Puppy Mill Cocker Spaniel Rescue is Undergoes Remarkable Transformation

cocker 8

Joel was lucky, saved by National Dog Mill Rescue. Horribly neglected, he is but one example of the many animals that are products of the puppy mill system.

Antonia’s Amazing Transformation: From Chicago Dumpster to Pure Joy


Found behind a southside Chicago dumpster, Antonia, covered with maggots, still managed to wag when her belly was scratched…but you should see her today!

Neville’s Makeover: New Lease on Life and the Hope for a Forever Family


Neville’s matted hair and rotting teeth told a story of neglect and sadness. Still, though he captured the hearts of shelter staff, was overlooked by adopters.

Abandoned Puppy Gets Beautiful Happy Ending

4.16.16 JoyFEAT

A true “rags to riches” story of a puppy that was found on a sidewalk, abandoned.