dogs, and it’s harder to get home insurance if you have them. Just because state farm in general may write home insurance if you have a pitbull doesn’t mean that each individual agent has to. They can enlist their own rules and regulations–and around here they do.

            Go back to capital one, “peggy”. FYI, it’s not called discrimination when there are facts to back it up. Health insurance companies don’t discriminate on fat people…there’s proof that they are unhealthy, just like there is proof that pits, rotts, dobermans, german shepherds, etc are higher risks for biting.

          2. M&LMom,
            You are really upset that people keep rebutting your claim that NO insurance company will write a policy if you have a Pit. State Farm does not suck, you may think so because they aren’t ripping off consumers the way those companies you represent would do. Why would anybody in their right mind go to Capitol One, they are one of the companies that received Bail-Out money due to greedy business practices such as ripping off customers. $3.55 billion from taxpayer dollars. Just like I wouldn’t buy a car from Dodge or GM, I’ll buy a Ford or Toyota anyday. So you are going to bend the rules and make claims about how each agent can implement their own rules and regulations so as to make your argument seem right when in fact it is wrong. Nice try but people are a lot smarter than that. Good job!

    8. Dear: M&LMOM Ha Ha Ha. This comment cracks me up! Better put your kids in a bubble then. There are billions of dangers, including having your children around people. yeah..cuz you can trust people to the fullest extent. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Oh my gosh…M&LMOM , you are killin me!

  7. These dogs and so many other pits are loyal and wonderful companions…I have no doubt about that on any level. But I do also know personally that they can “snap” even coming from a loving family. The big difference here is that when a pit bull does bite they cause serious damage. I know any dog can bite but rarely do you hear of a Labrador maiming or killing a child, let alone an adult when they do bite. There are many reports here monthly of people being seriously injured or killed by pit bulls and they are pit bulls. As loving and devoted as many are I could never put the welfare of a dog over the potential injury or death of my child or grandchild. I know I will not change your mind, neither will you change mine.

    1. You know what’s funny, though? I’m a dog groomer and have never been bit by a Pit Bull yet. They tend to nibble (as in scrape your skin lightly because they don’t want to bite) when they don’t like you doing something, but don’t full on bite. The worst bite I received was actually from a Labrador who suddenly turned without warning and bit me in the head. I trust NO dog alone with children and feel that nobody should. They are animals, still. ALL of them of ALL sizes.

      1. So you did nothing to provoke the dog? Hmmm…so dogs can (and do) on occasion attack without warning. Just proves my point that nobody should ever claim that their dog would NEVER bite or harm anyone…those statements are ignorant. (not saying you said that, but others on this forum have!)

        1. She did provoke. Just like babies, some dogs don’t like baths. I’m not saying babies bite when they don’t like baths, I’m just saying thats how a dog reacts bc they do have simple brains and don’t know any better.

        2. M&LMOM, it depends on how the dog was trained to react. Mine would NEVER attack/snap because he was raised/trained not to. I would also not put him in a situation where he would feel defensive to the point of attacking. If you protect and raise your dog the same way you would protect and raise your child then you should have a great dog and a great child. It always comes down to the way that particular dog, not breed, is raised.

    2. I agree with you 100%! I don’t trust any dog around my child…kids are kids and who knows at what point a dog will get fed up and finally have “enough”…I don’t care how loving and good with the kids they are!

      1. then you cant be trusted around your kids!!!! Moms kill there kids all the time from not being able to take it anymore or having mental problems. Do you have something to say about them? If you dont like dogs then why take the time out to comment on how you hate them so much? Also you nor anyone can say anything about a dog that attacked in less you can personal say you have been bit by a dog or a putbull for that matter. So just as well as a person can attack a dog can as well….. And if you ask me i’d take my chances being locked up in a room with a PITBULL then a serial killer anyday… Just think before you comment on a website that you dont know much about.

        1. Oh, so the fact that I haven’t PERSONALLY been bitten by a pitbull makes me unqualified to comment? I beg to differ.

          I’m a mail carrier. I love the dogs on my route, and most of them love me. There are pits, there are Jack Russells, there are golden retrievers, there are shi tzus and maltese and beagles and collies and… well, you get the idea.

          There are pibbles who knock me down when they want attention, there’s a maltese whose yard I won’t enter, there’s a Jack Russell who’s bitten me before and several more who want to, and there’s an aggressive dobie who’s so used to me that now he just barks a couple times to say “I’m watching you”, then walks back to the house.

          That having been said… The ONLY devastating injuries that have come from my route [653 deliveries] came from pit bulls. One was kept tied out in the yard. Several of us called the humane officer several times about the dog being left out in the heat, left without shelter, left without water, and laying as though he was dead. That dog later broke his cable [one of those little Dollar Store ones] and attacked a man walking down the hill to work. A passer-by stopped his car and used a tire iron to break his jaws; the victim required 65 stitches in his arm. Neither the victim NOR the dog owner had the means to cover the care and rehabilitation the man needed, and he basically lost his job because he was unable to work. THAT is why insurance is commonly required on pit bulls.

          Another dog, acknowledged as a former fighter, escaped from his elderly owner and took off. He found a woman walking her little floppy dog on a leash; he almost killed the little dog, who required a week at the vet and reconstructive surgery. Again, the pibble’s owner didn’t have insurance so the injured party had to pay for someone else’s dog’s bad behavior. In this case, the owner whose dog was attacked has MS; it triggered an attack.

          Another pit, a blue, tried to attack a police officer and was shot. The police were attempting to make an arrest in a house, and the dog flew out the door at the officer. While no humans were injured beyond being knocked down, the dog certainly was.

          One, a blue, aggressively tried to bite every single mail carrier she ever saw. She broke a front door trying to get to us. Her owners routinely allowed her to run loose and terrorize about a ten-block area. She attacked a little child in a stroller [the father clubbed her across the eye before she got to him], threatened multiple neighbors, and fixated on one of my elderly/disabled customers one afternoon. She had attacked this woman another time, only HER dog interceded and was chewed up as a result. On this ocassion, I kept her distracted with my vehicle between her and the lady, until the woman made it to her front door.

          I went to court about it, the judge ruled her a “dangerous dog”, and made a lot of requirements for her owners to keep her. Six months later, she was loose again. She trapped a carrier in a fence when a cop happened by. The dog catcher [who had been trying to get her for three years] locked her up. Her owners never ONCE tried to visit or get her out.

          I work in an inner-city area. Those of you who are all about “pibbles are the sweetest honeyed kissy sugars” need to wake up to reality. Your dog is no more representative of the breed than any of the ones I’ve mentioned. There are a lot of pits on my route and in my city; I’m rarely scared of them. I love on all of them who will let me, I watch out for their well-being, and I’ve been known [more than once!] to take them home when they were loose.

          I stopped my mail truck and ran across the middle of my area’s busiest street when I saw an almost-grown pit almost get run over. I stopped traffic, and called her to the side of the road. I tried to get a store owner to take responsibility long enough for the humane officer to pick her up, but he panicked and slammed his door… right after telling me that the dog had ALREADY been hit and that the car [which didn’t stop] had RUN OVER HER HEAD.

          Luckily, a passerby stopped and took responsibility for her so I could go back to work. He called my office later and asked for me; he wanted me to help raise money for her vet bills. The dog catcher had never showed up. I gave him what I could, and thanked him profusely for taking her.

          I got to see her a couple weeks ago… she’s beautiful!! And I added that last little bit because I want you to know that I am NOT anti-pit. I AM realistic. Everyone needs to stop being so rabidly pro- or anti- and just acknowledge that both sides DO HAVE salient points.

    3. My 3-year old son was mauled by a black lab who was visiting my babysitter’s home. My son did nothing to provoke the lab, but he ended up with more than 50 stitches in his face and head and required plastic surgery. The dog’s owner took no action, so we sued her and won…she was an irresponsible dog owner.

    4. You are retarded! You contradicted everything you said. Don’t try to be sympathetic or even think you understand what it’s like to be a Pit owner. You stereotyped Pits just like all the other ignorant people out there. It would make more sense if you generalized all dogs having the potential to “snap”. Even then you are still retarded, if you are fearful of a dog snapping then you shouldn’t have one regardless of the breed.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bully boy! I raised him to be a gentleman and that’s exactly what he is. If he were a Chihuahua or a poodle, I would have raised him the same way. Sadly, the ones who get into trouble have irresponsible owners, and that goes for all breeds!

  9. Just wanted to say, reading through these posts, it is absolutely wonderful to see how emotionally devoted you all are to your dogs. I am a pit lover myself, and pits and any breed of dog or animal would be proud to see so many people defending them and who have their backs. Its always a great thing to witness people sticking up for what they CARE about, small internet forum or not. March on, fellow animal lovers! 😉 Love it.

    1. I know what you’re saying. I just stumbled on this forum and I am getting angry as hell. I love my Pits almost more than anything in this world and I will defend them till the end. Some of these people have no idea what they are talking about, spewing ignorant nonsense about breeds to which they know nothing of. On top of that some of these people aren’t even dog people and yet they claim they know everything. Ignorant morons. I get really angry about this subject because I love my dogs and they would never harm anyone.

      1. I know what you mean, I stumbled on this forum too and am getting pissed at these non dog owners rambeling non sence, why are they even on this sight? must be lonely? I have a shih tzu/ poodle mix, 13 yrs old and he’s my baby boy, I love him so much I can’t stand and I have my grand pup she is a 3 yrs old pit/boxer mix, and she’s nana’s little (big) girl, love her to death, she is soo smart and such a good dog, funny thing is, Chico my 10 lb dog lays next to me on the couch but Jazzy the pit mix has to lay on me, doesn’t seem right, but thats how it goes…It really bothers me that people think pits are mean, they are the biggest lovers….All this animal abuse makes me sick, people should rot in hell for treating animals so bad, all they want is to be loved. I heard a story once of a little boy asking a vet why dogs live such a short life, the vet said because dogs love you from the moment they see you, and people live longer because it takes them so long to learn how to love. something like that, but it is so true…and please people, spay and neuter your pets, there are so many unwanted animals out there…

  10. I have a pitbull, and i have had a few of them i have never liked any other dog i have been biten by other dogs border colly, rottie my mom owner the border and my older brother owned the rottie. I at one point owned a boxer female she wanted to run the house i had to give her away because she scared me. My point is if you dont want a dog then dont comment on a dog website know one cares why u dont want one and why u dont like them. Also this is about pitbulls not ALL dogs not every pit is a bad dog and thats what this website is about to let and show they can love just like every other dog and if you can see that every dog is not the same as every dog then just as blind to the fact every human isnt the same……………

  11. I took my first Staff Terrier from a Los Angeles SPCA shelter at 4 months of age. He remained my best friend, and the best dog I have ever had until he came down with lympho sarcoma at 12 years of age. His best friend was my miniature doxie who passed away at 18 years shortly after Petey passed on. I fostered another Staffie, (Pitbull) who is just as wonderful. She got along great with my two English Bull Terriers.

  12. I don’t have a pit bull, though I do agree with those who say that they are sweet. THEY ARE. Though I don’t own one I’ve met a few and I love this breed. If you really know a pit bull, you’ll love them. I mean, sure most of you wouldn’t trust one and some bite but same with any dog. Also there are so many in shelters. It’s just sad. What some of you are saying is just so ignorant and wrong… You make me sick. I love that so many of you love your dogs.
    I have a German Shepard from a shelter and is the sweetest dog ever. to think that if it were’t for me he would propably euthinized because of the reputation of the breed.


    1. I appreciate that you took the time to understand what it’s like to know a Pit. Even if you don’t have one, and I have 2 now and one other that just passed away from cancer, you understand why I am so loyal to them and will defend them no matter what people say. I also adopted all 3 of my “kids”, one I brought over from England, he’s a British expatriate, when I was stationed over there. Thanks for defending this wonderful breed.


  14. pit bulls are the greatest dogs, they are fun, protective, great with kids, and cute. I remember growing up with one.

  15. I have 2 pits i wouldnt own anyway other dog breed as im writing this they are on each side of me with there heads in my lap my husband and i also do pittbull rescues Its a shame to see so mantener abandoned and abusado pits around by the way my 2 i have were rescues and are now my life and family

  16. Oh yes this would be pitbull Jax 😉 specially number 51 he would say ” oh someone came to see me and play’ hahahaha love my fury baby 😉

  17. For those ignorant enough to believe the media and so cowardly you have to post under “annonymous” take a second to read this… So, according to offical reports, pint-sized Skye Terriers are the most “aggressive” dogs.

    Current ATTS scores for pit bull type dogs:
    american pit bull 86%
    american bulldog 84.8%
    american staffordshire 83.9%
    bull terrier 90.4%
    staffordshire bull terrier 89.6%

    Current ATTS scores for a few popular breeds of dogs in America:
    cocker spaniel 81.9%
    collie 79.7%
    beagle 80.3%
    chihuahua 71.1%
    labrador retriever 92.3%
    golden retriever 84.6%
    german shepherd 84.2%
    jack russell 84.1%
    mutt 86%
    pomeranian 75.8%
    pug 90.9%
    standard poodle 86%

    So chew on that before you make more uninformed, ignorant comments. No one cares about your personal opinion if you’ve never known, let alone owned one of these wonderful dogs. Do your research before attacking a group of people that are willing to die for their dogs just as much as our dogs would die for us.

    1. Jamie k. – did u actually read the article from the link u posted?? Wow.. it actually says that people who advocate for pits use this “test” to back up their opinion, but that the test is severely flawed. A higher score doesn’t necessarily mean the dog is less aggressive, its actually closer to the opposite of that. A dog who isn’t “confident” enough to approach a stranger would actually fail. Meaning even just a shy dog would score lower. That said, the test was actually made to test dogs that would excel in police type work, for example dogs who would be more protective and fearless. I personally adore pitbulls and think its a shame that they get such a bad rap, but don’t use such biased flawed information to try and win an argument with a group of closed minded people who don’t want to hear how great pits can be. It’s only going to hurt your cause, not help it.


        Really, after reading these comments I’m more afraid of pit bull owners than I am of their dogs. Personal attacks, threats of violence…

        1. I am not a violent person, but if somebody is goig to call me irresponsible because I have Pits then I will defend them and my right to have them. What have you ever fought for in life?

        2. @ calmdown- thank you, I guess nobody else recognized that I wasn’t being confrontational just stating a fact.. the article was flawed and actually makes pitbulls look worse, and that’s not fair considering Jamie k. Was trying to support them with her information. It is sad that not many people these days can have a calm, logical, intelligent debate where both parties see each opposing viewpoint as an opinion, and acknowledge sound information when it becomes relevant. If I hadn’t pointed this out some angry hostile person would have. To be totally clear, I love animals, ALL animals. Our ancestors domesticated dogs for companionship AND protection for a reason, that reason being that they are capable of great love and loyalty, but also posess a fierceness in them and will defend either themselves or their owners. They do not have the reasoning skills or judgement that humans posess. People who take an innocent animal and exploit their ferocity in dog fights are by far more dangerous than the animal in my OPINION. We train the animals, but is still an animal. The owner must take responsibility for the dog and take all necessary precautions to prevent the animal being in a situation where it is scared, intimidated or threatened because the instinct to survive will outweigh ANY training. The problem is not that animals can be aggressive, it is the lack of competent owners. I wish that more people would do their homework before going out and adopting an animal only to dump them in a cold, scary place like a shelter or god forbid, the streets… We are so much worse than these dogs. At least they are only acting on base instincts not making a conscious decision to harm another living creature.

    2. Jamie K, I’m very sorry. No offense meant or intended, but I would ask that you please, please, actually READ that article before using it as a defense for pibbles. Otherwise, the right anti- would use it as fodder against you.

      Clearly you haven’t actually taken the time to assess what is truly being said in the article, because the writer is very plainly stating that pro-pit groups and individuals use ATTS scores improperly. From the first paragraph: “The ATTS favors dogs like pit bulls over dogs like collies. It is important to note, the test does not evaluate dogs for “pet” suitability. ”

      ATTS isn’t a test that says “this dog is meaner than that one”. It’s a test that says “this dog meets these criterion more closely than that one”. From later in the article: “Dogs fail for other reasons, such as strong avoidance.” THAT would be the Skye. That’s why the Skye Terrier is so low; it can NOT compete in an ATTS test with any chance of high placement, because the ATTS was originally intended to evaluate working dogs.

      Just an FYI.

  18. I just have to say this because the ones the have there opinion on how they would never let there kids around a pitbull or they kill and ya ya ya about them piss me off. One, you dont know anything about about dogs in first place. All dogs are different and if you personal haven’t been attacked by a PITBULL then u have NO right to comment on how there behavior is and why they do what they do. Yes they can attack just like any other dog, but to tell you people the truth dogs smell or sence your fear, hate or any other emotion you have and if i was a dog and sence you didnt like me then i problly bit you asss as well…….. STUPID PEOPLE THESE DAYS

    1. Notice how those people never say “don’t let small kids around ANY dog”….its just specific breeds, as if a 100 pound lab accidentally trampling them while playing is somehow a better way to die or get injured

      If you have children (or really any frail human) they should not be around ANY breed of dog unless you are prepared to deal with the potential consequences.

  19. I just have to say this because the ones the have there opinion on how they would never let there kids around a pitbull or they kill and ya ya ya about them piss me off. One, you dont know anything about about dogs in first place. All dogs are different and if you personal haven’t been attacked by a PITBULL then u have NO right to comment on how there behavior is and why they do what they do. Yes they can attack just like any other dog, but to tell you people the truth dogs smell or sence your fear, hate or any other emotion you have and if i was a dog and sence you didnt like me then i problly bit your asss as well…….. STUPID PEOPLE THESE DAYS

  20. To all those above that love pits, I commend you! Pits are absolutely wonderful family dogs that have so much love to give. My pit is so sweet and gentle and I totally trust him around my Grandkids! All he wants to do is kiss and play with everyone! He is almost 6 years old and has never hurt a fly. I totally agree that it’s the owners responsibility to train their dogs weather it’s a chihauhua, pit, rottie, mutt or any breed. Proper training along with love and affection for your dog makes for the best family companion. So the people above who seem to think they can judge (when they don’t even own a dog!) need to keep their comments to themselves. Leave this site to those of us who actually love dogs…not to you dog haters. You must hate people too!

  21. Devils advocate here… I used to be “that person.” That person who believed the hype, and thought that “Pit bulls” were evil. I really was.

    Then my American Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier came along.

    I won’t call anyone an idiot for believing what I USED to believe. But I might suggest that they educate themselves with REAL Bully’s, and not random news stories. I assure you that my Lab will tear you a new one before my Bully breeds get done begging for treats and love. (If you are allergic to mildew, stay away. My furbabies give sloppy kisses!)

    1. Don’t worry, you don’t have to call anyone an idiot. I will do that for you. I HATE, I don’t like using that word, but in this case I will, people who are ignorant and uneducated with dogs in particular regardless of breed. I have no problems calling them stupid, moron, dumb, ignorant, and stupid. Thank you for seeing the true side of Pits, you are a Pitty Patriot!

      1. You ignore facts and have gall to call others ignorant. You and your ilk are part of the problem. You refuse to see the truth because you’re blinded by your love for your dog. That makes you as dangerous as your dog since you refuse to accept what your dog is capable of. No keeper of other dangerous animals like tigers disrespect their animals and their capabilities. These dogs are put down by the thousands due to you mindset.

        1. They are put down because people don’t take the time to understand. In Chattanooga, TN there was a pittbull that “attacked” a police car and took off the front bumper. (you can check out the video on youtube) The pittbull was not the only dog involved, but was the only dog punished. By the grace of God, the dog was obtained by animal control and kept until the owners court date. In the couple of weeks that the dog was with the shelter the workers discovered how sweet the dog really was and determined that the dog was playing not showing aggression. Because the way the officer was driving his car (pulling forward, backing up, stopping) the dog thought he wanted to play. If everyone would take the time to get to know each dog individually then I believe that it would cut down on the amount of pits being put down…

  22. HUMANS can make any dog mean! I ‘ve had 2 pitbulls for over 7 years now. They are the best dogs I’ve ever owned. Both are loyal,and very loving. They both have the best smiles. I love both of them so much and they show me love back.
    Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth!

    1. And german sheppards are far more dangerous since they are larger, faster and far more athletic.

    1. Right, because so many golden retrievers are holding people attacking people, leaving them in critical condition, despite being hit with a baseball bat and ultimately needing to be shot by a police officer. Stats don’t lie! How is that a trap? Keep defending your safe doggies! I’ve yet to come across any responsible pit owner. Just people that like the “machismo” factor or want one so that they can defend how gentle and sweet they are and how it is a big misconception.

      Nice reply btw, with all your aggressive, insensitive name calling, lack of any relevant response, and threat of violence, I hope that your dog doesn’t become like its owner. Oh wait, its a pit. (;

      1. blah blah blah. All dogs can attack, but pits kill. They were breed to be a badass dog. What is there to dispute. “But they are such great companion dogs”. So are golden retrievers and labs. Yeah, until they attack. Which one kills.

        Why are you so angry and hostile? Chill out dude. Your hostility, quickness to snap and threaten violence is doing nothing for your argument of this breed and its owners. Certainly hasn’t changed my conception; only strengthened it.

        However, thanks for defending my freedom, including my freedom of speech. I appreciate your services, assuming that it is true.

        I don’t feel the need to sit her and justify what I do and where I have been. However, a quick look on wikipedia will tell me that my fiance and I are in the top 1.5% of household income for the US. And only at 30! Not too shabby! Here’s to pushing for the top 1%.


      2. Oh. And I will even give you this. Growing up, we had a AKC golden retriever that bit and broke skin on my sister and on another occasion, our neighbor. The bites were remified with only butterfly bandages, but the dog had to be put down as (i) I had an infant brother in the house (ii) my parent’s homeowners would have dropped us otherwise. God forbid that dog had been a more powerful breed when it snapped (and I am not only pointing to pits)

        1. It is also equally likely that a “more powerful” breed wouldn’t have snapped to begin with because it wouldn’t have felt as threatened by the situation.

        2. It is also equally posisble that a “more powerful” breed wouldn’t have snapped to begin with because it wouldn’t have felt as threatened by the situation.

      3. Again, thanks for your continued service and best of luck. Sincerely. I can never repay what you and the other troops have done for me.

        And $250k isn’t that unobtainable or unrealistic for 2 college grads with professional licenses and ~10 years of experience living in a big city. I did not realize how fortunate we were until I looked it up on wiki. I don’t think that my income makes me any better than anybody else. You wanted to know what I do, and I will spare you the boredom. Seriously. It’s not that cool and doesn’t in itself lead to a fulfilling life. Money can’t buy happiness or health (well maybe to a certain point).

        I’ve known several pits through a breeder that I worked with in college as well as one owned by my sister. Were they the sweetest dogs that I’ve ever encountered? No, but they weren’t terrible either. Did they ever attack me or make me feel threatened? No. Did I ever know anybody attacked by one of them? No. Did my own golden retriever have to be put down for puncture wounds on two individuals? Yes.

        I don’t disagree with your belief on how pits are more likely to have abusive owners. I’ve had the argument with the breeder on multiple occasions that pits are good dogs and are a product of their environment. I can’t say that I disagree with that. My only argument is that pits are more dangerous than other breeds (let’s say golden retriever). And here it goes. I am going to define dangerous as = probability of attack * probability of inflicting serious bodily harm. I will go along with common pit lover belief and say that the probability of attack has nothing to do with the dog and all to do with the owner (again I agree with you that some pit owners are irresponsible). So let’s remove the owner/upbringing element from the equation. That said, a pit’s and a golden’s probability of attack would be the same. However, let’s say that a pit and a golden both were under stress or attacked. The pit would definitely inflict much more harm than an atrophied, soft mouthed golden retriever. They are just more capable of harm than smaller, weaker dogs. Moving the spectrum further, you can substitute golden retriever with cocker spaniel and pit with a domesticated tiger. One is obviously a bigger threat to should it snap as animals are known to do?

        And I won’t get into politics here. I also never said anything about imposing on anybody’s rights. However, if a pitbull is banned by city, local, or country ordinance/law, does one have the right of ownership? Same for a tiger?

        I really never meant to get a reaction out of you or anybody else, nor do I troll for pit posts. I just found it ironic that a friend posted a pro-pit message on facebook the same week a man got mauled by two pits here in Chicago (albeit likely poorly raised animals).

        I really can’t believe I am wasting my time arguing about something I don’t care about, but it is Friday and I am procrastinating. Heck, I would have never spent the time to post on here had I had to take the extra 30 seconds to create a profile.

        Best of luck to you sir. Thanks for your service and I hope for your safe return to your family. I know firsthand that a dog is family, and they are obviously very important to you and lucky to have you.

        seacrest out

      4. You are one hateful guy, aren’t you? Do you always threaten to beat people up that you disagree with or is this only when you’re online?

        Really, calm down and don’t take it personally. Just because we don’t think all pit bulls are nice and cuddly doesn’t mean we think you’re an ass hole. When you call us names and insult out mothers we think you’re an ass hole.

      5. No! that’s BS. When I’m told that I am irresponsible because I have Pitbulls I will most definitely take that personally. Don’t lump my dogs in with your statistics. Why don’t you do a statistic on the owners of the dogs that do harm, then let me know what you find out. You know what I don’t care that you don’t think Pits aren’t cute or cuddly, don’t label me as irresponsible because I defend my right to have these dogs as a part of my family.

      6. Thanks for the support Anonymous, do me a favor, next time you see a person in uniform, go shake their hand. People don’t realize how much that means to us, something so simple. Thanks.

      7. Anonymous:
        I agree that all the name calling and rage full comments in no way helps to make people see that the “Pit bull” is not to blame.

        I can only say that us Pit Bull type caretakers/family members must always be carefully diligent to show our dogs (and ourselves) in the best light.

        Not everyone should be a Pit bull owner. The Gangsta types have ruined this breeds reputation.

        But as a Pit Bull type owner I must say…after owning many dogs in my days… this dog is the most enjoyable ever. I would describe him as Goofy, funny and energetic beyond belief.

        He needs exercise and attention daily… consistent training and lots of hugs.

        Because of Media frenzy I never put my dog in a position that he may fail which means never outside off leash. I am responsible for his actions. He is a Dog after all.

      8. This is very unfounded. My kids asked for a dog for Christmas a couple of years ago and my husband and I entertained the idea and started looking for dogs. We started thinking that we needed a big dog because we were worried about how my young son would be with a small dog. So we started looking at boxer and had our heart set. So Thanksgiving came around and we were visiting my step moms family out of town, and a girl in their neighborhood had a momma pit that she backyard breed to try and bring in money. My step moms family started telling me about the conditions they were living in. There were 3 puppies left and they were outside in the cold, riddled with worms, so malnourished, and never showed attention. They hadn’t even been to the vet since they were born. So we all got together and talked to the lady about the remaining pups. She agreeded to sell them to us. We ended up taking a white female. So I didn’t seek out this breed, I just did what was right for the puppy. But I wouldn’t trade my Sugar baby for the world. I completely trust her with my children, she is their second mother. But I recognize that she is a dog, and that not everybody can read the signs of aggresion. So I don’t allow her alone with just anyone. I also make sure that she is socialized with our neighbors so they know her. So not every pitbull owner wants them for their as you put it “machismo”. You should give each owner a chance as much as each dog a chance…

    2. PitBull Patriot:
      Do you really think you are getting your point across with your constant name calling and threats of bodily harm?

      I completely agree that Pit Bulls are not the problem and people are BUT as was suggested earlier you need to read what you have written and then ask yourself if you think you have helped the Pit Bull population with your rage?

      There was a post earlier saying that they are not afraid of Pits but now they are afraid of their owners after reading the comments here.

      I understand you are passionate and want to defend the breed, as do I, but remarks such as yours so far do not help. It only confirms another myth “that Pit Bull owners are violent people that want to own violent dogs.”

      Please, try not to take offense to this. I’m not trying to insult you but as a Pit Bull owner myself…I believe we must do everything we can to show ourselves and our dogs in a positive light even when dealing with haters.

      1. Anything I say or what anybody says on this post about the truth of Pits isn’t going to change the minds of those who are ignorant and uneducated and narrow minded. These people have had their minds set about Pits not from personal experiences or having actually known or owned one but from media hysteria and societal stereotypes. Nothing will change for them, they are content in thinking that Pits are the spawn of satan and that’s how it will always be for them. Until they take the time to educate and know what a properly trained, disciplined, and exercised Pit is like, they are going to continue to live in their tiny narrow minded world. It’s unfortunate and sad. So maybe I shouldn’t call people names or whatever but I get frustrated and angry when I get told I’m irresponsible and ignorant because they don’t like that I have Pits. I’m not even a remotely angry or violent person, to be honest, but when it comes to my four legged furry kids I will defend them in any way I have to.

        1. ok pitbull patriot–I’m going to change my stance a little bit. Let me just reiterate a couple of points and see if you agree with me or not–there are good, responsible pitbull owners out there, such as yourself. Your dogs are socialized and well trained, and would never bite somebody. Ok, I’m fine with that. You are awesome and so are your dogs.
          However, would you also agree then that there are many many irresponsible pit bull owners out there? Those that do have the dogs because they think they are bad ass, and train them to be aggressive?
          that leads me to my next point…how in the hell am I suppose to know which pitbulls can be trusted and are from “good homes”. Lets say I take my kids to the park and I see a pitbull running loose. Maybe he’s from a good home and got loose. Maybe he’s aggressive and his owner dropped him off on the side of the road. Can I ask him for some form of ID that shows if he’s one of the good ones or not? Do I scoop my kids up in my arms just in case, or is that cause for him to attack me because I’m provoking him? Quite honestly, if any other dog (besides a rottweiler or doberman) approaches, I feel like I have pretty decent odds at defending myself and my kids without getting killed.
          So maybe pitts from good homes are safe and family oriented dogs–that doesn’t account for ALL or even most of the pits out there. I think it’s reasonable for me to be cautious of the breed based on how many horrible owners are out there AND the kind of damage the dog can inflict if it decides to attack. Sure their jaws don’t really lock, but they are pretty damn strong (I’ve heard it be compared to shark attack). You may know your dogs completely, but strangers (such as the kind you make fun of for crossing the road while walking their smaller dogs or kids) don’t know you or your dog. I’d rather be stupid and naive and err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to protecting my family. Sorry if some bad eggs have ruined their reputation–but I think even you can agree that there are the bad eggs out there, and they are dangerous.

          1. M&LMom,
            I completely, absolutely, unanimously agree there are too many irresponsible owners out there raising Pits. It’s really not the dog’s fault that they are sought after by these people because they are strong, determined to please, and look very intimidating. It really, really aggravates me when I see these thugs, gangsters, or punk wannabes walking their overly large (incorrectly bred) no neck having, thick chain wearing, spiked collared Pits that are dragging them down the street because they weren’t trained to walk at their side. Why would you hype the stereotype that portray them like you would see in rap music videos. It’s disgusting. My dogs are trained to walk by my side and to not pull-unless they are exercising by pullin me on a kick scooter, they don’t wear giant chains or spiked collars or anything like that, in fact my female wears a pink camouflaged collar and my boy has a green one. They are tiny little guys, 40ish pounds.

            So onto your point of what Pits to trust and not to trust. This is where I have a slight disagreement. I can see your point of view but to me I would not trust ANY dog that is running loose regardless of size or breed. You are correct that you would be better to fend off a smaller dog but all dogs are going to do damage if that’s their intent. Every situation requires a different assessment. Me personally I have had dogs for a very long time and I do well at assessing whether I’m going to get eaten or not. So to look at it from your perspective is a little bit dangerous in that you should be wary off all loose dogs of any size. You wouldn’t want yourself to be in the position where you come across a fluffy poodle or whatever dog that people think aren’t aggressive and then not be ready for it to attack your leg off or something. So yes you should err on the catious side but do that for all loose running dogs and you’ll less likely be injured, whether it’s a nip or a full on bite. Especially if you don’t have dog experience. And one other thing, there are a lot of really good Pits out there and that’s because of good ownership. I don’t even like using that word “own”. I don’t own my dogs, they are just a part of the family, like kids with their own unique language.

          2. Wow, you’re actually not that bad to listen to when you’re not being disrespectful and angry! you make some very valid points about all dogs and I get that. I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of dogs, because I’m not–like I said I’m cautious. We had german shepherds, cocker spaniels, and labs growing up. As an adult, I choose not to have dogs. I don’t like animal hair everywhere (I’m slightly allergic, though more so to cats), and I’m so busy that I don’t have the time and energy to put into one. That doesn’t make me stupid or ignorant, it makes me smart to realize that they need more time that I’d be able to give to them. My in laws have shihtzu’s that are cuddly little lap dogs. One of my good friends has a Pomeranian that I adore. They don’t mess with my children or myself. (and yes the shihtzu bit my niece before, but she has squeezing him to death). Did it hurt? Yes. Did she need stitches? No. Did it kill her? Absolutely not. Was it the dog’s fault? No. It was my in laws and her parents for not putting a stop to it. Shihtzu bite though does not equal what would have happened had it been a pitbull. that’s the only point I’m trying to make. yes the adults were irresponsible, but my niece was a little 3 year old and it could have been a lot worse (potentially) with a bigger stronger dog.

            anyway, Part of my caution stems from the fact that I had a paper route growing up, and dogs hated me. I was a scrawny 9 year old girl delivering papers and dogs did everything in their power to try to get to me. (A couple of them got loose, but they were smaller dogs that didn’t do much outside of barking at my feet). I just feel like I could take them on if I had to–I could kick the shit out of it now. rott or pitbull, not so much. they might take my leg off.

            I guess we should just agree to disagree. I never meant you any disrespect and I’m sure your dogs are wonderful…I don’t think you should hold it against me though if I ever see you walking them down the street and cross to the other side with my baby 🙂

          3. I’d say not teaching your child how to properly and safely handle animals, then blaming others for the resulting consequences makes you pretty stupid and ignorant on the issue.

            Some more proof…you seem to think that the dangers of a dog bite are solely based on size and jaw strength, but many dog bite victims issues come from infection, which has nothing to do with the breed.

          4. Let me rephrase your comment and tell me how it sounds…

            Most African Americans are good, hard working, honest people, but some are aggressive, dangerous predators. If I have my kids at the park and i see some African Americans running around, how do I know if they’re the good ones or the dangerous ones? Should i say hi to them or scoop up my kids and get put of there?

            When I apply your dog logic to humans, it makes you sound like a fucking racist!

    3. And why are you on this site again????? You are fighting a losing battle and it is very deffinate that you will not win so take your statistics else where thereis nothing that you can say or do that will make all the bully lovers change their minds. I rescued a female out of the middle of a busy road picked her up with no fear that she might bite or attack. Dogs feed off fear and aggression. And that is not just the bully breed that is ALL DOGS!!! I grew up with cockers and German Shepards so I know what dogs can be capable of. But, there again u don’t own the breed nor any other dogs so again WHY ARE U ON THIS SITE ?????

    4. Oh for crying out loud. So the owner isn’t at fault for not having their animal properly secured, its the dogs fault for doing what a dog does? Yes its sad that a person was harmed but I believe there’s a reason for their behavior. Maybe he was so starved he reverted to his instinct to hunt? People have eaten each other in dire circumstances because the instinct to survive is that strong. Again, the irresponsible owner is at fault here. Who knows how hungry or injured that dog was, I’m sure nobody cares to report that because people would be rioting in the streets with pitchforks demanding the reporters head. I get the need to blame someone or something got every bad thing that happens in the world but jeez.. take a minute to look at the whole picture first. Blaming the dog is the easy way out. An animal like that is demonized but someone who starved, beats or neglects an animal who feels pain just like we do most of the time either gets away with it or gets a slap on the wrist. What’s wrong with that picture? We want the dog brought to justice for doing what it either instinctively does to survive or what it has been taught to do through abuse or neglect but never the owner who could have most likely prevented it. Not saying sometimes things happen that we don’t have an answer for, life isn’t always perfect like that. But that’s life.

  23. If all of us dog lovers can somehow delete all the negative comments about Pits and other dogs in general off this site, then please do so! We don’t want ignorant loveless people on here. They can develop their own site and stay the F off of this one. This site is meant for Pit lovers ONLY…not the two bit jerks that don’t have any idea what they are talking about. To all you negative so called people out there, get a grip!! Anyone who could hate dogs that much is not worthy of the air on this earth. Now go back and crawl into your little mindless holes.

    1. This site is NOT all about pit bull lovers. If you can read, its called And everyone is entitled to an opinion – whether it is YOUR opinion or not!

      1. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion just as I am for stating dog haters should stay off this site… ….can you read G?!

  24. I have a loving 5 1/2 year old PitBull who is exactly like this post! She is the most loving, playful, and good hearted dog I have ever owened. I love that there are people out there that love PitBulls as much as I do! I just hope that one day, people will stop hating this bread and love them as much as they want to be loved.

  25. The only reason these dogs attack is due to bad dog owners, not the animal itself. Pitts are strong, smart, and motivated to work. If they are taught bad habits or are allowed to do things that encourage aggression of course they are going to have it. They are working dogs they want to please their owners and if that is by being aggressive they do it if that’s what they think their owner wants. They are fantastic dogs there are just alot of stupid people that own them witch give them a bad wrap on the news. (example) my neighbors 4 year old pure bred Golden retriever, bit, nipped, and hurt many people in our neighborhood. The dog was not trained and not disciplined (Correctly) for him to understand hey that is just not ok and their Westie acted the same. Now i have had all three of these breeds including a Pittbull witch i currently have. Not once did do my dogs get away with biting/ nipping, while playing unless its among themselfs. My Pittbull is 7 months old hasent chewed up a thing hasent been mouthy with my hands and knows the only thing he can chew on is his toys or he gets in trouble. I am a firefighter with 2 children and 3 nephews, and i am more then comfortable to let my Pitt around them and their friends because i know i have been training and still am training him to be how I WANT HIM TO BE!

    1. Actually, I’m going to slightly disagree ..

      I have owned and raised American Pit Bull Terriers for years, including being very active in the show circuit. Many of my dogs stem from the old “fighting” lines and are not “bullies”. They are the classic, small dogs.

      As with ANY breed of dog, occasionally a bad one does turn up. It happends and it has nothing to do with how the dog was raised or treated. I am also a professional trainer and groomer. It doesnt matter if the dog’s parents were the nicest things on earth, with generations upon generations of breeding and chromsomes and have not seen or known every dog in the pedigree, you simply cannot tell or know. And again, that goes for EVERY BREED out there.

      The biggest problem with the breed is the people. It really is not a breed for everyone. It takes alot more responsiblity to own these dogs, especially if you plan to breed. Putting a male and female together because they are “nice” or “pretty” or this and that color or size is not a good idea. The average pet owner does not understand alot of canine behaviors. Most dogs will ALWAYS show some signs that they should not be trusted or have the potential to bite. People often over look these signs. The biggest one? Little dogs that bark, growl and seem like they are going to attack.. oh look, FiFi is 3 pounds and thinks she’s a tough Rottweiler.. while they laugh and give their dog attention. Well folks, THat’s why FiFi does it. 1) she’s been conditioned and 2) she has behavoir and or temperment issues.
      well thats my rant lol

      1. Thank you! I so agree with every word you said especially “It is not a breed for everyone”
        The American Pit Bull Terrier needs more attention, exercise, consistent training and because of media bias…Control and containment than the average Joe dog owner can accommodate.

        They are fabulous dogs but not for the faint of heart. Which is why so many end up in county shelters and euthanized. People need to realize this before they take ownership of Pits.

        Hence my point..Owners must be held accountable for their dogs. It’s not a breed problem.

  26. I’m sorry for all the profanity guys. I am just a shy 13 year old that gets picked on at school. There is no way a grown man would act like this. I am a troll.
    (mom caught me trolling again and is standing behind me making me apologize)

    1. Hey you stupid poser pretending to be me, how about you man up and quit hiding like a punk kid and tell me how you really feel. You are a loser.

    2. eewww! To the shady, creeper posing as pitbull patriot. You are a weirdo! You are the type of person we should worry about. I’ll trust a dog any day over someone like this. So creepy!

  27. For all of those arguments out there. I live in a neighborhood full of pit bull owners. Just the other day one of my next door neighbors’ kid went to my other next door neighbor’s kid’s house. Their pit bull got up and bit him for no reason. On another occasion, down the road a little more, some kid was walking down the street, and some other “pit bull” came up and bit him. Yet another occasion, yet another neighbor was walking his Jack Russell, when yet another pit bull came and bit onto his dog and started swinging him around like he was some chew toy. It took all my neighbor had to get his dog out of the pit bull’s mouth. On yet another occasion my sister-in-law brought her Pomeranian to a “gentle” pit bull owner’s house, and the pit bull attacked and almost killed her Pomeranian. On yet another occasion, I brought my puppy to pet smart, he met up with a couple who had a “gentle” pit bull pup, and out of no where the pit bull pup started attacking my puppy. I do have to admit, I have also met some very nice, and very gentle pit bulls, but because of those incidents, and not just “media”, actual real life events that I have witnessed or heard second hand from the victims, they can be very very dangerous. Of course so can just about any breed of dog. I know all of you pit bull lovers love your pit bulls, but that is not going to erase from my mind those incidents that I have in my mind. I know it could have happened with any breeds. It is part of a dog’s instincts to kill thing weaker and more helpless then they are. It is also part of a dogs instinct to protect and guard their territories. The most dangerous dogs are those who stray from their owners and form packs. I have many stories about that as well, not just pit bulls. I think the true moral of this story is that any dog needs respect, and any dog can turn, not just pit bulls. I can tell you other devastating stories of other breeds of dogs as well. The thing is, if it isn’t your dog, don’t treat them like they are. Always keep your distance from the once you don’t know, until you learn more about that individual dog’s personality. Yes, each dog, no matter the breed, has their own personality, just like people.

    1. let me take a wild guess here…you live in a lower class neighborhood without a lot of people who have higher education and none of the owners have taken their dogs to training classes.

  28. On the other hand I do have one neighbor with a pit bull that is the sweetest dog I have ever met, and babies the owner’s kids, and my kids too when ever I go over there. Like I said before. Each dog has their own personality, it is what we do with it that matters.

  29. This just proves how dangerous any dog can be. My mom told me of a report of an infant that was mauled to death by the babysitter’s small dog while she was in the other room.

  30. All I have to say to those of us who love our Pits, don’t even bother replying to those who have nothing but negative things to say about them. They aren’t worth your time to respond to. They prefer to stick their heads in the mud and not realize that any breed will bite if provoked or treated badly. The media has ruined the reputation of pits because they only post pit attacks…..they never post Rottie attacks, Akita attacks, etc and for that matter poodles, cockers etc. So with that said, let’s group together and only reply and chat with others that have more knowledge of how wonderful pits truly are. My 13 year old cairn terrier rules my 5 year old pit! They love each other so much and they don’t do anything without each other. A real nasty mutt attacked my cairn terrier a few years ago and my pit protected him. He literally got in-between the dogs and took all the bites from the mutt without even biting the mutt back! The mutt put 2 teeth marks deep into my cairns back and my pit interceded to stop him. This happened so quickly. My Pitt bled so much because the mutt almost tore his ear off. Now, if my Pitt was ever going to be a biter, it would have happened right then. He loves people so much not to mention his love of other
    dogs. Btw, we also have a rabbit that he loves to play with! He’s so gentle with him! Pits are awesome and I would recommend this breed to everyone. They rock!

    1. Maybe an actual discussion would be good but all I’ve seen on here is people on both sides of the issue throwing insults at one another and not saying anything that would persuade anyone to even try to look at things from a different angle.
      That being said, I’m pretty sure all of your heads are stuck in the mud. I wouldn’t trust any of your opinions (as they are opinions) simply because you’ve all behaved in such an ignorant closed minded manner.

      ps Small dogs are actually more likely to bite than large dogs because they are more easily to feel intimidated.
      When a Toy Poodle attacks a child or anyone and does so much physical damage to a person that they end up in the hospital with a face full of stitches I can assure you that will be national news… probably world news.

  31. Arguing opinions and studies that are admittedly faulty maybe a consideration of actual facts should be discussed. The Pit Bull breed is the result of cross breeding. A breed of terrier mixed with a breed of bulldog. It is a generally accepted common fact that terriors tend to be more animal agressive. The bulldog is very strong with strong jaws. When these dogs were initially imported to the US It was primarily for the purpose of dog fighting. Because these dogs were used primarily for fighting it stands to reason that people involved in dog fighting would want to breed the strongest, most agressive of the breed. From there it boils down to middle school heridity. If the biggest, most agressive are bred over many generations you end up with dogs that are stronger and more agressive than the original breed. These dogs are still primarily bred for fighting. To say the dogs in general are of no danger is more of a response based on the love you have for your pet. To say every pit is a vicious blood thirsty animal is just as wrong. What it boils down to is the breed has been tainted by improper breeding for so long that they, LIKE OTHER BREEDS, are reasonably considered to be more likely to attack and because of their strength and power can do more significant damage if they attack.
    As far as children being attacked, children shouldn’t be left unattended with any breed that can seriously injure them if attacked. They are in fact animals and children may inadvertently do something that prompts an aggressive reaction from any dog.

  32. You’re barking up the wrong tree. This is a positive pit bull page not a conspiracy site or a place to cut and paste. We’ll be happy to return the favor by spamming your site

  33. As much as I love my pit..I must say that the breed has a higher tendancy to do more damage..just like any other larger breed dog whose purpose for being bred was fighting, guarding, etc. The point is, is that when we get pits in the shelter, there’s a 90% chance they may need more work. We adopted one out that was great, not food aggressive, no aggressive tendancies towards children, and a few weeks later he tried to rip his new owners face off while playing in the back yard..So, it’s a 50/50 chance when buying the breed that they may have aggressive behavior, or they may be the most lovable dog in the world and wouldn’t even hurt a flea. I love my pit, and by owning her I’m taking the chance of being aggressive towards someone. As a responsible owner, I don’t give her the chance to do so. As far as spaying/neutering them being made to be mandatory, I don’t agree with that. I’m pro spay/neuter because I know there’s more than enough dogs in the world without good homes that need love and good homes. People that breed pits responsibly are alright in my book..So, I guess I can see both sides of the pit argument, but don’t blame the breed..blame the bad owner that knew their dog was food aggressive, but still let the child around them.

  34. In my last 10 years of working at the local animal shelter/SPCA and veterinary clinic, not ONE SINGLE “PIT BULL” was EVER surrendered or euthanized for bites/attacks. But, golden retrievers, cocker spaniels, shih tzu’s, toy poodles, chihuahua mixes; the “golden” breeds, those are the dogs that bite. Simply because the bite of a cocker does less damage than a “pit bull” makes it less of a dangerous breed? I’ve lost count of the golden retrievers that were surrendered for euthanasia due to biting/attacking their owner or children. Hmm, that doesn’t make the headlines does it? No. Why? Because thanks to the media and closed minded people, we could never give the golden child of the dog world a bad rap. It clearly had to be the fault of the owner that the dog attacked or maybe the golden was just having a bad day?? Put those statistics in your pipe and smoke it. I share my home with a 50 pound “pit bull”/ shepherd mix and an 80 pound rottie mix. And never, ever would I leave my two year old nephew unattended with them, because that’s only something an idiot would do. Dogs do not speak kid, and kids do not speak dog. But let me tell you, there is no happier trio than the kiddo and the pups cuddled up watching a movie sharing popcorn. So, take the statistics and shove up where the sun do’t shine. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad people and bad breeding (thanks to said bad people). I trust my dogs with my life, as they trust in me to protect theirs. I will stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves, and pray for punishment for those who make ANY dog a “Bad Dog”, because dogs are not born angry, menacing, conniving, spiteful. They are born with a pure heart and wagging tail; wether it’s a short rottie stub or a long feathered retriever tail. Take your vengeance on the people that take away any dog’s pure heart, for they are the ones that deserve your punishment.

  35. Glad you brought this up and you do prove one thing with this quote
    “Despite being regulated in Military Housing areas and over 650 U.S. cities”

    Breed specific regulation does not work to bring safety to any community.
    Dog OWNERS must be held accountable for properly containing and controlling their dogs. Regardless of breed.

  36. Look I’ve been reading all of these comments and I currently own 3 pits a chiuahua and a cat. My husband and I don’t have any children. And yes my children will grow up with them when that time comes. Every one is entitled to their own opinion, but if it is to be expressed please grow up and have an adult discussion. And do the research before you express this opinion. There are a lot of pit bull lovers and their are the ones that chose not to have one. If you don’t have one there is no reason you need to be on this page stressing your unneeded opinion and making it that much worse. Nobody is telling you that you have to own this breed. I am pit bull lover and always will be. And that is my choice just as not owning one and not liking the breed therefore no opinion is needed by non pit bull lovers. If u want to blow up a page for your dislikes on the breed take it else where and start your own page that a bunch of unhappy grumpy people can be on and have something to gripe about.

  37. I have been a very proud pitbull owner for over 5 years. I’ve had max my red nose since he was 5 weeks old…had to bottle feed him <3 he is the best companion I've ever had. He is amazing with my 3 year old son who adores him. So many people have judged them (obviously) when they know only that they are "pitbulls", and choose to hate them only because they have never been given a chance. I have changed many peoples opinions about pitbulls by introducing them to Max. They are so loyal, emotional, loveable and playful its amazing <3 walking my dog down the street is fine until we meet up with a beagle or another small dog trying to attack Max. He walks by but yet pays no attention to the other breeds. I wish people would just give them a chance <3

  38. I’m actually not an angry person either but sometimes my love for my dogs gets the better of me. I apologize for being disrepectful also, for what that’s worth. You chose not to have dogs for a number of reasons and that’s something I wish more people would do. Too many times I’ve seen people whom I’ve known and and heard of “rehoming” their dogs and pets for a variety of reasons that to me are invalid. I’ve been stationed all over the world and a lot of the excuses is that “oh I don’t have time for the dog” or “oh I’ve got to move to another base and can’t take it with me” or better yet ” the base I’m going to won’t allow me to have a pet” or even “I can’t afford to fly my dog with me”. Are you kidding me? Do these people even realize what they are getting into before deciding to get a family dog? I don’t think they are and it’s despicable to get a pet and then turn around a year or two later to dump it off on someone else or even worse dump them off at the pound. I understand though when people fall on hard times with the economy and many people losing jobs left and right, they have to feed themselve and their kids. But too many times I’ll see ads on Craiglist or a base classified list and see these irresponsible people letting their dogs go. On top of that they want to charge money for them as if the people weren’t already doing them a favor by adopting the dog they didn’t want. Too many people will get a pet on a whim and let them go just as quick, it’s not right. I flew my dog from England and it was very costly but he is family so I didn’t care what it cost. To me, that’s like me moving and abandoning my kids and wife, although I don’t have kids. So your reasons for not having a dog is legit.

    About the Shihtzu biting your neice, to me, that was reactionary to the squeezing that was put on it. If that dog wanted to bite and leave a wound it would have but it was doing the minimum to let your neice know that it was under distress. I think an advantage to having a Pit is that they have a high tolerance for pain so when kids or whomever tend to play rough with them they don’t really mind it so much. If you look at the majority of the dogs that were confiscated from Michael Vick (a despicable human being), all but a few were adopted out. In that situation these dogs were mishandled, abused, neglected and there for one reason and that was to fight. So it says a lot of these dogs that they were still able to be adopted into loving homes. Dogs don’t hold grudges and with Pits all they want to do is please their master more than anything.

    I’ve been bit a couple times by loose dogs, I think the worst was as a kid I was riding my bike across the street and this dog somehow came out from behind a fence and bit me in the calf. It was a little scary but it didn’t keep me from loving animals. Just this past May I was walking my small female Staffy and a Pomeranian and a Rat Terrier came running at us barking and yelling all crazy like. One would think that my “vicious” Staffy would kick their butts but I didn’t train her to be mean. She instead freaked out and tucked tail and tried to run but because of the leash she just ran around my legs and got me all tangled up. She’s not use to aggressive dogs running loose.

    I wouldn’t hold it against you at all, not all people are comfortable around dogs, let alone Pits. Only those who have improperly trained dogs that when they see my dogs they assume they’re mean and will cross streets but yet their dogs are the ones trying to drag them to us whereas mine will look and then keep walking. But if you do ever meet a friendly well trained Staffy you’ll see what I’m talking about when I say they are wonderful dogs to have as a part of the family.

  39. PitBull Patriot and M&L Mom…..Glad to see that your arguments are calming down! I totally understand PitBull Patriot’s opinions as I too own a Pit. He is almost 6 years old and the best family dog I have ever had in my life. I’m 56 years old and have had many dogs but my Pit is by far the most lovable, kind and caring dog. Most of the dogs I’ve had were small pure breeds and they can be very stubborn and temperamental. My Pit is the total opposite. In fact it’s almost as if he is part human!! He is very smart and absolutely wonderful with my Grandkids and any kids for that matter. M&L Mom….if you saw my pit running loose at a park you would know automatically that he would never harm you or your children! He is a very happy dog and his body language would show you that right off the bat! He loves people so much and all he wants to do is play and have fun with everyone. All of our friends and relatives adore him! I too would be a bit leary if I saw a dog running loose but once you learn a dogs body language you would know if a dog means harm or not. Until awful people started training pits to fight, they were always known as great family dogs. There have been many pits that were rehabilitated after living in such horrible conditions and it didn’t take a lot of rehab for them because they are naturally lovable dogs. These poor dogs were tortured in every way possible. A human being would turn violent if treated that way. PitBull Patriot…I am thankful for people like you that stick up for our Pits! It’s a shame that all the low life scumbags out there that run dog fights and abuse these poor animals have put such a stigma on Pits as being nasty killer dogs. Wish I could torture those disgusting people the same way. It makes me sick.

  40. WOW, PitBull Patriot and M&LMom….I love how this conversation has progressed!!

    See it is possible to communicate/compromise and understand when 2 people with passionately opposing views calmly share and listen to each others position.

    No, M&LMom will not go out and adopt a Pit Bull now BUT for a very good reason. Pits DO need an enormous amount of commitment of time and energy and M&LMom has, honestly, shared that she doesn’t want that commitment.

    If more Dog owners would think about what is best for themselves, the Dog & our community, prior to acquisition, we wouldn’t have this Breed Specific problem.

    I love my dog that just happens to be a Pit Bull. He is family. He doesn’t like other dogs but loves people. Again it is my responsibility to keep him safely contained and controlled (mostly cuddled up on pour couch). When we are out walking on the streets…I am the one to cross the street to avoid the little nippy dog (on a retractable leash) so as not to put Archie in a position that he might fail.

    Thank you all for your insights!

  41. Bottom line……every single type of dog on this earth will bite if they feel threatened or if treated badly. Dont forget….this is their only defense. If you want to be a dog owner, then learn how to train your dog to behave and to listen to your commands. If you have never owned a dog or hate dogs for some reason then please stop being so judgmental when you have never experienced the joy a dog brings to a family. All breeds are great and some may take more work to train but once this is accomplished you will truly have a best friend. Dogs aren’t born knowing right from wrong….the same for kids. If you don’t have the patience for proper training then do not get a dog. The same goes for having kids…if you don’t have patience then don’t have kids! We all learn from our parents…..dogs learn from their owners. Yes, dogs do have feelings just like we do!

  42. So I only started reading the first few comments on this, but i wanted to throw my 2 cents in as well.

    First off I love this post. Pit bulls, in the RIGHT hands, are fantastic dogs. They are playful, loving and loyal animals. I do not own one, but I have met, pet sat, and cared for quite a number of them. They have all been amazing dogs, and my first dog will probably be a pibble of some sort.

    Second. To whoever said that not all dogs can bite, you’re ignorant. Dogs have teeth. All of them. Rows of sharp, shiny teeth made for tearing through flesh. If it has teeth, it CAN bite. WILL all dogs bite people? Of course. Get yourself any 8 week old puppy, any breed, any size, and tell me that you have not been bitten, albeit playfully, within the first few days, and i’ll call you a liar. It’s how you teach that puppy. If you take an aggressive dog and breed it to a non-aggressive dog, chances are you are going to have at least one puppy with an attitude problem. Take a non-aggressive dog and beat it, neglect it, fight it, and train it to have an attitude problem and guess what… it’s going to eat someone. If parents let their children approach a strange dog without first asking the dog’s owner, and second watching the dog’s body language, and the child gets bitten, who’s fault is that…the ignorant parent.

    I work at a vet hospital. I’ve seen pitbulls come in who are nasty, dog aggressive, and have bad attitudes.Ive also seen them come in wriggling their tails and smiling so hard that i think they might explode from being so friendly. Ive seen chihuahuas come in with little pink sweaters and nail polish who try to eat the first tech that comes into the room. Ive watched golden retrievers attack other dogs, labs that are human-aggressive, and fluffy lapdogs with no tolerance for being handled.

    I also support mandatory spaying/neutering ALL BREEDS of dogs unless you are a RESPONSIBLE, REGISTERED breeder out to protect your breeds, not just make money off of genetic disasters.

    It’s really not about the breed, its about the people. Just like there are children who are a joy to be around, there are children who are obese, violent, socially awkward, and have bad attitudes. It’s not their fault, it’s the parents fault. Its never the dog’s fault. It’s the people who come into contact with them on a daily basis.

    1. How does that prove anything?

      it leaves out a ton of relevent information….what is the education level of the owners? What is their economic status? What prior dog owning experience did they have? Why was the victim attacked? What was the victim doing? How did they determine the breed of the dog?
      How was the dog cared for? Was the dog properly socialized? Was the dog trained to attack?

  43. I unfortunately got sucked into reading all the comments (%60 of them upsetting),when all I wanted to do was glance at some cute dog pics. The bottom line is that dogs bring so much joy into our lives,no matter what the breed. It’s truly a shame when innocent animals suffer because of the greed,fear or just plain ignorance of human beings. And if any of you recall, in the 70’s we blamed dobermans, the 80’s german shepherds,90’s rottweilers and now pitbulls. Are we supposed to ban all of the large breed dogs that could harm or kill? Well then, I guess we better get busy, banning snakes and other reptiles-one touch to your cute little turtle,then rub your eye and you could be infected with slamonella,which can be deadly. Oh! and let’s not forget cats. One scratch and you can die of cat scratch fever. Nope,its not just a song-it’s bacteria that enter the blood stream,from the nail of a cat, and can be fatal. These situations occur more often than dog bites,I might add. Do you see where I’m going with this? Anyone? It just gets out of control. How about we just simply start being responsible? Pitbulls are the drug dealer,wanna be bad asses,etc. dog of choice for this era. That’s why you constantly hear the bad instances involving this breed. I write this with hopes that the people with negative comments and beliefs about any animal, will excercise some common sense and realize that there are always two sides to every story…The animals just can’t talk. Wish they could. Us humans could learn a lot.

    1. Oh my gosh! I just realized-cars kill too! Doctors kill thousands a year also! Do the statistic research on that. Guess we better start the ban on those too! Reeeediculous. I promise you that this does not come from a bitter place. I’m disappointed in humanity when I read things like this. If we had more people, who actually excerised common sense on a daily basis, the world would be a better place. As common sense isn’t limited to dog issues, but expands to how we look at life and the way we treat people, animal and other issues. Just like in nature–balance is what it takes.

  44. @PitBull Patriot- You are truly THE man. I back you up at 110%.

    But, Ladies and Gents,
    This is a loosing battle. We cannot provide insight to the deaf, dumb and blind who do not want to listen. This is a constant back and forth. We know where we stand when it comes to these dogs. Let the haters hate, fuck them. Don’t waste your valuable time on these worthless idiots who clearly can’t tell their mouth from their arseholes. If they want to believe that clearly “tough guys” should ‘own’ these dogs, let them. If I want to share my bed at night with a “pit bull” at my feet, I will. Their loss for never knowing the joy of sharing your life with such a great breed. I’m no “tough guy”, nor am I a “tough girl” I’m a paramedic. I save your life for a living, I’m a girlie girl who enjoys horses and reading, where does that fit into the “pit bull” owner profile, huh?? I will say it again, as I mentioned before; No such thing as a bad dog, only bad people.

    Stop wasting your time trying to convince them otherwise. Spend that time instead with your “pit bull” he/she deserves your attention a lot more than the idiots on this blog.

    We know where we stand, and we will continue to fight the good fight and stand up for these breeds.

    Please, lets let this blog go back to what it was; a cute, comical look at how these dogs are perceived by the general public (Read: Idioits) and if you don’t like the breed, then get off the fucking blog.

    1. Love this comment! Made me smile. FYI- I have the utmost respect for paramedics. I’m a trauma nurse so I know what you go through with people. When I’m through with work, I rush home to share the couch with my pit,rottie and chihuahua. They make all my stress disappear! 🙂 Can’t help but love these loyal creatures!

  45. If you’ve been bit by a dog chances are excellent it was a human’s fault… either the owners for not properly training and handling their dog, or yours for not knowing how to act properly around one.

    I say this as someone who has been bitten 9 different times by multiple different breeds. I was ignorant of dogs and it was my fault almost every time. The other times the owner was irresponsible.

    Then I learned about dogs and I have never had a problem since.

  46. I strongly believe that it is NOT the breed of the dog, but the OWNER. Any dog is CAPABLE of biting or attacking another dog or human, but that doesn’t mean they will. If any animal is provoked, they can attack. I have a cat that if you pet him while he is cleaning himself he bites. It’s what he does.

    I have 4 pets, 2 dogs and 2 cats. My dogs are both mixes, one of which is considered a “dangerous” animal. A siberian husky/ timberwolf mix. She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. She loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses. She lives to please me, but if someone is too close to me or if she can tell I am scared she gets in front of me. She has never once actually bit anyone. Once while playing “monster” which is where I put my hand under the blanket and wiggle my fingers, she broke skin, but as soon as she did it, she cried and started licking my wound. She by no means meant to do it, and was obviously sorry that it happened. But this is one of those “owner” circumstances that many accidents can be blamed on the owner. I knew it would eventually happen, but monster is our favorite game. Yes, it was my fault that it happened, but I didn’t scold her or put the tiniest bit of blame on her. It was MY FAULT. But that was 2 years ago, and we still play monster.

    My beagle mutt is the same way, she absolutely adores kids, but sometimes gets too excited and knocks them over. I have tried and tried to break her from this, I have even sent her to obedience school. It’s just how she is, my vet believes that it may have something to do with her separation anxiety.

    These short little stories all go back to my belief that ANY dog is capable of biting, attacking, or injurying another dog or human at any point, whether it was intended or on accident.

  47. I think it’s funny that one of the people above wants all dog/cat breeding left up to ‘professionals.’ If you look at the history of it all, how do you think different breeds came into being in the first place? And why do you think most pure bred animals have so many genetic defects?
    I do think that Pitbulls have gotten a bad wrap, but so have other dogs before them, such as German Shepherds and Dobermans. I have no problems with the breed and wish them and their responsible owners the best!

  48. Loveable or not – in Alabama if a dog is known by it’s owner to be friendly but rowdy and hurts someone playing the owner is just as guilty as if it was a baby mauling

  49. I am so upset about these comments that these “IDIOTS” are thinking. To those of you out there who are against Pitbulls and never even owned one, you really need to do you homework. For some reason society always wants to believe the news, and the media. Well, let me tell all of you, (THE HATERS), none of you haters have done any research on the breed or you would know that statistics say the #1 dog breed to bite is NOT the Pitbull. And furthermore your just ignorant to believe something you know nothing about. S.C

  50. Helen Keller had a dog that WAS a PIT BULL named Sir Thomas. and then there is Tahoe, Cheyenne, and Dakota. these “DANGEROUS PIT BULLS” were all search and rescue dogs in Sacramento, California. The three pit bulls worked at the World Trade Center and Pentagon after 9/11. Sergeant Stubby died on March 16, 1926, as a hero. Sergeant Stubby (A PIT BULL) is the most decorated dog in military history, and the only dog to have been promoted during battle. He fought for 18 months in the trenches for France during WW1 for 17 battles. Stubby warned his fellow soldiers of gas attacks, located wounded soldiers in No Man’s Land, and listened for oncoming artillery rounds. He was also responsible for the capture of a German spy at Argonne. After his time in the war, Stubby met Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren G. Harding. He was, also, made a life member of the American Legion, the Red Cross, and the YMCA.

    Celebrity Owned Pit Bulls-

    Theodore Roosevelt
    Woodrow Wilson
    General George Patton
    Helen Keller
    Jamie Foxx
    Rachael Ray
    Jon Stewart
    Ken Howard
    Jessica Biel
    Jessica Alba
    Kevin Federline

    In Movies, Advertisements, and TV-

    Pit bulls have come across the big screen as well as printed material

    Petey from The Little Rascals

    Tige- Buster Brown Shoe advertisements

    Life magazine- Many people don’t realize the the American pit bull terrier is the only breed that has been on the cover of Times for three issues.
    Poster image for the U.S. during the 1900’s. The American pit bull was the image people saw on various war posters, representing the country’s strength and dignity

    and finally, the american temperament test society. I am leaving you with the link, please feel free to do your own research on this “DANGEROUS BREED”

  51. I didn’t read all the responses but noticed a few that were so ignorant with no fact based truth to anything the person posting wrote. For one, if you look at statistics of people killed by dogs for the year 2011, 9 were listed as pitbull types, of those 9 only 2 confirmed pitbulls. the other 7 “types” are just classified as pitbulls because of their appearance, but there are so many other dog breeds that look like pitbulls. If you break down the average death by pitbulls per capita in the United States you are more likely to die by a lightning strike statistically. MOST pitbulls in this country don’t have an aggressive bone in their body. I own four and they eat together, play together and with neighborhood dogs and my oldest is 12. I have yet to have one single issue. This article is dead on, my pitbulls wouldn’t even attack a thief if my house were broken into. They would want to play with the person. Every pitbull owner knows this. And don’t get me started on the media. The media labels every dog that attacks somebody a pitbulls. As a matter of fact, a Cane Corso killed its owner a few years back and the media kept labeling the dog a pitbull and trying to raise legislation for restricting the breed in my county based on an attack from a dog of a different breed. Do your research before you post something ignorant about the breed. Go ahead and look at the statistics, its public information. 2 people out of 300 million people are going to die by a pitbull attack next year, statistically. You have better odds at winning the lottery or dying of a shark attack.

  52. My bullypit is amazing he smiles all the time. When u say walk he jumps all over u with so much happiness. He loves all his toys. He sleeps by me every night and loves cuddling. I love my bullypit so much. Me and My wife to be adopted BoBo. He is so loving. pitbulls and so loving and caring. Who ever has one is lucky cause they are the best breed. Im so happy BoBo is apart of our family now.

  53. So you can train and love the agression out of a pit bull? Really? Come see the scars left on my husbands arm and thigh from a pit bull attack. A pit who he was around as a puppy, held in his lap, and yes, had been to obiendence school and was being trained by an ex-kanine cop. Well, he was in the backyard visiting with the owner, as he had done dozens of times, got up to leave, his owner/master reached out to tap my husband on the shoulder and dog freaked – lunged at the thigh. The owner managed to get him off the thigh, stumbled and the dog got loose from his grip and lunged at his face, luckily my husband had the sense to put up his right arm and sustained all the attack on his right forearm – it took the owner and my husband both to pry him off – he would not relent even with the owners commands. My husband broke free and fled the back yard and you betcha the owner was right behind him.

    Any dog can snap or suddenly bite, but not every dog will do the damage a pit bull will do when THEY snap or bite. That’s just it, pit’s don’t snap and run, if they attack you better be ready for a full blown fight, whether it be a dog or a human. It’s not their fault, they are doing what comes naturally. If you have a calm pit who never has attacked or displayed agressive behavior, it’s only because he hasn’t been triggered, it’s not because you have some magic touch and have found the secret to creating a dosile pit – you’ve just been very, very lucky.

    You can’t train or love the breed out of a dog.

    1. WRONG. It is nothing to do with ‘your pitbull hasn’t attacked because the aggressive behaviour has not been triggered’ it’s to do with the way they are bred. They can be happy friendly dogs and snap and injure some people, but I know people who have had pitbulls (aka ‘nanny dogs’) their whole lives not injuring anybody, because they have not been bred with an aggressive temperament. Obviously, if your pit is a rescue it is next to impossible to know the history and background of that particular one, but if they have been bred specifically for you then it is a different case. If an aggressive pitbull is bred with an aggressive pitbull, the offspring will be aggressive, and vice versa. Same with any breed of dog. Statistically, little dogs bite more than big dogs, but big dogs get the bad reputation because of the damage they are capable of doing. However, if I had a dog I would be very careful with it around other people, as it would be a rescue dog and it would not be possible to know the background history and it’s not fair to take the risk around people the dog doesn’t know. Maybe people should take better precautions before singling out the pitbull.

    2. My dad once told me you make your own luck…. and im sure this k9 cop trainer wasn’t in any way training this dog to say, act like a k9 cop? How naive do you have to be to think otherwise. Sorry about your husband though.

    3. °Not every dog will do the damage a pitbull will do”? Tell that to my classmate whose cousin was attacked by a german shepherd. The little boy wasn’t doing anything to the dog, he was just playing by himself, when the dog ran over and attacked him. Tell that to my dad, who was attacked by an off leash collie. Tell that to the parents of the little boy who was killed by his grandma’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Mastiff mix, after the little boy had spent all day happily playing with the dog. Tell that to the parents whose Shiba Inu killed their newborn baby…

  54. Yet another ignorant comment….If ANY dog is triggered or provoked it will attack. Don’t single out Pits. In my 33 years I’ve had a large breed dog during all but two of them. All different, all with different personalities. Not ONE of them has EVER showed aggression to any person, and rarely to other animals. I currently have a Pit/Shepherd mix and a Husky/Shepherd mix and I love them to death. The Pit was dropped off at my house in 2009 while I was in Iraq because my then gf decided to watch him for the weekend. The owner never came back for him. He was 4 months old. Last year I adopted the Husky mix from a no kill shelter. He was shot with a shotgun and still has about 50 pellets in his hind quarters. I have the X-Ray. I’m more cautious of him around other people and dogs than I am the Pit. My dogs aren’t the smartest or most obedient, compared to dogs I’ve had in the past, because I live alone and am not as strict when it comes to scolding or training, but the one thing I do as much as I can is socialize them with other people/animals. When I was divorced and my ex had my Pit, she neglected him. Left him tied up outside all day with no water, couldn’t afford food, started just opening the door to let him outside and he would run off. I live in a small community and everyone in town knows my Pit and everyone loves him. He’s very sweet. He’s not the gentlest dog, but he knows his limits. When he plays he likes to rough-house, and he knows the second he’s gotten too rough and he backs off and gives the saddest most apologetic look in his eyes. He loves kids and wants to love on and play with everyone he meets.

    I grew up not being afraid to approach strange dogs. I remember going to my bosses house when I was 16 and he had 3 Chows tied up in the front yard. I walked toward them and he told me to stay away because they are very mean and WILL bite. He said they didn’t like anyone and would attack if I was within their reach. He went inside and came out five minutes later and I had the “most aggressive” of the 3 on it’s back rubbing it’s belly. My boss was in shock and couldn’t understand how I was able to calm his dogs.

    In the mid 2000s, I lived in a duplex and I had a neighbor move into the other side that had a 150lb Lab/Rott mix. This dog was very aggressive. I witnessed this dog trying to break through his front window to go after kids walking down the street. The Culligan man hated going to my neighbor’s house because he was afraid of their dog. The dog like me and I would go see him everyday. Within a couple of months anyone could approach him. He was a big baby.

    The only dogs I’ve ever been really cautious of are the little ones. i’ve rarely been able to successfully approach an ankle biter. They’re either skittish or show aggression and they’re tenacious about it.

    I guess my point is that how the animal is treated plays a huge part in how it’s going to react. You take ANY animal and mistreat it and neglect and it will be aggressive or eventually snap. But if you train it, raise it well, give it a good home, and make sure it knows it’s place as well, and you will have a great animal. That doesn’t mean that the dog won’t have the capability to attack and inflict damage, but as the analogy has already been pointed out…stricter gun laws aren’t going to keep criminals and stupid people from illegally acquiring and using guns to inflict harm; the same holds true for dogs. If you ban and get rid of all bully breeds, they will either continue to be bred illegally, or those people that raise them to give them bad raps will just find another breed to raise and make a bad name for.

    I’m off my soap box now. I kinda rambled there. Sorry LOL

  55. I love pit bulls! Alot of my good friends and even family thimk that pit bulls are mean, but that’s because people who’ve never known a pit bull would think that becouse of the frikkin news stories. I currently own a pit bull-german shepard mix that I adopted and who is the best dog I could ask for. Yesterday I had someone say to me (after meeting a very sweet and beautiful german sheperd) : “German sheperds are rarely sweet.” I wanted to slap them! Though I don’t exactly own a pit bull, I love the breed and think that this article is perfect!
    Pit bulls are so misunderstood.

  56. Wow, reading some of these posts its clear far too many people know nothing about pits but what they read in the tabloids. Let’s first address the “pit bull” breed…

    A “pit bull” is nothing more than a generic term to describe several pure breeds of dogs that have similar characteristics – the american staffordshire terrier, the american pit bull terrier, and the staffordshire terrier. Three completely different breeds, all lumped in to one based solely on how they look. But add to that any other dog mixed breed dog that happens to have similar physical characteristics of the three pure breeds. An american bulldog/boxer cross is often labelled a “pit bull”. A black lab/mastiff cross might also be labelled a “pit bull” if it has a large block shaped head, short coat and muscular body.

    Now address the issue of “breeding them to be aggressive”. MOST “pit bulls” in shelters and rescues are mixed breed dogs from either backyard breeders, accidental breedings or just idiots that didn’t spay or neuter their dog that just happens to have similar physical characteristics to the pure breeds described earlier. The “pits” in shelters are not intentionally bred “fighting machines”, they are the result of irresponsible morons that weren’t bothered to properly care for their animals. Fact is they were not intentionally bred for anything. So all you idiots that describe the thousands of mythical “pit bulls” that are filling up the shelters as intentionally bred killing machines, guess again because you are about as wrong as wrong can be.

    There may be some “pit bulls” that are intentionally raised/trained to be aggressive to humans and/or other animals, but they are most likely owned by the wanna-be tough guys, the drug dealers, the gang members, the dog fighters. These dirtbags account for only a small portion of “pit bull” owners; the majority are decent, caring people that own well behaved, loving and friendly dogs. When you do the math (provided you’re bright enough to do math), you should be able to conclude that the # of stories you hear about vicious “pit bulls” are so ridiculously low considering there are thousands upon thousands of these dogs throughout North America. Compare the number of injuries inflicted on humans by these dogs to the number of people injured or killed by drunk drivers, cigarettes, drugs or murder and its clear the risk of injury by a “pit bull” is so low its hardly even worthy of discussion.

    A final note, I’m also what many consider to be a “tough guy”… 6’3, 230 lbs, built solid, and I own several “pit bulls”… but I’ve also been running a dog rescue for 25 years, and these dogs are ones I’ve taken in and given a loving home to. People don’t bother to ask, they just make their assumptions when they see me out walking my dogs. That’s what the problem is with society today…. there are far too many dumbasses making dumbass assumptions without taking the time to get the facts.

  57. We had a half shepard/half pit for 15 years. He was a very gentle soul. I watched him help a momma cat raise her litter. She trusted him from the first moment she saw him. We got him from a pound he was the most loving dog/friend I have ever had. He would fight if he felt a threat to my wife or children, grandchildren or great grand children. We mourned when he passed same as any other family member. If I were not so old I would get another pit, but I fear he would outlive me and no one would care for him.

  58. I never got a chance to repspond to the post where you assumed you knew all about me–supposedly ugly & stupid. Let me tell you a little bit about yourself.

    My guess is that you’re bald and covered in tattoos. Tough guy, right? Let me ask you a question–why do you have a pitbull? Is it because they are caring, loving, cuddly dogs? NO! It’s because of the bad-ass image that they have. You THINK they make you look tougher than you THINK you are. It’s a self-esteem issue. Get over yourself. You have a lot of anger, and I”m sensing your dog does too. Afterall, you say a dog is a direct reflection of its owner. I’d say your dog is a ticking time bomb until it bites somebody. Hope your home insurance covers it.

    LMFAO. So M&Lmom I suppose when someone owns a small little dog it means they are super caring or gay right? Or could it just be that they think that that particular breed is beautiful. Or they just fit in your lifestyle. They are active dogs with lots of energy so a man or women who likes to workout and has lots of energy its the perfect workout buddy/pet. I bet not one rapist or murderer EVER owned a toy poodle or yorkie according to you. I own a pit bull for one reason. And its not to make my little irish winkie look any bigger I promise. They feel pain and need love just like a poodle would and someone must love them just like someone must love you because all living things need to be loved. But I sure do feel sorry for your husband. You have a very closed mind. We as people created them now its our responsibility to care for them. No matter what. But you are wrong. I have had a golden retriver attack me. But never a pit bull.

  59. comment from m&lmom
    My guess is that you’re bald and covered in tattoos. Tough guy, right? Let me ask you a question–why do you have a pitbull? Is it because they are caring, loving, cuddly dogs? NO! It’s because of the bad-ass image that they have. You THINK they make you look tougher than you THINK you are. It’s a self-esteem issue. Get over yourself. You have a lot of anger, and I”m sensing your dog does too. Afterall, you say a dog is a direct reflection of its owner. I’d say your dog is a ticking time bomb until it bites somebody. Hope your home insurance covers it.

    LMFAO. So M&Lmom I suppose when someone owns a small little dog it means they are super caring or gay right? Or could it just be that they think that that particular breed is beautiful. Or they just fit in your lifestyle. They are active dogs with lots of energy so a man or women who likes to workout and has lots of energy its the perfect workout buddy/pet. I bet not one rapist or murderer EVER owned a toy poodle or yorkie according to you. I own a pit bull for one reason. And its not to make my little irish winkie look any bigger I promise. They feel pain and need love just like a poodle would and someone must love them just like someone must love you because all living things need to be loved. But I sure do feel sorry for your husband. You have a very closed mind. We as people created them now its our responsibility to care for them. No matter what. But you are wrong. I have had a golden retriver attack me. But never a pit bull.

  60. Look – enough with the emotional stupidity – your dog is not smart or stupid because you love it. If you are REALLY interested in the intelligence of dogs and comparing certain breeds to one another, there has been a TON of research done by all sorts of animal behaviorists, trainers, breeders etc. They can give you some REAL FACTS which you may like or dislike but they are not based on how much you love your dog.

    1. it doesn’t matter if your dog is smart or stupid, it matters how suited you dog and you are to one another, Get a border collie to sit around your apartment while you play video games? Smart dog stupid owner = bad match
    2. just because you love your dog does not make it smart. Pitbulls are NOT very intelligent compared to most breeds (do the research) but that does not make them bad companions or any less deserving of your love.
    3. What you do need to know is that all dogs have genetic dispositions which is what makes a retriever a retriever and a poodle a poodle – you can understand and predict their temperament and possible behavioral demonstration of that temperament by understanding the breed, its history, and what they were originally bred to do.
    4. Unfortunately, pitbulls were bred to attack and kill other dogs and larger animals – if you want a dog which does this a pitbull is an excellent choice and training it to do so will not be difficult.
    5. if you like pitbuls and you do not want to have you or your dog suffer the consequences of the actions described in #4 above – YOU MUST BE A VERY RESPONSIBLE owner and train your dog to behave according to your desire.
    6. Dogs love and worship their owners – if you have good habits and expectations for your dogs behavior and CONSISTENTLY let the dog dog know that they MUST fulfill your expectations then your dog will be successful and so will you.

    Let us stop blaming the dogs who are never good bad or otherwise without the positive or negative guidance of their owners. The unfortunate truth is that a pitbull, because of its genetic background hence its disposition, is like a loaded gun, and unfortunately a loaded gun is of absolutely no danger to anyone unless it is in the possession of a mentally retarded child – the emotional and intellectual responsibility quotient for far to many pitbull owners – which is (sadly) why people have a (well founded) prejudice against pitbulls.

    There is your TRUTH with no emotional stupidity.

  61. AMAZING!!! Love the people who actually speak the truth about this breed and not the lies. I am a pit owner for life!

  62. it’s all in how you treat them.any animal that is mistreated will turn on a person.
    pitbulls got a bad rap.
    way back the day they were families babysitters for children…
    nothing wrong with the is the owners.

    love my pit…

  63. I have to admit (without people hating me) that I had a deep seated fear of pit bulls for many years. I grew up in an area where there is a lot of dog fighting and I was a door to door salesman. I got chased off porches by pitties fairly often but every time it happened, I would stop and look back at the dog. Every single one of the dogs that chased me had a heavy chain and a thick collar. It was underfed and covered in scars. I realized that it was the situation that these dogs are put in that influence their behavior.

    My boyfriend had always talked about getting a pit bull and I was honestly scared. Then we went and picked up his baby boy. He, too, was underfed, in a 5×5 pen with three other dogs and was obviously the runt of the litter. He was shaking, terrified and covered in fleas. However, we got him healthy and I have been amazed. This dog has turned out to be the sweetest, most gentle dog in the world and has reformed me to loving this breed!

    A friend of mine had two dobermans and a lab mix and I brought my Cairn Terrier (think Toto) to a playdate with them and the pit bull. Out of ALL of them, my terrier was the only one that got nippy and that was because the others were playing a bit rough and she was establishing her boundaries. After one growl, the pit bull came and sat next to her and protected her from the other rambunctious dogs.

    Most of the time, the difference between a bad or aggressive dog and a good dog is socialization and a proper upbringing. Those that raise the dog are the ones that are responsible for its temperament. Dogs only truly know what they are exposed to and when they are exposed to abuse, violence and neglect, it can have detrimental effects.

    Ten years ago, everyone was scared of rottweilers. Fifteen years ago, everyone was scared of dobermans. It is not the breed, it is the owner!

  64. My uncle had 2 rescue pit bulls, they certainly did not live up to the viscous reputation this dog has, they were very sweet dogs (and pretty lazy haha). I think it goes to show that it is generally the owner and not the dog that is the problem, these dogs went from a bad start in life being raised for illegal dog-fighting, luckily were found and rescued from that life and with time, patience and a lot of love learnt to become wonderful pets who we trusted completely.

  65. I kill pit bulls as a practice. They are dangerous and disloyal beasts. Leave your name and address i will destroy put bulls free. Don’t tell me it’s the master not the breed, these misfires of the dog world will kill you in a hot second.

    1. You say you kill pitbulls for practice. What type of human being are you…..your a sick individual who needs help. I have owned English Matiffs for 25 years and now have the wonderful job of being a pitbull mum. My boy is the sweetest, loving most intelligent dog I’ve owned it’s a shame that your still on this earth breathing with your sick mind. May god have mercy on your soul when you reach the pearly gates cause your gonna need it Arnie Kolshack!!!!

  66. Never thought I’d love a pittie, let alone be owned by one, but Tommy stole my heart at the pound and 4 months later (it took that long for him to convinve me), I fell in love. One of the BEST dogs i’ve ever loved, rest his cream puffy soul.

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